Names And Age of 20 Big Brother Naija Season 6 Housemates Cross

Names And Age of 2021 Big Brother Naija Season 6 Housemates aka Shine Ya Eye (Updated List)

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The much anticipated Big Brother Naija Season 6 aka Shine Ya Eye ushered in 11 male contestants and 11 ladies for the show on Saturday, July 24, and Sunday, July 25, 2021, respectively, and on August 8, everyone was shocked as another four housemates were brought in.

BBNaija News Update:

The BBNaija Season 7 kick-started on Saturday, July 23, 2022. You can catch up with the update on our dedicated post at “Names of 2022 Big Brother Naija Housemates Season 7 aka Level Up dubbed Level Up.

BBNaija S6 lasted for 10 weeks which is  71 days in all with a total prize valued at N90,000,000


Recalled that Whitemoney was announced the winner of Shine Ya Eye Big Brother Naija 2021

To apply for the 2022 edition of the TV reality show, you must the registration requirments including uploading 3-minute video detailing your likes and dislikes and why you should be selected.

winner of BBNaija 2021

Winner of Big Brother Naija 2021 “Shine Ya Eye”Final Day Eviction: Emmanuel, Angel, Cross and Pere have been evicted. Whitemoney polled 47% of the final votes while Liquorose had 22.99%.

Pere emerges victorious in IVM task, wins brand new IVM Caris sedan car.


Emmanuel emerges the Head of House for the final week of the show. He chooses his favourite Liquorose as his deputy.

Six finalists in the show are:

  1. Whitemoney (Winner)
  2. Liquorose (first runner up)
  3. Pere (3rd)
  4. Cross (4th)
  5. Angel (5th)
  6. Emmanuel (6th)

Updated List of Evicted BBN S6 Housemates

  1. Yerins
  2. Niyi
  3. Beatrice
  4. Arin
  5. Princess
  6. Kayvee (withdrawn for medical reasons)
  7. JMK
  8. Sammie
  9. Maria
  10. Tega
  11. Micheal
  12. Peace
  13. Boma
  14. Jaypaul
  15. Jackie B
  16. Yousef
  17. Saskay
  18. Queen
  19. Nini
  20. Saga

Hosted by Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, the show is live on DStv channel 198 and GOtv channel 29.  According to MultiChoice, the organizers of the show, the winner of season six will walk home with a  grand prize worth ₦90 million.

Breakdown of the grand prize:

  • Cash prize: N30, 000, 000,
  • Cash in Abeg digital wallet,
  • Bitcoins in Patricia Wallet,
  • A two-bedroom apartment
  • Range SUV from Innoson Motors, Nigerian automaker
  • A trip for two package

The housemates of the Big Brother Naija Season 6 (2021) are:

  1. Saga
  2. Yousef
  3. Pere
  4. Whitemoney
  5. Emmanuel
  6. Cross
  7. Angel
  8. Liquorose
  9. Saskay
  10. Nini
  11. Queen
  12. Yerins
  13. Niyi
  14. Beatrice
  15. Arin
  16. Princess
  17. Kayvee
  18. JMK
  19. Sammie
  20. Maria
  21. Tega
  22. Micheal
  23. Peace
  24. Boma
  25. JayPaul
  26. Jackie B

Shocking New Housemates Introduced in the Second Week are: Micheal, Kayvee, JMK, and Queen

It’s all men’s night, the ladies were introduced on Sunday, July 25

Stage name Full Name Age as of July 24 Profession
Saga Adeoluwa Okusaga 28 years Offshore engineer
Boma Boma Akpore 34 years Masseuse and mixologist, and model
Yousef Yusuf Garba 29 years Personal trainer and school teacher
Pere Pere Egbi 35 years Actor, model, real estate professional
Whitemoney Hazel Oyeze Onou 29 years Entrepreneur
Niyi Adeniyi Lawai 33-year-old Computer engineer
Yerins Yerimene Abraham Saibakumo 27-year-old Medical doctor
JayPaul Paul Ephraim 29-year-old Musician and actor
Emmanuel Emmanuel Umoh 24-year-old Modeling
Sammie Samuel Jacob Alifa 26-year-old ABU Student
Cross Ikechukwu Sunday Cross Okonkwo 30-year-old Entrepreneur
Angel Angel Smith Agnes 21-year-old Writer and poet
Peace  Peace Agor 26-year-old Entrepreneur, owner of a fashion store
Jackie B  Jackie Bent 29-year-old Interior designer and a certified event and wedding planner
Tega Tega Dominic 29-year-old Business owner
Arin Arinola Olowoporoku 29-year-old Fashion designer, an independent arts & culture curator
Maria Maria Chike Agueze 29-year-old Dubai-based Real estate broke
Liquorose Afije Roseline Omokhoa 26-year-old Professional dance and video vixen
Beatrice Beatrice Agba Nwaji 28-year-old Fashion enthusiast and model
Princess  Princess Linda Onyejekwe 30-year-old E-hailing service driver

