List of Agencies of Ministry of Agriculture in Nigeria

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Who is the Minister of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security?

Alh. Abubakar Kyari is the present Minister of Agriculture and Food Security.

Name change

Until the name change, it was known as the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. It is one of the cardinal ministries that should drive the economy of Nigeria if the country has not neglected it for decades.

This is a ministry under the regional government before the military takeover that drove the economy of the regions and they were able to build several projects that are still relevant today.


Kyari succeeds Dr. Mohammad Mahmood Abubakar, a former minister of Nigeria’s ministry of environment. who replaced Sabo Nanono.

Origin of Federal Ministry of Agriculture in Nigeria

The creation of 12 states from the existing four regions by the military regime of Gen Yakubu Gowon in 1967 brought a lot of restructuring into some ministries.

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One of them is the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, where each of the new states has a Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

Before then, agriculture exports contributed immensely to Nigeria’s revenue and reserve because each of the regions have specific non-oil produce they generated revenue from.

The Northern region generated revenue from groundnut and were famous for groundnut pyramid and sesame seeds cultivation, the Western region created wealth from the cultivation and exports of cocoa while Eastern and Midwestern region dominated the global stage with their palm oil.

However, the ministry has undergone several changes in names and sometimes in re-defined responsibility.

One of such was undertaken by former President Goodluck Jonathan when he split Water resources from the Ministry of Agriculture


The ministry has several units, departments, agencies that help it in achieving its mandates. They include:

  • 15 Research Institutes
  • 16 Federal Colleges and Forestry
  • 17 departments
  • Universities of Agriculture

Agencies Ministry of Agriculture in Nigeria

11 parastatal under Nigeria’s Ministry of Agriculture and food security are:

  1. Nigeria Agricultural Quarantine Service (NAQS), Abuja
  2. Bank Of Agriculture (BOA), Kaduna
  3. Agricultural And Rural Management Training Institute (ARMTI), Ilorin
  4. Nigerian Agricultural Insurance Corporation (NAIS), Abuja
  5. Nigeria Agricultural Seed Council, Abuja
  6. National Centre For Agricultural Mechanization (NCAM), Ilorin
  7. Nigeria Institute Of Animal Science (NIAS), Abuja
  8. Nigeria Institute Of Soil Science (NISS), Abuja
  9. Veterinary Council Of Nigeria (VCN), Abuja
  10. National Agricultural Land Development Authority (NALDA), Abuja
  11. Agricultural Research Council Of Nigeria (ARCN), Abuja
AgenciesYear of Establishment
NAISNovember 15, 1987
NASCDecember 2007
ARCNMay 26, 1999

Responsibilities of the agencies of Nigeria’s Federal Ministry of Agriculture


To prevent the entry and spread of exotic pests and diseases of plants, animals and aquatic resources and their products into Nigeria

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To provide credit facilities to small and large-scale farmers and small businesses within rural areas to boost food production and agricultural products


To build and strengthen human resources management capacity in the agricultural and rural sectors of the Nigerian economy.


To protect agricultural projects against natural hazards


To develop and regulate the national seed industry


To engage in innovative and adaptive research leading to the design and development of efficient agricultural machinery and technologies in Nigeria


To regulate Animal Science practice in Nigeria.


To regulate the profession of Soil Science in Nigeria.


To register and maintain a register of persons qualified to practice as Veterinary Surgeons in Nigeria


To make provision for strategic public support for land development so as to make Nigerians produce what they consume


To coordinate, supervise, monitor, and evaluate agricultural research institutes in Nigeria

Core Mandates of FMAFS:

The Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development has the most elaborate functions in Nigeria’s economy, here is the highlight of 11 core mandates of the ministry:

1) To promote agro-processing, preservation, and storage to reduce pre and post-harvest losses to the barest minimum.

2) To develop an efficient competitive and self–sustaining production, health and management of improved livestock species

3) To provide necessary facilities at the grazing reserves and support ranching facilities.

4) To consistently encourage agricultural commodities development and marketing institutions.

5) To develop integrated Pest Control and Management System for sustainable crop and livestock production in Nigeria

6) To ensure that foreign pests and animal-related diseases do not penetrate the Nigerian market

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7) To build capacity and vocational skills for Agric sector and stakeholders.

8) To collaborate with the 36 states and LGA, and other stakeholders in the planning, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of agricultural policies throughout Nigeria

9) To create an enabling environment for the cultivation of agricultural products

10) To create marketing opportunities for agricultural products through promotion and support

11) To enhance agricultural production and productivity through the development of  agricultural technology

Head office of FMAFS:

  • Kapital Road, Area 11, Abuja, Nigeria
  • Official website:

Social media:


Wrapping up:

With 11 agencies and several other departments, the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development needs to do more to ensure that some of the incentives, grants, and agric loans get to the rural framer who needs the support to increase production.

Giving incentives to party members who are not real farmers will not make Nigeria food sufficient country.

Most of the real farmers do not speak English, FMARD needs to develop their programmes in local dialect to reach the farmers at the rural areas.


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