List of IMTOs in Nigeria

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Do you have family and friends in Nigeria you would like to send money to? You need not worry because the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has a list of certified IMTOs that can successfully help you deliver funds to your loved ones back home.

What are IMTOs?

IMTOs are International Money Transfer Operators that are licenced by the CBN to handle cross-border funds from foreign countries to Nigeria. They are safe and secure because they’ve passed the verification of Nigeria’s apex bank.

However, they can only process payment in Naira even when you’re paid in USD or other foreign currencies, according to new CBN guidelines


Offshore payment via unregistered payment services

A few days ago, banks in Nigeria updated their customers about the list of registered IMTOs in Nigeria through which they can get money delivered to them by their foreign family members.

Specifically, Access Bank Plc stated that offshore funds payments processed via unregistered payment services will not be received or processed by the bank.

List of IMTOs in Nigeria

In view of this, here is a list of registered IMTOs in Nigeria:

  1. Western Union
  2. Moneygram
  3. RIA Financial/Continental Exchange
  4. Tranfast/Mastercard Transaction Services
  5. PaySend
  6. WorldRemit
  7. Smallworld/LCC Trans-Sending Limited
  8. Sendwave
  9. Naira Gram LLC (NGN Gram Limited)
  10. First Apple /Lead Remit
  11. IDT Payment Services INC/Boss Revolution
  12. Thunes/Tranferto Mobile Financial Services
  13. Glo Currency
  14. CapRemit
  15. Venture Garden Group (VGG)
  16. SimbaPay
  17. VT Network
  19. Remitly Inc
  20. eTransact Limited
  21. MUKURU
  22. MultiGate
  23. Quick Remit
  24. Simplify International Synergy Limited
  25. AFTAB Currency Exchange Limited
  26. Azimo Limited
  27. BELYFTED Limited
  28. Cashpot Limited
  29. Centrexcard Limited
  30. Chime Inc.
  31. Colony Capital Limited
  32. CP Express Limited
  33. DT&T Corporation Limited
  34. Fiem Group LLC
  35. Funds and Electronic Transfer Solution
  36. Homesend S.C.R.L
  37. Immueuble Wari Limited
  38. Interswitch Limited
  39. Makeba INC
  40. Nigerian Postal Services (NIPOST)
  41. Nouveau Mobile Limited
  42. Pagatech Limited
  43. PAYCOM Nigeria Limited
  44. PayPal Inc
  45. Remit Hub Cafe Limited
  46. Shift Financial Services Limited
  47. TCF Limited
  48. Xpress Money Services Limited
  49. Weblink International Limited
  50. Trans-Fast Remittance LLC
  51. Vtnetwork Limited
  52. XPRESS Payment Solutions Limited
  53. Funtech Global Communications Limited
  54. Global currency travel and tours Limited
  55. Flutterwave Technology Solutions Limited
  56. Transferto Mobile Financial Services Limited
  57. Volopa Financial Services (Scotland) Limited
  58. Small World Financial Services Group Limited
  59. Fortified Fronts Limited in partnership with e-2-e pay limited
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“Nigerians in the Diaspora are advised not to patronize unlicensed International Money Transfer Operators, as they stand the risk of losing their hard-earned money,” CBN’s spokesperson once said in a statement.


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