21) Saskay:

  • Real name: Tsakute Jonah.
  • Profession: Model and makeup artist
  • Age: 22-year-old

22) Nini

  • Real name: Anita Singh.
  • Age: 26-year-old
  • Profession: Fashion entrepreneur

Unbelievable 4 New Housemates:

The Shine Ya Eye edition seems to be packed with surprises as the host of the show,  Ebuka Obi-Uchendu , on Sunday, August 8, 2021, shocked fans and the rest of the housemates when four new housemates were introduced to replace the three evicted ones.

Surprisingly, the number has now increased to 23 in the second week. This means the rest of the housemates will have to shine their eyes more as more unpredictable events are expected to unfold as fans stay glued to the TV.

The four new housemates are:

Stage Name Full name Age as of August 8 Profession
Micheal Michael Chukwuebuka Artist
Kayvee (withdrawn due to health challenges) Gbolahan Ololade 28-year-old Photographer
JMK (evicted) Jumoke Adedoyin 23-year-old Lawyer
Queen Queen-Mercy Okon Atang  26-year-old Entrepreneur and politician


Like Boma, Pere was also raised by a single mother in the oil-rich town of Warri, Delta State, South-South Nigeria.

Pere Egbi 2021 bbnaija housemate

Christened Pere Egbi on birth, the adventurous Pere who was trained as a nurse describes himself as a drama king.

He spent six years as a member of the United States Military before returning to his motherland, Nigeria.

Since his return to Nigeria, the 35-year-old housemate of 2021 BBNaija has embraced real estate brokerage

Actor and modeling are his side hustle. Head of House for the third week. His reign was described as a military regime. He is also one of the 20 former housemates that was invited for the Season 8 aka All Stars.


Born Boma Akpore, Boma grew up on the popular streets of Yaba, South-West Nigeria, where he was raised by a single mother.

Boma Akpore housemate bbnaija 2021

The 34-year-old Boma who says he is in the BBNaija season house to catch an overdose of fun was into modeling for 10 years before venturing into another profession.

The model-turned masseuse and mixologist,who described his growing up as challenging, said he dropped out of school in his final year because of financial challenges.

Determined to put poverty to shame, Boma searched for a job and saved enough money to enroll in film school, and graduated with a Diploma

As an actor, Boma was also working as a bartender at a nightclub till he found his way into season 6 of Big Brother Naija 2021. He was the HoH in the second week. He was the 12th housemate to be evicted on Sunday, September 5, 2021.

Challenging moment: Dropping out of school in the final year.


Yusuf Garba aka Yousef

The 29-year-old Yusuf Garba is a secondary school teacher. He was once crowned as the Mr Jos and Jos Carnival King as an undergraduate in Plateau State, Northern Nigeria.

The fun-loving Yousef says he does modeling as part-time hustle, he is also a personal trainer.

Trying moment: Death of his aunt.

Yousef was among the housemates who survived the second week’s eviction. But he couldn’t survive the 8th-week nomination as he became the 15th housemate to be evicted from the reality tv show


Known for his hyper-realistic portraits, Adeoluwa Okusaga who is originally from Lagos, is based in the oil city of Port Harcourt, South-South Nigeria.

Adeoluwa Okusaga aka zaga housemate bbnaija6

Trained as an offshore engineer, Saga takes interest in drawing, dancing, singing, and exercising.

His interest in keeping fit motivated him to start an online fitness club that has garnered members from all around the world.

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He claims to have traveled across the geo-political zones of Nigeria, which according to him has given him the vivacity to freely associate with people wherever he finds himself.

