How Big is Akwa Ibom State?

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By land area, Akwa Ibom is the 7th smallest state in Nigeria occupying an area of 7,081km². It is among the oil-producing states in the South-south geo-political zone of Nigeria.

Going geopolitical, Akwa Ibom is the smallest state by land area among the south-south states, coming behind Cross River, Edo, Delta, Rivers, and Bayelsa states.

What are the Local Government Areas that makeup Akwa Ibom?

There are 31 local government areas that makeup Akwa Ibom, the Land of Promise doesn’t exist in isolation.


Each of the LGA has a land area that add up to the 7,081km² land area of the oil-producing state.

Below are the list of all the local government areas in Akwa Ibom state and their land area plus the headquarters of the LGAs

LGAsLand AreaHeadquarters/Codes
Abak190km²Abak (ABK)
Eket214km²Eket (KET)
Eastern Obolo120.5km²Okoroete (KRT)
Esit Eket168km²Uquo (AUQ)
Ikot Ekpene116km²Ikot Ekpene (KTE)
Ibesikpo Asutan154.6km²Nung Udoe (NGD)
Essien Udim295.1km²Afaha Ikot Ebak (AFH)
Ikakm²Urua Inyang (NYA)
Ibeno243.4km²Upenekang (PNG)
Ibiono Ibom337.1km²Oko Ita (BMT)
Etim Ekpo183.3km²Utu Etim Ekpo (AEE)
Ikot Abasi359.3km²Ikot Abasi (KTS)
Ikono407.16km²Ibiaku Ntok Okpo (KKN)
Etinan1,749km²Etinan (ETN)
Mbo372.13km²Enwang (ENW)
Itu606.10km²Itu (TTU)
Nsit-Ataikm²Odot (AED)
Mkpat Enin322.352km²Mkpat Enin (MKP)
Ini372.6km²Odoro Ikpe (DRK)
Nsit-Ibom242.942km²Afaha Offiong (AFG)
Okobo475.8km²Okopedi (KPD)
Obot-Akara237km²Nto Edino (NTE)
Nsit-Ubiumkm²Ikot Edibon (KTD)
Oron70km²Oron (RNN)
Onna47.41km²Abat (ABT)
Udung-Uko112km²Eyofin (EYF)
Oruk Anam811km²Ikot Ibritam (KTM)
Ukanafun246.4km²Ikot Akpa Nkuk (KPK)
Urue offong/orukokm²Urue Offong (UFG)
Uruan499km²Idu (DUU)
Uyo362km²Uyo (UYY)

When was Akwa Ibom State created?

The military regime of Ibrahim Babangida created Akwa Ibom state on September 23, 1987. You can find more details about Akwa Ibom in its history which was earlier covered.

How does Akwa Ibom State compare in size to other states in Nigeria?

Compared to other states, Akwa Ibom is the 7th smallest state in Nigeria by area.


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