How Do I Register for Eyowo Account in Nigeria

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This is the guide on how to register for eyowo account for personal use or for business purposes. It is a mobile wallet you can set up by dialling or sending a code. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about eyowo mobile wallets.

What is eyowo

Eyowo is a digital mobile money solution that enables you to receive and send money by simply dialling a USSD code without an internet connection, with internet connection, you can use the App or go online directly, whichever one you found convenient. The point is: A phone that can send SMS is what you need to use eyowo.

Origin of the name “eyowo”

The brains behind the mobile payment gateway, softcom, didn’t say how it came about the name, but at Infomediang we do know that the name has a Yoruba origin. Eyowo was a traditional form of commodity money that is popular and accepted as a form of payment for goods and services before the invention and legalisation of fiat money.


The popularity of eyowo mobile wallets in Nigeria

Though eyowo has its strengths and weaknesses, we found the mobile payment solution as one of the breakthroughs of financial technology (fintech) in Nigeria.

Eyowo has been around for some months, but gains popularity during the launch of Federal Government’s collateral free loan scheme tradermoni for petty traders in Nigeria. Since most of the petty traders don’t have bank account, the best solution for them is: mobile wallet, eyowo comes in handy.

Eyowo mobile money wallet has been in existence before tradermoni loan was launched in Nigeria So let’s shed some light on the money mobile wallet Eyowo is a payment gateway solution which makes opening of mobile money account easy, convenient and secure for everyone with sophisticated or “palasa” phone .

Your eyowo account makes it easy for you to receive and make payment for some services online right on your phone or without or with data-enabled phone. This means that any kind of phone qualifies you to make payment and accept payment easily by dialling a code.

Benefits of using eyowo payment gateway:

  1. Request payments
  2. Make payments
  3. Ability to fund your wallet from your debit/credit card, bank deposits or other eyowo users or agent.
  4. Add new beneficiaries and send money from Eyowo to your bank.
  5. Pay for utility bills like electricity, Cable TV and pay for subscriptions.
  6. Recharge airtime on your phone.
  7. Perform transaction using *4255# USSD code.
  8. Requires no paper registration process.
  9. It’s accessible anywhere on phone or online.
  10. No closing hours which is common to conventional financial sectors. Anytime ,anywhere your account is accessible.
  11. Businesses can use Eyowo Till app to bill their customers, which allows them to monitor the inflow of cash from their tills.
  12. Use the eyowo till app to avoid settlement delays and connectivity issues associated with existing infrastructures like P.O.S terminals.
  13. Customized USSD code privileges to business through which they can receive payments on their phone number.

How Do I Register for Eyowo Account?

You can set up an account with eyowo mobile wallet through two methods:

  1. By dialing *4255# and follow the on the screen instruction
  2. By registering through eyowo homepage.

Good, follow the eyowo registration process below to get on board if you prefer to use the online method.

  • Step 1: Get access to the mobile wallet homepage via
  • Step 2: Enter your phone number it could be MTN, Airtel, 9mobile, or Glo and click Get Started.
  • Step 3: A six-digit activation One Time Pin (e.g 463542) would be sent to your phone number, enter the OTP .
  • Step 4: You’ll be required to set up your own secret six-digit PIN, enter any pin you will remember, yet will be difficult for someone else to guess and don’t share your 6-digit PIN with anyone.
  • Step 5: Access your eyowo account and tour round your dashboard to enjoy mobile banking on the go.

For eyowo phone number, check one of our previous guides.

Verify Eyowo Account and Raise Transaction Limit

Do you know that you can actually verify your eyowo account with your BVN and increase transaction limit?


Also known as Bank Verification Number, BVN is a biometric identification system implemented by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to curb or reduce illegal banking transactions in Nigeria.READ


The importance of your BVN on your eyowo account is to make sure you’re the through owner of the account. It’s for your own safety.

BVN is a modern security measure in line with the Central Bank of Nigeria Act 1958 to reduce fraud in the banking system.

On your eyowo account, your single transaction limit is ₦10,000.00, while your daily total transaction limit is ₦50,000.00

How to verify Eyowo account with BVN (Method 1)

We’ll guide you on how to verify your eyowo account with your BVN. There are two methods:

  1. Click on verify
  2. Enter your BVN
  3. Enter your surname
  4. Enter your date of birth: Day, month and year
  5. Finally, click validate.