He was evicted from the show on Sunday, September 26, 2021

His trying moment: Death of Mum

Yerins (evicted)

Yerins Yerimene Abraham Saibakumo bbnaija6

Trained at the Medical University, Ukraine, the 27-year-old Dr. Yerimene Abraham Saibakumo says his hobbies are playing chess, drawing, and listening to music.

Apart from being a medical doctor, Yerins says he has garnered expert knowledge in modeling, digital animation, and fashion design.

The young medical doctor was the first housemate to be evicted in the Shine Ya Eye edition.


The 29-year-old Lagos-based musician and actor Paul Ephraim says his entry into season 6 of the Big Brother Naija will help boost his career.

Paul Ephraim aka JayPaul 2021 big brother naija season 6

Speaking on what lies ahead of him, he vows to storm Nigeria’s entertainment industry by storm.

The friendly JayPaul says doesn’t joke with family bonds. He was evicted on Sunday, September 12.

Challenging moment: Demise of his father


The fun-loving 30-year-old Ikechukwu Sunday Cross Okonkwo is a fitness enthusiast and entrepreneur.

Based in the commercial capital of Nigeria (Lagos), Cross describes himself as loving and unofficially sees himself as a relationship counselor.


Christened Hazel Oyeze Onou, Whitemoney who was excited about making it into season 6 of the big brother house is a Lagos-based businessman and entrepreneur.

Hazel Oyeze Onou aka Whitemoney

Onou, who hailed from Enugu State describes himself as a fun-loving housemate with the swag. The swag was all over him on July 24, 2021, when he was officially ushered into the BBnaija house.

The shoe importer guru says he likes to entertain and have fun.

The loved-by-all entrepreneur survived the second-week eviction. His millions of admirers say he’s the man for the money.


Emmanuel Umoh bbnaija contestant 2021

Season 6 of the reality TV show no doubt is filled with tall and handsome guys from different parts of the country, Emmanuel Umoh is one of them.

Emmanuel, who is the first Nigerian to win the Mister Africa pageant hails from a peace-loving state of Akwa Ibom, South-South Nigeria.

The 24-year-old model who is based in the oil-rich state of Rivers owns a fitness centre and a unisex salon and spa.

His hobbies include traveling, making friends, and taking risks.

Niyi (evicted)

The tall and handsome Adeniyi Lawai is a trained computer engineer who was once hoping to be a professional basketball player until he sustained injury.

Adeniyi Lawai aka Niyi bbnaija housemate season 6

The 6’6 tall 33-year-old young man is married with a kid, he is also an avid reader, and an aspiring writer.

Niyi who hails from Oyo State owns and manages an event company.

Niyi couldn’t survive the second eviction just as Yerins

Sammie (evicted)

Samuel Jacob Alifa aka Sammie is a final year student at the prestigious Ahmadu Bello University (ABU).

Sammie Samuel Jacob Alifa bbnaija6 2021

The 26-year-old amateur filmmaker says he enjoys storytelling, videography, basketball, eating, and hanging out.

The undergraduate Guidance and Counseling Sammie produced his first short film in 2020. He was the 7th person to be evicted on August 29.

Beatrice (evicted):


Next on the list is Beatrice who described herself as “extremely entertaining” says she’s in the house to showcase her brand and hopes for a bigger space by the end of the reality tv show.

Beatrice was evicted on Sunday, August 8, 2021.

Tega (evicted)


Tega says she is ready to make peace with those who are friendly with her and give it hot to anyone who doesn’t. She was evicted on Sunday, September 5.

Arin (evicted)


Arin Olowoporoku, a fashion designer described herself as someone with an “Ashewo face,”

She is adorned with 17 piercings with three on her nostril. She was the commander-in-chief of gossips until she was evicted on Sunday, August 15.

Maria (evicted)


Maria is a Dubai-based real estate broker who hails from Imo State, South-East, Nigeria.

According to her, she has a phobia of being broke. She was the 8th housemate to be evicted.



Born Roseline Afije, Liquorose is a dancer from GGB crew. At the moment, she is addicted to Emmanuel. Her biography can be found at:


Angel bbnaija 2021

The 21-year-old with her heavy tattoos described herself as bossy, however said her bossiness is positive when she was ushered into the house.

