Past Ministers of the Federal Capital Territory in Nigeria From 1976 Till Date

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The first Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (Lagos) was Mobolaji Ajose-Adeogun while the incumbent FCT Minister is Nyeson Wike, a former Governor of Rivers State.

Since the official creation of a “ministry” dedicated to the management and administration of Nigeria’s Federal Capital Territory (FCT), political appointees were appointed by the ruling government for the proper management of the FCT.

Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial city was Nigeria’s FCT until the idea that Abuja was the centre came up in the late 1970s by the military regime of Gen Murtala Muhammed. Since then, the development of Abuja began.

While the regime of Gen Olusegun Obasanjo continued with some of the policies of his late boss and began the development of Abuja, Shehu Shagari, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari, allocated several millions of Naira (as at then) towards the development of the new FCT, which would later be known as the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA), it was Gen. Ibrahim Babandiga that took the bold move to officially moved FCT from Lagos to Abuja on December 12, 1991.

Past FCT Ministers in Nigeria

Since 1976 till date, below are the ministers who were appointed to oversee the administration of the FCT:

FCT MinistersYears in OfficeLocation
Mobolaji Ajose-Adeogun1976 to 1979Lagos
John Jatau Kadiya1979 to 1982Lagos
Iro Abubakar Dan Musa1982 to 1983Lagos
Haliru Dantoro1983 to December 1983Lagos
Mamman Jiya Vatsa1984 to December 1985Lagos
Hamza Abdullahi1986 to 1989Lagos
Gado Nasko1989 to December 11, 1991Lagos
Gado Nasko1991 to 1993Abuja
Jeremiah Timbut Useni1993 to 1998Abuja
Mamman Kontagora1998 to 1999Abuja
Ibrahim Bunu1999 to 2001Abuja
Mohammed Abba GanaFebruary 8, 2001 to July 17, 2003Abuja
Nasir Ahmad el-RufaiJuly 17, 2003 to July 27, 2007Abuja
Aliyu Modibbo UmarJuly 27, 2007 to October 29, 2008Abuja
Muhammadu Adamu AlieroDecember 17, 2008 to April 8, 2010Abuja
Bala MohammedApril 8, 2010 to  May 29, 2015Abuja
Mohammed Musa BelloNovember 17, 2015, May 29, 2023Abuja
Nyeson WikeAugust 16, 2023 till dateAbuja


Out of the aforementioned ministers, it was only Lieutenant General Muhammad Gado Nasko, a former military governor of Sokoto State, who “ruled” as the minister of FCT in Lagos and as the FCT minister when it was moved to Abuja.

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Gado Nasko undertook many projects in Abuja before the official relocation.

Mohammed Musa Bello is succeeded as the FCT Minister by the former Governor of Rivers, Nyeson Wike.

FCT Minister in Nigeria is like a state governor


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