Facility management for sustainable energy consumption!

Facility management can help energy conservation by implementing energy-efficient strategies and practices, monitoring energy consumption, and promoting awareness and education among building occupants. Energy management is now one of the most critical yet important aspects of business today. It not only reduces your carbon footprint but also saves your company money. Energy-efficient lighting and HVAC equipment, … Read more

Simplifying Construction Cost Estimation with Quantity Takeoff

Quantity takeoff is a crucial process in construction cost estimation, which involves calculating the materials required for a project. This process helps project managers and contractors determine the construction cost accurately and efficiently. To simplify construction cost estimation, quantity takeoff is essential because it provides a detailed list of materials and their respective quantities. This … Read more

Navigating the World of Legal Entity Identifiers: A Comprehensive Guide

Nowadays, the need for transparency and standardized identification of entities is more important than ever. Consequently, Legal Entity Identifiers have emerged as a critical tool to facilitate efficient communication and reporting in the financial sector. This article will provide a comprehensive guide to understanding LEIs, their importance, and how they are used. Moreover, service providers … Read more

Difference Between Conventional Bank and Sharia Bank

Having explicitly dealt with what Sharia banking entails in our previous article, it becomes imperative to know the line of divides between conventional banking and Islamic banking. It’s important to note that the word ‘sharia’ in this context doesn’t mean ‘only Muslim. We pointed out that Sharia banking is designed to accommodate Christians and Muslim and everyone irrespective … Read more

Can Christians Get Loan From Islamic Bank? (Non-Interest Bank)

In operations and principles, an Islamic bank (Non-Interest Bank) or NIB is completely different from Interest Banking System. And to answer the question, Non-Interest Banking generally doesn’t provide cash loans to its customers whether Muslim or Christian or regardless of their religious beliefs, yet Islamic banking is beneficial to small businesses in many ways. Note: … Read more

How Can Parents Raise Financially Smart Kids?

Parenting requires patience and sacrifice. There is a set of attributes every parent should possess, which should be expressed in various streams and facets of their child’s growth and development. The concept of money and value is one core area parents should not neglect when raising children, especially in today’s scarce resources and insatiable wants. … Read more