Peace (evicted):


The 26-year-old former TV presenter hails from Rivers State. She described herself as being peaceful on the inside.. She was the pioneer Head of House in the season six edition.

Peace was evicted 11th housemate to be evicted from the house on Sunday, September 5, 2021.

Jackie B


The single mother Jackie B is a 29-year-old who says she is ready to mingle, flirt and have maximum fun in the house.



Nini, 26, says she has natural beauty and doesn’t need makeup. She owns a fashion brand and is also a model.

The mother one was evicted on Sunday, September 12

Princess (evicted)


The 30-year-old lady is a taxi in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. She says it’s her first application for the Big Brother Naija season 6.

On the day of her eviction on August 15, she revealed that Cross was her crush, interestingly the same Cross nominated her for eviction.



From Adamawa state is Saskay, a 22-year-old model says she is “very soft on the inside.”

Saskay says she is into a relationship but says anything could happen. Saskay was evicted on Sunday, September 19, becoming the 16th housemate to be eliminated.

Micheal (evicted)

Michael Chukwuebuka 

The twenty-third housemate who is an artist excitedly says he is in the house for all tasks, describing himself as bad a loser. He vows to give in his best to walk home with the grand prize.

He was the 10th person to leave the house on Sunday, September 5.

Kayvee  (withdrawn due to health challenges)

Kayvee Ololade

Kayvee, a photographer becomes the 24th person to be ushered into the house, he joins others to stand a chance to compete for the prize money and other exciting prizes.

The 28-year-old is from Ogba, Lagos state. He says one of the things to pisses him off is rude people.

He believes that his vibes and positive energy will turn around the fun in the house.

Kayvee Becomes First Housemate To Be Withdrawn From BBN

Gbolahan Ololade aka Kayvee has been withdrawn from the TV reality show due to health challenges, Pere, the outgone Head of House made the announcement Monday, August 16, 2021, to the rest of the house.

The 26-year-old, it was gathered, was showing some weird behaviour, isolated himself from other housemates.

“As you all know your fellow housemate, Kayvee has been unwell. He has consulted with his doctors and decided to withdraw from the show,” Pere in a brief.

Reacting to the development, the organizers of the show MultiChoice said Kayvee had been exited “on medical grounds”.

We gathered that he’s to undergo further medical investigation. Kayvee was one of the four additional housemates who were introduced to the house on August 8.

In the same vein, the social media handler has reacted, saying:

The KayVee we know isn’t what people are painting him to be. His friends and family will never allow him to go into the house if he had a mental health issue.

What is happening in the house is simply a reaction to him being unwelcomed. He was full of life when he got into the house, and something has triggered this phase. This has caused him to withdraw into his shell to rebuild his energy and vibe.

Please keep supporting #KayVee social media handler said:

JMK (evicted)

As if the suspense wasn’t enough, Ebuka once again shocked millions of followers of the TV reality show as he ushered in a young and sexy 23-year-old young lawyer from Kwara State.

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JMK Jumoke Adedoyin

With her killer hips, she says Nigerians and the rest of the world should look out for what any lawyer has never brought into the house, saying her positive energy and dance move will redefine the vibes in the house.


While no one can predict what happens in the weeks ahead, organisers of the show, however, introduced the 26th housemate on Sunday, August 8, 2021 to replace one of the three persons who were evicted.

Queen-Mercy Okon Atang

Queen-Mercy Okon Atang, Queen for short, is an entrepreneur and a politician. The Akwa Ibom lady who describes herself as a nice person says she detects gossip and loves sleeping naked.

While we all look out for her philanthropic side, how the 26.year-old lady will wade off gossip in the house remains a question unanswered.

She was evicted on Sunday, September, 2021

Who is the youngest housemate?

From the above short autobios, Angel is the youngest housemate in the 2021 edition of the tv reality show. She is 21 years old

Agnes Smith believes that BBN platform will help her boost her writing and  cinematography career

Who is the oldest?

If Pere and Boma Akpore stands side-by-side, one might pick Boma as the oldest, but Pere is actually older than Boma by a year.

Boma who is 35-year-old is the oldest of all the housemates and one of the wildcards. He is a former US soldier but has now relocated to Nigeria as a real estate broker.

BBNaija 2021 Eviction Timeline:

Emmanuel wins Ultimate Veto Power Holder, as the power holder, he had the power to choose Head of House and the Deputy.

