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How To Check If Your COVID-19 Loan Has Been Approved Using BVN

Last updated on March 21st, 2023 at 03:02 pm


Nirsal Microfinance Bank (NMFB) has resumed disbursement of the Covid-19 Targeted Credit Facility  (TCF) for 2022, the bank said in a Facebook post, urging applicants to check the status of their application.

So, if you applied for the SME loan on the NMFB portal, all you need is to head back to the portal to check if your application is successful.

Unfortunately, hundreds of CBN COVID-19 loan applicants don’t know that applying isn’t enough, but a constant check on the status of your loan and keeping a record through invoices to track sales or services.


Note: This guide can also be used by those who applied NMFB non-interest loan

If your loan has already been disbursed, more details on how to repay can be found at

If you applied and don’t know the next step to take, we’ll show you how to check if your COVID-19 loan has been approved by NMFB or not.

The application has closed now, but some of our readers would not stop asking for the application links for NIRSAL MFB loan.

But before that, it’s pertinent to point out that two sets of COVID-19 support applicants can easily check their loan application status on the official portal.

They are:

  1. Small Medium Enterprises (SME)
  2. Household

These people are the Targeted Credit Facility (TCF) COVID-19 and there is a Beneficiary Information Management System(BIMS) where all applications go to immediately you click SUBMIT button during an application.

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Targeted Credit Facility for COVID-19

Household and SME loans are part of the funding initiative of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to cushion the effect of the coronavirus pandemic.

There is also the Agric-Business Small and Medium Enterprises Investment Scheme, also known as AGSMEIS loan.

The stimulus package is meant to support households and Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) who are greatly affected by the pandemic, which ravaged the entire world.

Nigeria isn’t alone!

As such the apex bank introduced the N50 billion Targeted Credit Facility (TCF) as a financial booster to families, and businesses affected by the pandemic.

Under COVID-19, you could access up to N25 Million. The amount you can receive ranges between 250,000 to N25 million.

So, your problem isn’t about the application but how to check if you will receive the CBN COVID-19 stimulus package, right?

Here is it….

How to check NIRSAL loan approval with BVN

Step 1: Head straight to Nirsal Microfinance bank official portal

Step 2: On top right-hand corner, click on the COVID-19 support link

Step 3: Tap on “Click Here to Provide Other Bank Account” which takes you to 1) SME, 2) Household

Step 4: if you applied for the Household category, tap on that option

Step 5: Input your 11-digit BVN to check if you will receive the stimulus package and hit validate BVN.

If your application was successful it takes you to the next page on what to do. Like the amount approved for you and agree to the terms and conditions if you want to take the loan and fill in your bank details.

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How To Know If Your COVID-19 Loan Was Not Successful

You should receive an email if your loan is approved, but in case you didn’t know what to do next, follow the steps below to know your status

Follow the steps above to step 5

If your loan wasn’t successful, the message that pops up is “This BVN Detail Does not exist

That’s all.

Some of the applicants who were successful revealed to us that they didn’t check with their BVN on NIRSAL National Microfinance bank portal. Rather, they received a confirmation SMS from NMFB. E.g

NMFB said:

Dear Covid-19 TCF Applicant,

Kindly click on the links below to check if you have an approval.

For Household:

For SME:

further enquiries, call 09010026900.

Nirsal MFB loan Application Link

On the Targeted Credit Facility (TCF) COVID19 Beneficiary Information Management System(BIMS), you can check if your application was honoured, here are the application links:

  1. SME:
  2. Household:


You need to check covid-19 loan status if you didn’t receive a confirmation message from the NMFB

All loan applications can not be successful, so if you didn’t make it, that doesn’t mean it isn’t real.

For those who are asking how to apply for nmfb covid 19 loans, the application has closed at the moment. You can only follow up on your applications right now.

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82 thoughts on “How To Check If Your COVID-19 Loan Has Been Approved Using BVN”

  1. Abdulmalik Muhammad ghali

    I lost the TCf Number that they send me soh nw I want to recover it bt I don’t know how to do it can somebody help me plz

  2. Yusuf Ahmadu Alhaji

    My question is l get approved message from nirsal tcf but up to now their is no message enter me sir, here my account detail Acc 000……..

  3. surajo halilu ibrahim

    I a’m extremely in need for the loan and i apply so many time but up to now i didn’t get the approval please help to approve my loan

  4. Obande Ezekiel

    Hello sir/ma my loan has been approved and i’m not in Nigeria right now, what can i do to get the money into my bank account?

  5. Maybe this portal is an unhonesty portal becouse many people that applied no any one that be succeful just you stoping tired people and theirs times if it is real we seen onthe ground and we be witnees

  6. Good morning sir I,am naziru yakubu I applied covid19 loans i,am not see any message in my emails or phone no I need money because I,want start up new business to help my parents and there brothers thank u sir


    I have received an AGSMEIS offer which i accepted, and i was attached with a vendor i completed all the forms and he submmitted to Nirsal Banks in Sokoto for the last 3 months but i am yet to receive the equipments.