How to verify Eyowo account with BVN (Method 2)

If you don’t want to go through the process above, there is an alternative, see below how to verify your eyowo account with your BVN so that you’ll be able to raise withdrawal limit.

  1. Upon login, click on your phone number to show your Eyowo ID
  2. Scroll down and click Validate with BVN
  3. Enter your details and click to validate.

That’s how to verifiy Eyowo account with your BVN.

How to buy recharge card on eyowo (mobile wallet)

Only a few people know that they can do even more than accepting and receiving money on eyowo mobile wallets. In this guide we’ll show how to buy recharge card on eyowo mobile wallet.

Eyowo became popular during the launch of Federal Government’s TraderMoni collateral-free loan. There’s no doubt about that.

Since its incursion into mobile money world Infomedia Nigeria has been exploring the mobile wallet and other things you can possibly do on eyowo.

We discovered that you can buy airtime for yourself and your friends and even recharge your PayTV (DSTv, StarTimes, GoTv) on eyowo within the comfort of your home.

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Let’s roll it…

How to buy airtime on eyowo mobile wallet

Step 1: Login to your eyowo wallet via using your phone number and your six-digit PIN ensure that your account is funded before you do this.

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Step 2: From within your eyowo dashboard, Click “Pay Bills”

Step 3: From the available options select which of the network provider you use which you want to recharge. For the purpose of this guide we’ll be recharging MTN Line.

Step 4: From the network drop down menu select your network, enter the phone number you’re recharging and the amount you want to purchase.

Step 5: Enter your six digit PIN to confirm your airtime purchase, and click PAY.

You just purchased recharge card on eyowo mobile wallet.

Next time, you can also recharge your DsTv, GoTv, StarTimes on eyowo, we’ll be coming up with that guide in a few days from now. In case you haven’t registered for eyowo account you do do so right away and begin to enjoy the simplicity of mobile banking.

Eyowo SMS Payment Method (Receive and Send Money Via Text Message)

Eyowo is one of the mobile payment solutions that is redefining Financial Technology. In this guide, we’ll show you how to use eyowo SMS payment method for transactions.

Eyowo enables its users receive and send money via their mobile phones, it doesn’t have have to be a sophisticated mobile phone. Your N2,500 mobile phone can carry out the task.

Is that simple?


You by simply dialing a USSD code without internet connection, with internet connection, you can use the App or go online directly, whichever one you found convenient.Eyowo SMS Payment Method

Eyowo mobile wallet is now popular among tradermoni beneficiaries in Nigeria.

Having said that, here is how to make payment via eyowo app through text message.

How to use eyowo SMS Payment

  1. On your mobile phone, simply text “TRADERMONI HELP to 09060006125
  2. When you text the above message, you should get a response thus: TRADERMONI|> Make you send “TRADERMONI AGENT [AGENT_PHONE_PHONE_NUMBER] to 09060006125
  3. Follow the prompt to select your preferred option

If your choice is to withdraw your tradermoni fund from eyowo app, then you’ll find this guide, eyowo to bank account, useful.

Eyowo Online Transfer Method to Bank Account

In this guide we will show you eyowo online transfer method to cash out your funds from the mobile wallet to any bank of your choice.

We’ve written on how to cash your tradermoni funds using eyowo codes in our previous post.

Eyowo is a mobile payment solution that enables you make or receive payment via mobile wallet. Eyow isn’t the only wallet to cash out your 10K, Aku tradermoni wallet is also operating is some states.

There are three available methods to transfer money from eyowo to your desired place:add bank account to eyowo app infomediaNG

Eyowo Online Transfer Method (Full Guide)

There are three different methods to transfer your tradermoni funds from eyowo mobile wallet to your bank account, they are:

  1. Using USSD code
  2. Using eyowo app (which is available on Google Playstore)
  3. Using browser (like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox)

Let’s get started using the browser option, which is working seamlessly at the time of putting this guide together to transfer money from eyowo wallet to any bank account of your choice.

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Recommended browsers are: (Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari)

Step 1: Enter the URL:

on any browser of your choice

Step 2: Enter your phone number and your six-digit PIN to access your eyowo account.

If you’re accessing your eyowo wallet for the first time, a six-digit PIN will be sent to your phone number. Enter the six digit PIN (called OTP=One Time Password). From the, set your own six digit PIN and click login to access your wallet.

