Adamawa State Governors from 1991 To Date


Since the creation of Adamawa State in 1991 by the military administrator of Gen. Ibrahim Babangida, the state has produced 13 state governors including military administrators and elected governors.

Adamawa like Osun State came into being at a crucial time as Nigeria was warming up for a democratic dispensation.

Unfortunately, the military regime of Gen Ibrahim Babangida deliberately truncated the democratic rule by stepping aside and handing it over to an interim government.


IBB’s action paved the way for another military coup that brought Gen. Sani Abacha into power, so the administration of Governor Michika came to an end on November 17, 1993.

From that period till, May 29, 1999, the military governments appointed military administrators to oversee the affairs of the state.

At the time of publication, there were five military administrators in Adamawa between August 1991 and May 28, 1999, the last being Lt.Col Ahmadu Hussaini.

Below is the list of former governors of Adamawa from 1991 to date

GovernorAdministrationAssumption of officeOut of officePolitical party
Air Commodore Abubakar SalihuMilitaryAug 27, 1991Jan 2, 1993 Non
Alh Abubakar Saleh MichikaDemocracyJan 2, 1992Nov 17, 1993NRC
Air Vice Marshall Gregory AgboneniMilitaryDec 9, 1993Sept 14, 1994Non
Com. Yohanna MadakiMilitarySept 14, 1994Aug 22, 1996Non
Navy Captain Joe Kalu-IgboamaMilitaryAug 22 1996August 1998Non
Lt.Col. Ahmadu HussainiMilitaryAugust 1998May 29, 1999Non
Boni HarunaDemocracyMay 29, 1999May 29, 2007PDP
Murtala NyakoDemocracyMay 29, 2007Feb 26, 2008PDP
James Shaibu Barka (Acting)DemocracyFeb 26, 2008April 29, 2008PDP
Murtala NyakoDemocracyApr 29, 2008Jul 15, 2014PDP
Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri (Acting)DemocracyJul 15, 2014Oct 1, 2014PDP
Bala James NgilariDemocracyOct 1, 2014May 29, 2015PDP
Bindo JibrillaDemocracyMay 29, 2015May 29, 2019APC
Ahmadu Umaru FintiriDemocracyMay 29, 2019IncumbentPDP

Note: Murtala Nyako is on the list of state governors that were impeached in Nigeria. He was a former military administrator of Niger State and a former Chief of Naval Staff during the military regime of IBB.

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He joined PDP upon the inauguration of democracy in Nigeria in 1999 and succeeded Boni Haruna as an executive governor of Adamawa.

Who is the first military administrator of Adamawa State?

Air Commodore Abubakar Salihu was the first military administrator of Adamawa.

Who is the first executive governor of Adamawa State?

Alhaji Abubakar Saleh Michika was the first elected executive governor of Adamawa. Michika was sworn into office on January 2, 1992 till Nov 17, 1993 when Abacha overthrew the interim government of Ernest Shonekan.

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