5 Ways Canva Is Helping SMEs To Grow As It Hits 65M Users

5 Creative Ways To Use Canva For Business

Last updated on August 5th, 2023 at 09:20 pm


In 2017 when I signed up on Canva, I was only using it for fun like designing birthday logo for loved ones and sharing them on social media platforms. But the graphic design platform – which has both premium and free options – is a useful tool for businesses, particularly Small and Medium Enterprise (SME).

In a world which has been redefined by technology, there wasn’t a better time to launch canva than in 2013. It came at a time when businesses were taking their online presence seriously.

Thanks to the creative ideas of Melanie Perkins, Cliff Obrecht, and Cameron Adams for founding the Sydney-based Canva Pty Limited.


A few days ago, the social media graphics platform sent a heartwarming message to its users that it has 65 million people who design logos for several use in 190 countries.

Free and Affordable Logo Design:

In Nigeria, the service charge of a professional graphic designer is between N20,000 to N50, 000, or N10, 000 (if it’s a simple logo) depending on the kind of logo. Sometimes, it could be as high as N200, 000.

But a free account on canva can save you a lot of money. Imagine an SME who deploys a huge sum for more inventories.

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Canva has even been more effective for real estate brokers in Nigeria and other parts of the world. Real estate marketing depends heavily on visuals by adding some descriptions on photos which are then shared on social media platforms.

Faster Design

Even with its free subscription, entrepreneurs are able to design faster either on their laptop or using Canva App.

In one of the real estate marketing workshop I attended sometime in 2020, the speaker revealed how she used canva logo design to get her message across on her social medial accounts.

It’s faster since you don’t have to worry about waiting on a graphic designer who might not even be available when you most need their services.

Actionable Video

Entrepreneurs who want to reach a wider audience through video can do better by using canva video option, free.

Irrespective of how amateur your video is, the most important thing is to get the message out. In fact, it’s even a platform to learn and learn and start to shoot videos like a pro.

Free options to choose from

The graphic design platform is my friend anytime I needed to design a housing-related logo for use on buylandlagos.com, my real estate website

I can’t say how many times it has been a lifesaver at the most crucial time. My project may not be as professional as you might want it to be, the most important thing is that I derived joy from its uniqueness.

No Limit To Your Design

There are already-made designs you can use, but most of them are paid, while there is no limit to the number of logos you can design and use.

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With more than 130,000 nonprofits on its Nonprofit Program, which allows them to use  Canva Pro for free, plus $10 million it has committed to giving directly to the world’s poorest people in Southern Africa through GiveDirectly, we wish canva founders and the team the best as they continue to build a community of independent businesses while creating an avenue to SMEs to grow


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