Transferring money from eyowo app to bank account using browser

Step 3: Click “HOME” to gain access to options like:

  • Payment
  • Pay bills
  • Cash out
  • My account
  • Activity

Note: If you’re doing this on a laptop computer the entire options will be displayed on top of your eyowo dashboard. But you’ll have to click home if you’re on a Pad.

Step 4: Select “Add beneficiaries” This will enable you to add a recipient bank account details.add bank account to eyowo account

Step 5: Click the drop down menu to select recipient bank name, select bank and account number, eyowo system will automatically fetch the account name.

Step 6: Click, “Save”

Step 7: Head back to “Home”

Step 8: Click “payments” (Phone number, Bank Account)Eyowo Online Transfer Method

Step 9: Select bank account and choose beneficiary and select the account you saved in step 6 above

Step 10: Enter the amount to transfer and your eyowo six-digit PIN. The remark is optional and hit PAY.eyowo to bank account

You just wired your tradermoni fund from your eyowo mobile wallet to your bank account using browser.

Eyowo transaction fee is N39.50, meaning you can only transfer N9,960 from your tradermoni funds.

Final thought:

If you followed this guide, “how to transfer from eyowo to bank account,” we believe you should not having any issue, but in a situation whereby you are having issues implementing this guide, please let us know, or contact eyowo support for assistance.

If the above guide isn’t working for you, please contact eyowo, or drop your question right here and we’ll get unto it.

Eyowo PIN Reset Guide (Resolve Invalid Password Issue)

You can actually reset eyowo PIN and resolve an issue of an invalid password once and for all, we’ll show you how to do that in this post.

If you need to know your eyowo access pin, you will need to dial the code *4255#, but we’ve received complaint recently that the code wasn’t working. That could be due to network problem or technical glitch on the part of eyowo system.

In a situation whereby your pin isn’t working, particularly for the beneficiaries of tradermoni collateral-free loan, you’d find this guide useful.

Before that, if you’re finding it difficult to transfer your tradermoni from eyowo app to your bank account, a great way to get that done is by transferring using the browser option.

If you’re reading this for the first time:Eyowo allows for payments with a phone number.

To withdraw money from your eyowo wallet simply dial *4255# and follow the on the screen instruction.

Two major reasons why you may not be able to cash out your money from eyowo mobile wallet

  1. When you get invalid MMI error code
  2. If you forget your PIN

When you get invalid MMI error code

Eyowo USSD code (*4255#) hasn’t been working for so many people who have received their tradermoni fund (N10,000).

The error most of those who dialed the code got is: “connection problem or invalid MMI code

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When you get the above error message it means you can’t take further action or withdraw your money.


If you keep getting this error message it could be due to poor service or traffic on the eyowo system considering the number of people dialing the same code the same time.

But we hope the company works to expand its strength to accommodate large number of people if it’s to serve the common people.

If you forget your PIN

The second reason why you may not be able to cash out your tradermoni from eyowo app is if you forget your PIN.

How to reset eyowo PINHow to reset eyowo PIN infomedia Nigeria

Step 1: If you’re on a browser then login through

Step 2: Enter your phone number

Step 3: Click on forget PIN

Step 4: Enter your recovery phone number (which is your own phone number)

Step 5: Enter the new code sent you and reset your eyowo PIN

Downside of using forgot pin option

We’ve experimented the “forgot pin” option but it’s not working. We tried more than four times but couldn’t receive a reset code.

Possibly you’re encountering the same problem, the only option left for you is to call the customer support of eyowo.

At the time of updating this post, the most effective way of resetting your (tradermoni) eyowo pin is by calling the support phone number Monday to Friday, from 9AM till 4PM. VERY EFFECTIVE!

Reach out to Eyowo:

  1. You can do so via:Social media: @myeyowo on Instagram or Facebook and @eyowo on Twitter
  2. Email: support @
  3. Phone number: 01-700 1520
  4. Allow for a maximum of 24 hours to get a response to PIN-related issues.

How to Reverse Eyowo ATM Cardless Withdrawal

Eyowo ATM cardless withdrawal is a convenient way of collecting money from the nearby Automated Teller Machine without using a card.

In this post, we’ll show you how to use eyowo ATM cash out and reverse failed withdrawal from your account.

We hope you know that there are three methods of making withdrawal from eyowo account:

  1. Using USSD Code
  2. Using the online method
  3. ATM Cash out method

But first…

What is Eyowo ATM Cash out?