He chose Liquorose as HoH and Cross as her Deputy. The three housemates automatically make it to the grand finale of the reality of the show while the other six housemates face possible eviction for week 9

Week 9 Possible evictions
  • Whitemoney (made it to the grand finale)
  • Pere (removed from the house, but still in the show)
  • Angel (removed from the house, but still in the show)
  • Queen (evicted)
  • Nini (evicted)
  • Saga (evicted)

Pere and Angel To Play “Double Jeopardy Game” In A White Room

As the TV reality show enters its final eviction Sunday on September 26, two housemates, Pere and Angel have been removed from the house to a secluded white room in what can simply be described as fake eviction.

The duo will be engaging in a “Double Jeopardy Game” to determine who make it back to the house to stand a chance to win the N90M at stake.

In the white room, “trucks and screwdrivers” have been provided for them, the loser would go home while the winner will have a chance to rejoin Whitemoney, Emmanuel, Cross, and Liquorose who are already through to the grand finale.

How It’ll Be Played

Explaining the terms and conditions guiding the the double jeopardy game, Biggie explained that “What you have in front of you are two identical toys, one for you Pere, and the other for Angel. Also in front of you is a single green bulb as you can see that the bulb is on, for now, we shall switch it off.

“The next time you see the bulb on you must unscrew the truck. There is a picture of how to assemble it. You are only allowed to work as long as the bulb is on… if you continue while the bulb is off then you might be penalized”

Who would most likely make it back to the house between Pere and Angel?

On Monday, September 27, the two housemates (Pere and Queen) were told to join their colleagues to stand a chance to compete for the N90M prize.

Week 9 Prank: Nini Exit House For 24-Hour To Prank Fellow Housemates

As the TV reality show enters its pre-final stage, more twists are being added to the game. This time, Biggie tasked Nini to exit the house for 24-hour as a prank.

In what Biggie described as a secret mission, Biggie told Nini during her diary session Tuesday, September 21. The prank elapses in 24 hours (September 24).

Meanwhile, fellow housemates have expressed worries over the sudden disappearance of Nini.

Some of those who are worried include Angel, Queen, Liquorose, and Saga. While Saga looked melancholic over the sudden disappearance of his favourite, Angel came up with dramatic theories.

The outspoken heavily-tattooed lady said it was not a good idea to keep Nini isolated from the rest of the house.

Saga was the first to alert the house and an ‘ultimate search” for Nini began.

While Angel stated that it was risky to keep her isolated, Liquorose responded, saying “If it’s risky, they won’t do it.”

As the discussion of Nini’s whereabouts continue, she watched from her confined space.

Week 8 Possible evictions:
  • Angel
  • Saskay (evicted)
  • Cross
  • Yousef (evicted)
  • Emmanuel
Week 7 Possible evictions are:
  1. Jay Paul (evicted)
  2. Saskay
  3. Jackie B (evicted)
  4. Queen
  5. Whitemony
  6. Liquorose
  7. Saga

Week 6 Nomination:

It’s a general eviction as all housemates were put up for eviction except Jay Paul and Jackie B who emerged as double heads of the house.

Four housemates were evicted in the general eviction, they are:

  1. Tega
  2. Michael
  3. Peace
  4. Boma

Week 5 Nomination: This is how the housemates nominated their colleagues

Housemates Number of votes
Pere 10
Peace Cross Liquorose used a veto to replace her with Cross
Queen 5
Sammie 3
JMK (Evicted) 3
Maria 3

Here is how they voted

Housemates Who They Nominated
Queen Pere & Peace
Jay Paul Pere & Maria
Michael Angel & JMK
Emmanuel Peace & Pere
Tega Saga & Peace
Cross Pere & Sammie
Nini Sammie & JMK
Saskay Boma & Pere
Liquorose  Cross & Peace
Whitemoney Pere & Peace
Yousef Jaypaul & Queen
Saga Sammie & Queen
Angel Queen & Michael
Peace  Queen & Emmanuel
Boma JMK & Pere
Sammie Pere & Maria
Pere Michael & Jaypaul
JMK Pere & Maria
Jackie B Pere & Angel
Maria Queen & Whitemoney

Week 4 Prank Eviction

Week Four Prank Eviction

A few minutes after a new HoH emerged on Monday, August 16, 2021, it was time for eviction nomination, but it was a shocker for everyone as Biggie invited the new HoH Maria to reveal to her the new twist as highlighted below:

  1. That there will be no nominations this week
  2. That there will be no public voting
  3. And finally, that the usual Sunday evictions would not take place.

