Foreign Exchange Fees for Bank Transfers

Research conducted by the influential consumer finance website has found that banks across the Anglosphere are continuing to charge their customers hefty amounts in fees for making international money transfers. Perhaps tellingly, the US banks were the worst offenders levying the highest fees on international bank transfers through a combination of high fixed fees … Read more

15 Worst-Performing Currencies Against US Dollar

The Venezuelan Bolivar, Zimbabwean GRTGS Dollar, Lebanese Pound, Sudanese Pound, and Syrian Pound are the top five worst performing currencies against the US Dollar. In a recent currency watchlist by a professor of applied economics at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Steve H. Hanke measured the depreciation of some currencies around the world from January … Read more

CBN Form A Discounted Rate: Things Forex Applicants Should Know

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An advisory of a university based in Manchester, the United Kingdom, urging their students to pay up their outstanding tuition fees before the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) stops its Form A discounted rate has sparked a reaction from Nigeria’s apex bank. The UK institution was said to have issued an advisory urging students whose … Read more

USD/NGN Exchange Rate May 9, 2022

US dollar how to pay off business debt

As the 2023 presidential election becomes intense by the hours, it is clear that the political audacity of the governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Godwin Emefiele will cause more havoc to Nigeria’s monetary system. The CBN governor is more interested in succeeding Muhammadu Buhari than focusing on its primary role of stabilising … Read more