Cardless cash or ATM cash out is a feature of eyowo mobile payment system which allows you to withdraw cash from any Automated Teller Machine (ATM) location around you without a card. Eyowo doesn’t have card anyway.

Cardless transactions can be initiated on your eyowo account from your phone simply by dialing *4255# or by using the online platform to generate ATM cash out pin code

This ATM cash out also allows you to send a generated code to a third party to make withdrawal on your behalf.

To use Eyowo ATM Cash Out:

  • Your must have an active account
  • Your account must be funded
  • You must also have access to such account

How to use eyowo ATM cardless withdrawal

To use eyowo ATM cardless withdrawal follow the steps below:

Step 1: Login to your eyowo account

Step 2: Click “Cash out” and press ATM cash out

Step 3: Enter the amount you want to withdraw

Step 4: Click cash out

Step 5: Enter your six-digit PIN and click ‘Pay” to get your cash out pin code which you’re expected to use at any ATM closest to you.

How do I withdraw at the ATM?

To withdraw at the ATM, follow these steps on the ATM screen:

  • Press any button
  • Select “Paycode Cashout”
  • Enter the amount and select OK
  • Enter your PIN code
  • Your transaction is verified and ATM dispenses cash

What do I require to use eyowo ATM cash out?

  1. Paycode (cashout code)
  2. Amount
  3. One-time cashout PIN

Eyowo ATM Code Error or inability to withdraw at the ATM

There have been instances whereby you generate withdrawal code on your eyowo account, but failed to work when you get to ATM, if you found yourself in this kind of situation, then there will be need for you to reverse the withdrawal.

How to Reverse Eyowo Cardless withdrawal

To reserve eyowo ATM cash out take the following action:

1) Call eyowo customer support number (01-7001520), requesting for a reversal

2) Send an email to

Sample of message to request for a reversal:

I tried to use cardless withdraw from ATM but it’s not working while my eyowo account has been debited. Please help me reverse the transaction on 080…..(your phone number)

3) Send a complaint to @myeyowo on twitter using the sample of the message above, within 24 hours, your money should be reversed.

So you can use any of the method above to reverse your eyowo ATM cashout if you encountered error.

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Can someone else withdraw for me?

YES! All you need do is to send the pin you generated on your account to the whoever is withdrawing on your behalf.

What is the maximum that can be withdrawn on eyowo?

The maximum cash out you can initiate on your eyowo account is 50, 000 Naira per 24 hours. If you have made cash out of up to 50K within the last 24 HOURS you’ll have to wait till another 24 hours to initiate another transaction.

Don’t have an account?

It’s very easy to set up your own account following this guide

If notice any suspicious activities in your account please contact eyowo support centre right away.

How to become mobile money agent using eyowo in your community

Do you know that you can become eyowo mobile money agent in your community just with the use of your mobile phone?

Well, here is the good news, if you haven’t heard.

Eyowo, one of the leading mobile money app developed by softcom allows you to send money and receive money from more than 100 million Nigerians who do not have bank accounts.

How possible is it to send money without bank account internet on your phone?

To do this, all you need is a phone number. You can also send money to any bank account from your phone.

You can also send money to any bank account from your phone number.

Do you know when you add all your ATM cards to your Eyowo wallet, you don’t have to log in to various bank mobile apps anymore?

That’s not all, pay for your cable TV, electricity and internet subscriptions on Eyowo.

According to the developer of eyowo app, one of the topmost reasons why the app was built is to bring banking services into your door steps.

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Did you know we have over 180 million people in Nigeria BUT only 37 million of us can make and accept electronic payments?

This is definitely a problem within our society which we want to solve and we want you to be part of this journey.

Today, many of us maintain various bank accounts and have to use multiple bank apps because they can be unavailable due to network issues.

Many of us have friends and relatives in remote communities who we can’t send money to or receive money from.

Guess what! You can make some money by providing all these services to other people in your community. If you wish to become an Eyowo agent in your community, simply indicate interest by filling the form below:

Eyowo Registration Guide

How become mobile money agent for eyowo

Step 1: Fill the eyowo mobile money application form

Step 2: Download the Eyowo app from the Play store or App store

Step 3: Set your secure password and login to the Eyowo app.

Step 4: Verify your account.

Step 5: Add your debit cards

Step 6: Fund your account and start transacting with Eyowo.

