Top 12 Funding Platforms for Small Business Owners in Nigeria

CBN P-AADS Fund (Agripreneur

There are hundreds of Nigerians who have nice business ideas but are being impeded by a lack of access to financial support. And one of the coolest and cheapest ways to get capital for your business is to have access to grants or low-interest rate financing. A business-minded undergraduate student can also explore the platforms … Read more

Difference Between Loan Tenor And Maturity

Loan application process infomedia nigeeria

What is Tenor? Tenor means the length of time remaining before a financial contract expires. It is usually used in relation to bank loans, insurance contracts, and derivative products. Some use it interchangeably with the term maturity, but they have a clear distinction. For example, a loan is taken out with a three-year tenor. After two-year passes, … Read more

15 Practical Ways To Pay Off Business Debts

US dollar how to pay off business debt

Things are not always rosy as you think for all business owners, some of them struggle with how to pay off debts. I got to know this through a lady who shared the challenges her husband is facing. “My husband has been working for the past seven years, he earns well, but he uses the money … Read more

30 Legitimate Sources of Funds For Student To Start Business

Funds For Student To Start Business infomediang

In a developing country like Nigeria, money for the upkeep of millions of undergraduates isn’t enough. Some of them are seriously in need of other sources of income to support what they are given by their parents and guidance. A lot of them are impeded in their entrepreneurial drive by the lack of funds for … Read more

5 Sources of Capital for Sole Proprietorship in Africa

strawberry plantation in Jos

A sole proprietorship is one of the best ways to have the desired business freedom. You will have time to make a decision. You will decide when to open shop and when to take a time off work. But this doesn’t come without some challenges, one of them is raising capital. Most times, financial institutions … Read more

7 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Taking a Business Loan

Loan application process infomedia nigeeria

At a point in your entrepreneurial journey, you may need to approach financial institutions and other money lending firms to borrow to implement business ideas or for personal use. There are questions to ask yourself and provide convincing answers to before applying for a business loan, this article examines the things to consider beforehand. You … Read more

7 Finance Lessons My Driver Taught Me – Financial Expert

financial discipline

Do you know it isn’t the amount of money you earn, but your financial discipline? In these seven finance lessons, an ex-banker narrates how his driver, who earns less than NGN40,000 per month, built a house while he couldn’t buy a plot of land. This is a true-life story! In a real-life story shared on … Read more