Here is what makes it more interesting…

Biggie told Maria not to reveal the no. 3 prank to the rest of the house. On return to the rest of the house, Maria told her fellow housemates that she would deploy her veto to evict two housemates on Sunday.

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As a leader, the new HoH told her colleagues that she’ll create a scoring/ranking system for the Housemates to assist her Sunday decision.

And on Sunday, August 22, 2021, Ebuka asked Maria to name her top six housemates for eviction, they are:

  1. Emmanuel
  2. JayPaul
  3. JMK
  4. Yousef
  5. Pere
  6. Angel

And when she was asked to nominate two out of the six for eviction, she nominated:

  • JMK
  • Yousef

To the amazement of everyone, Ekuba said it’s a prank and the housemates were left speechless.

Week 3 Nominations For Possible Eviction

The reality TV show is becoming more interesting as the show progresses into week three.

As such, on Monday, August 9, 2021, there was another game where the winner was crowned the Head Of House and nominations for possible eviction.

And on Monday Pere emerged the winner of the game at the arena and the symbol of authority was handed to him

Pere who is known to be closer to Maria didn’t hesitate to pick her as his deputy after almost 1 hour the symbol of HOH was handed to him by Boma.

How it went:

The new housemates Michael, Kayvee, JMK, and Queen were immune from the game and nomination session.

So, it was time to nominate for possible eviction. As usual, biggie invited the housemates one after the other to mention their nominations.

Below is how housemates nominated their fellow housemates:

Housemates Nominated Housemates 
Boma Saskay


Cross Princess


Saga Princess


Whitemoney Arin (evicted)


Nini Princess


Jackie B  Saga


Sammie Tega


Jaypaul nominated Maria


Liquorose Saga


Arin Emmanuel


Yousef Arin


Princess Saga


Pere Princess


Saskay Whitemoney


Peace Tega


Emmanuel Arin


Tega Nini


Angel Princess


Maria Arin


Highest Nominations

After all the drama, those who had the highest number of nominations were asked to stand up by bigger:

  • Arin (evicted)
  • Emmanuel,
  • Nini,
  • Princess (evicted)
  • Saga replaced with Saskay
  • Tega

Week 2 Nominations (August 8, 2021):

Four housemates were nominated for evictions, 3 guys and 1 female, they are:

Nominated Housemates Evicted or Survived?
Beatrice Evicted
Yerings Evicted
Whitemoney Survived
Niyi Evicted
Yousef Survived

In the 2021 edition, Yerins becomes the first to be evicted, followed by Niyi, and finally Beatrice.

Week 1 Nominations (August 1, 2021): Two Wildcards And How They Survived Eviction

The 2021 edition was unique because of the introduction of wildcards. None of the housemates knew who exactly the wildcards were.

And during the week, Biggie instructed the housemates to uncover the wild cards before Sunday.

It was a tough task for housemates as they employed different elimination tactics to spot who were the wildcards.

By Thursday, July 29, 2021, Pere and Maria were revealed as wild cards by the organisers, even though the task was left for the rest of the housemates.

By Sunday, August 1, 2021, Biggie invited the housemates in the afternoon for them to reveal who they felt were the wild cards.

No one guessed right except for Whitemoney who mentioned Pere. But Jay Paul and Liquorose got the highest nominations from their fellow housemates.

And on later in the night, Ebuka left the rest of the housemates in shock as he revealed the identities of the real wild cards.

They are:

  1. Pere
  2. Maria

If housemates guessed right, Pere and Maria would have been evicted on Sunday, but they survived the eviction. So, there was no eviction in the first week.

If housemates guessed right, Pere and Maria would have been evicted on Sunday, but they survived the eviction. So, there was no eviction in the first week.