No extra charges for funding your wallet.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about eyowo

For your use, we collated these Frequently Asked Questions about eyowo to make you have smooth user experience on the mobile wallet payment platform, get answers to your questions below:

How can I recover my eyowo password?

It happens, in a situation whereby you are having issues with your password, please contact its support centre for a password reset. Ordinarily, there should be “forgot password” option to reset PIN, but at the time of compiling this guide, the option isn’t working, it could be for security reasons.

Can I use Eyowo if I don’t have an android or iOS phones?

Definitely YES! “You only need to have a working and NCC-registered phone number to receive and make payments.”

Is Eyowo trustworthy?

YES! It’s certified by Nigeria’s monetary regulatory agencies in Nigeria. You can use eyowo mobile wallet. Your details are safe, and your personal data is secured. The company that designed eyowo has successfully implemented great projects for top brands like MTN, Covenant University among others.

How to Contact Eyowo Support Centre (Via Phone Number and Email)

Want to contact eyowo support centre? Since the disbursement of N10,000 GEEP tradermoni collateral-free loan of the Federal Government began, beneficiaries of the scheme have been having issues withdrawing their monies.

The error most of them get is “transfer unsuccessful” if they tried online while they get “MMI Code error” on dialing the tradermoni eyowo transfer code on their phone number.

The essence of this guide is to assist you on how best to you can contact eyowo customer support to have your problem sorted out..

So you want to ask: What is eyowo?

Eyowo is a payment solution that allows you send money, receive money, spend money, and pay bills with the use of USSD code on your phone number or using the app.

With eyowo, you don’t really need to have a sophisticated smartphone, it works seamlessly on both browsing and non-browsing phone.

What do I need to contact eyowo?

  • Your name
  • Your phone
  • Your account balance
  • The last transaction on your account

How to contact Eyowo support centre

If you’ve been finding it challenging, like other thousands of tradermoni beneficiaries out there, you can contact the support centre of eyowo mobile wallet through these available means:

  • Eyowo Phone Number
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Email address

Contact Eyowo by Phone Number (Call):

You can contact eyowo by calling the customer support on 017001520

Contact Eyowo on twitter:

If you are on twitter, you contact eyowo @eyowo; and for support-related issues like unable to transfer your tradermoni fund use @myeyowo.How to make payment on eyowo through text message

Contact eyowo on Facebook:

If Facebook is your choice, then you can reach out to eyowo at

Contact eyowo by email:

You can also send your complaint to the wallet support centre using

Actually your phone number is enough to contact eyowo to get your issue resolved. But in a situation whereby you want to show you are the true owner of the account, then you may want to provide your eyowo ID in a situation whereby your account has been compromised

How to get your eyowo ID

To get your eyowo ID follow the steps below:Eyowo Payments Anytime USER ID

Step 1:

Using a browser of your choice use the official URL to login using your phone number and your six digit pin.

Step 2:

On login, click the photo logo beside your phone number on the top right hand corner of your mobile wallet dashboard.How do i get my 6 digit PIN code for Eyowo

Step 3: There you are with your eyowo ID and other options like:

  • Recovery Phone Number
  • Secure PIN

That’s how to get your eyowo ID

How do I get my 6 digit PIN code for Eyowo?

The fact is that once your account is credited, you don’t have to wait for eyowo to send you any PIN, you are to set your six digit PIN for you to access your mobile wallet.

Without your eyowo six digit PIN you wont be able to access your account. So we urge you to set your own secret six-digit PIN if you haven’t.

Remember, the mobile wallet isn’t exclusively designed for tradermoni beneficiaries, you can setup your own eyowo account for personal use or for business.

InfomediaNG Take:

We expect eyowo to make its mobile wallet customer friendly to accommodate more market women across Nigeria.

The means of contacting eyowo seems to be for those who are on social media. There is nothing bad if the mobile wallet firm has more than 10 customer support phone numbers at this time considering the growing number of its customers across Nigeria.

While the firm is working on improving its services across Nigeria, we say kudos to the entire management of the company and its founder.

Do you still have other questions?

Share your challenges with us

Final thought:

Eyowo is a Nigerian based mobile wallet payment gateway developed by softcom. Enjoy. If you are having issue with your account check some of our previous guides on how to resolve such issues particularly if they have to do with how to transfer tradermoni fund to bank account or how to change your access code.


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