  8. Hello sir good evening, I don’t see message in my phone I was applied since last year, but didn’t not receive any information about my covid-19 loan, Sir, please & please approve me sir, I want to continue with my personal business,sir

  9. hi sir good morning i accepted a credit facility of 500 000 ni havent gotten a feed back what do i do next but my account has been created with nirsal mfb

  10. Sir I finish my training and uploading My business plan and test assessment with credit check up to now I have not received any information

    1. Pls sir I have applied for the loan over a month but I don’t know whether it has being approved or not,what do I do

  11. Peace be upon you sir, then i hope you are fine like me but sir pleace save my business is very down and failed since first covid 19 no capital for me pleace.

  12. My name is nwaoye ogbonna gideon Pls help me since march I open the covid loan till today no message ,if am used bvn it said dosnot exist pls help me

      1. Abdulkarim Musa Kyari

        Good morning Sir,i had an approval for the COVID 19 SME loan on 30/12/2021 and i have accepted the offer but the money hasn’t been credit to my own personal account.How long does it take to credit my account?though the last response was that my bank has been updated.
        Thank U.

  13. Dear sir,i apply covid 19 loan and grant,but i don’t see receiving message from my phone,pls and pls sir,i’m begging sir,pls receiving me a message to my phone,sir i’m a student in ahmadu bello university zaria,and my father he is a poor man,only me i will supponsering my self,pls and pls help me like god helf you..
    I pray to god helf you and guading from hypocrites,my load blss ur life…

  14. nwaoye ogbonna gideon

    Good evening sir I apply for covid loan since march 2021 I didnt receive any message and when am used bvm to verify it used to appear dosnot exist sir what will do u know thy collected 50,000 for me pls help sir to upgrade my business

    1. Omenze igboze Emmanuel

      I don’t receive any message from nirsal and I don’t know what to do next. And I tried using bvn to check and they’re telling me bvn doesn’t exist.

  15. please help me. i applied severally but fail. i am a farmer of RICE & YAM.
    Phone no: 08132
    Acount no: 0121
    Bank : Union bank


  17. Grace Lilian Yaroson

    Really wish my loan Request will be granted to able to buy a car for uber coz this covid 19 has really affected my business. And Also think all loan should be approved!!! because Bearly live in this country…please help us

  18. Dear sir iam graduate with degree program on B agric hons department of AEE faculty of agriculture sc and technology also my nysc certificate is ready available I hope my request will be considered into your refutable organization your’s faithfully abdullahi Bala

    1. Mallam Gbadamosi Lateef Adekunle

      Asalamu Alaykum Waramotullah Wabarakatuhu,I have received offer letter that my TCF-Non interest household loan of #500,000 has been approved. Product manager assigned and his contact number provided.
      However,the content of the agreement sent to me was contrary to what was advertised and presented in the link used when I applied.
      The differences:
      1.profit marging charged was 25 percent as against 9 percent in the advert.
      2.additional #3750 was added to the amount to be paid back amounting to #628,750 as against #545,000 expected to be paid back on Islamic Murabaha agreement of non interest trade dealings.
      3.The merchant provided is demanding for additional VAT and Profit on the goods to be supplied.He demanded for another #100,000.This to me, amounts to more than double exploitation and compounding of poverty level of Nigerians instead of alleviating it.
      I have not accepted and signed any invoice on the subject matter.Hence,the need to notify you for appropriate urgent action to correct this ugly and unholy development.I have printed evidence for the claims above if required.
      Thanks for your anticipated positive response.

  19. Muhammad Dahiru As- salafy

    Sir I getting approved but account number I made mistake for my account number,
    I need you correcting me, muhammad Dahiru account no 701……., fcmb bank

  20. Am suppose to recieved 250,000, but at the end of the acceptance letter i recieved, it appear that i rejected the loan due to i didn’t agree with the terms and conditions which i didn’t do such..
    Pls what do i do?

  21. Fatima hussaini

    u already send me”your request have successiful aproved but till now u dint send me training links why

  22. I received covid 19 loan since july 2020, but to my surprise my nirsal acct was credited. Now pls what do I do

  23. Kalayiro Sajo

    I have been approved for nmfb household loan, but yet, the loan has not been disbursed into either my nmfb account nor my other commercial Bank account. What is the problem? And also what is the solution to it? Thanks

    1. Abubakar Dalijan zaki

      Assalamu alaikum warahamatullahi ta ala wa bara katuhu sir i want know how to check weither my name is approved thanks you sir

  24. My covid-19 loan TCF was approved Feb 4-2021 but on the 15th of feb I received a message that transaction to my account failed that I should sort out any issues I have with my account. And on the 17th of that same February I received a message that an account has been created for me successfully.

    Now I have sort out the issue with my account but still I am yet to be credited.

    My covid-19 loan status is Approved

      1. Please I need assistance please, I received a message that my loan application has been approved. I should use the link sent to me before to accept the offer. Please which link to accept the offer. No link was sent to me. Help me . Which link should I use to accept the offer please o

  25. Oge Marck Onyedika

    Hi! my covid-19 TCF was approved since 27nov/2020 my bank details filled correctly, just yesterday being 24feb account was created for me by Nirsal mfb. Please is there still hope for this loan? Am seriously confused; or is there anything else that i was supposed to do.

  26. Pls I have an approved N180,000 as I enter my bvn, up till now my account that I provided has not been credited, what is the problem?

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