20 Business Ideas in Nasarawa State

Last updated on February 26th, 2023 at 06:00 pm


Fondly referred to as the ‘Home of Solid Minerals’, Nasarawa is the right place for investors who are interested in Nigeria’s mining sector.

However, there are several other business ideas in the state for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and big investors alike. We shall discuss some of these opportunities in this article.

Mining Investment

Investment in Nigeria’s mining sector is rigorous, tedious, and involves a lot behind the scene negotiation, but it is worth it.


There are more than 10 availability of solid minerals in the state including silica sand, iron ore, mica among others. This means investors have a wide range of minerals to choose from.

Investment in Farming

One of the ways to invest massively in farming is to embrace mechanized farming. And as we can reliably tell you that the three agricultural zones in Nasarawa which you can focus on for the establishment of your farm are Obi, Awe and Doma (Southern part); Toto, Kokona, Karu (Western part) while the Northern part of for fertile land can be found in Wamba, Nasarawa Eggon, and Akwanga.

Note: Talking to the traditional ruler of any of the locations above is very important.

Packaging Business

There are lot of agricultural produce that can be packaged and shipped to other parts of Nigeria and even outside the country.

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Note: When packaging any agric products ensure to obey the strict packaging standard.

Food Distribution Business

Some of the major crops grown in Nasarawa include yam, maize, cassava, and groundnut among others. This is a business opportunity for an SME who is looking for a small way to penetrate the huge food market chain.

Real Estate Investment

Nasarawa is a stone’s throw from Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory (FCT). While property like a plot of land is exorbitant in Abuja, the price is fair in Nasarawa.

This means, that even Abuja residents can purchase property in Nasarawa. Wouldn’t you invest in Lafia real estate business?

Hospitality Business

The FCT is filled up and gradually expanding to Nasarawa and nearby states, investment in hospitality businesses like hotels will be an abode for visitors to the state.

Transportation Business

The transportation business is another gold mine anywhere in the country. You don’t have to do this in the old way, rather bring in new buses, and use digital devices to keep track of your buses for the safety of passengers.

When passengers can be assured of security, they will be coming back or referring more customers to your business.

Computer Sales and Repair

The services of computer engineers are highly required in Nasarawa, as we write some of the banks in the state still depend on engineers from Abuja or from Lagos to fix complicated issues.

If you are an expert you can invest and begin to market your skills to banks, organisations and private individuals.

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Barbing Salon

Your pocket determines the standard of your barbing salon. A standard salon can gulp up to NGN100 million. And you can judiciously manage NGN200k for a set up, depending on your location and the kind of customers you want to attract.

Irrespective of your target, barbing salon is something you set up with small capital and expand as you grow.

Local Food Restaurant

Local food restaurant is cool business in Lafia and other major towns in the state where business activities take place.

Car Wash Centre

This business idea will go well in a busy road around town. Many vehicle owners don’t like washing their vehicles themselves.


If you have the required certificate, opening a clinic is Lafia and major towns in Nasarawa is a brilliant business idea you can embrace.

Instead of sick people going to Abuja for treatment, you are most likely to be their choice if you’re good.

Vet Clinic

Livestock farmers are in every part of the state, and setting up a vet clinic will fetch you a lot of money. This is because livestock farmers would not want to run into a loss by losing their animals to curable diseases.

Security Consultancy

The state of security of Nigeria has gone bad so that everyone takes care of themselves. Wealthy people are ready to invest millions of naira for their safety.

If you are a security consultant, you can make a recurring profit through your services and recommendations for your client.

Mobile Phone Repair

A lot of people have technical issues with their mobile phones every day. They need an expert to fix them. If you’ve acquired the required skills in phone repair, you will make money from your skills in Nasarawa.

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Poultry Farming

Another business idea you can consider investing in is poultry farming. The poultry business is a very lucrative one if you know how to take good care of the birds.

Jewellery Merchant

Female folks in Northern Nigeria like expensive jewellery, they cherish it, and they don’t joke with jewelry.

Some people keep them as a store of value. Gold-coated jewellery is top-notch, so starting as a jewellery merchant means you will meet the needs of some people.

Digitalized Auto Workshop

The most popular car repair places in Nasarawa, and in most parts of Nigeria, is a roadside mechanics or those who use rented place to attend to customers.

The world of technology has changed this. There are now machines that can diagnose specific faults of a vehicle.

Going by the exotic vehicles by government officials who prefer to use modern auto centre, Nasarawa is a good place to set up digitalized auto shop.

Other business ideas in Nasawas are:

Cattle Investment like buying calves, nurturing them and sell when they are ripe for meat production

Providing business services to organisations and private firms.

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