Heads of House And Their Deputies

Week Head of House Deputy
Week 1 Peace Yousef
Week 2 Boma Jackie B
Week 3 Pere Maria
Week 4 Maria Boma
Week 5 Liquorose Saga
Week 6 1) Jackie B

2) Jay Paul (It’s a double head house)

Week 7 Emmanuel Liquorose
Week 8 Whitemoney Queen
Week 9 Liquorose Cross
Week 10 Emmanuel Liquorose

In week 4: Maria who picked Boma as her deputy is currently barred from HoH lounge. Boma was in turn had the privilege to pick a ‘partner’ chose Jackie (who was the second week of DHOH)

The drama continues

Pere saved Saga

As the new Head of House, Pere was asked to used his veto vote to save one of the possible evictions, and he replaced Saga with Saskay

With the way Saskay nominated Whitemoney for eviction in the diary session room, millions of Whitemoney’s admirers might vote against Saskay for nominating their main man, though it’s a game.

Spectacular Moments In The House

On August 25, 2021, two housemates Saskay and Cross win N2,000,000 million each, ambassadorship deal plus one year supply of Supa Komando after their sterling performance during the Supa Komando task

Guinness Splashes N3.5M on Task Performance Winners

On Wednesday, August 11, 2021, the housemates were grouped into three for Guinness Performance Task.

A few hours after the task,  the Head of House, Pere, came back with the result. Team Gold was declared the winner of the task

The Team comprises the following housemates: Nini, Tega, Princess, Peace, Emmanuel, Liquorose, and Michael.

The group went wild as the sponsor of the task announced for each member of the group N500K cash prize and six months supply of Guinness products to each member of the group.

‘Gen’ Pere unilaterally removed Whitemoney from the kitchen

Earlier, there was a mild drama on August 11, 2021, as ‘Gen’ Pere expressed his displeasure over what he called a monopoly of the kitchen by Whitermoney.

He subsequently ‘impeached’ him from the kitchen. Before making the announcement, he confided in his deputy, Maria, that he would not allow Whitemoney, whom he sees as strong competition, to use the power of cooking for the house to remain relevant.

Whitemoney has been the house’s regular cook since the beginning of the 2021 edition of the tv reality game show.

Sponsors of the show include Abeg, Guinness, RevolutionPlus Property, Patricia, Travelbeta, Dano, Close-up, Innoson Motors, a Nigerian automaker among others

Updated List: Evicted Housemates in Shine Ya Eye Edition

Housemate Eviction Date
Yerins August 8, 2021 (First to be evicted)
Niyi August 8 (second to be evicted)
Beatrice August 8, 2021(third to be evicted)
Arin August 15, 2021 (fourth to be evicted)
Princess August 15 (5th housemate to be evicted)
JMK August 29, 2021 (6th eviction)
Sammie August 29 (7th eviction)
Maria August 29 (8th eviction)
Tega September 5, 2021 (9th eviction)
Michael September 5 (10th eviction)
Peace September 5 (11th eviction)
Boma September 5 (12th eviction)
Jaypaul September 12 (13th)
Jackie B September 12 (14h)
Yousef September 19 (15th)
Saskay September 19 (16th)
Queen September 26 (17th)
Nini September 26 (18th)
Saga September 26 (19th)
Emmanuel October 3 (20th) Final day
Angel October 3 (21st) Final day
Cross October 3 (22nd) Final day
Pere October 3 (23rd eviction) Final day

Who do you think would win season 6?

It’s now clear that Yerins, Niyi, Beatrice, Arin, and Princess are out of the contest for the N90M prize.

We now have 22 housemates, so, who do you think would win the sixth edition of the most-watched TV reality show? Share your thoughts

9 thoughts on “Names And Age of 2021 Big Brother Naija Season 6 Housemates aka Shine Ya Eye (Updated List)”

  1. Deborah Nelson Charles

    Whitemoney for the money. Is not easy to be a mother to all the house mates and still winning.

  2. This season is way too tough..i cant tell who is going to scoop the cash…Its a game.,let me shine my eye and wait for the winner..

    1. Yeah, Adeola. Honestly, we thought Pere would be evicted. But her eviction even makes the show more difficult to predict what might happen.

  3. Boluwatife Olaoluwa

    White Money deserve the 90M why because of the way the cook for the other house mate and the cleaning the other house mate are just sleep and eating and also playing third game well buh white money deserve the 90M that is my take on this

  4. Chai. This is very detailed. Thank you for this. Just all the info I needed on one place.
    Thank you. 👍👍

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