How to Obtain TRCN Licence in Nigeria With These 10 Easy Steps

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There are several things you can do on the portal of the Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN). They include registering for the teacher’s CBT Professional Qualifying Examination (PQE), checking your result, and checking the list of registered teachers in Nigeria, we covered all these three topics on this page.

Are you a teacher and you want to be certified by the appropriate government agency? You need to register for the Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria.

How to Obtain TRCN Licence (For Teachers in Nigeria)

Why TRCN Licence?

You need TRCN licence to teach in either public or private schools in Nigeria. Some states now require you to present your TRCN licence before you can be employed by the State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB).


Irrespective of your academic qualifications, you still need to be certified the same way medical practitioners have their regulatory body, so also lawyer etc.

You need TRCN licence to legally teach in schools. This agency is headed by Prof Josiah Ajiboye.

Who needs TRCN Licence?

As earlier stated, even with PhD you are required to obtain a TRCN registration licence to practice as a teacher in Nigeria.

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The agency is not going to issue you another qualification but will certify you to practice.

Apart from vacancies that may exist in reputable schools in Nigeria, some of the foreign schools also require that you present your certification even though you may still be required to get certified by their agency.

Today, most of the state ministry of education requires you to have TRCN licence to apply for any available vacancies in the ministry.

What is TRCN remita code?

If you want to obtain a Teachers Registration Council Of Nigeria licence, you’ll be required to make payment through Remita; you will also need a GIFMIS code, which is 0517001001 on remita payment portal.


How do you begin your TRCN registration to avoid any sort of embarrassment when the task of the agency begins enforcement by January 2020?

Registration fee for a teacher’s qualifying exam in Nigeria

As of 2023, the cost varies based on academic qualification and categories: A, B, C, D as thus:

  • Category A (PhD): N10,000
  • Category B (M.Ed, MSc or M.A): N8,000
  • Category C (B.Ed, B.A, BSc): N6,000
  • Category D (NCE): N3,000

Note that this fee may be modified from time to time. And bank service charge may also apply.

How To Register for TRCN Licence

Follow the guide below to make payment for TRCN fee

  • Step 1: Head straight to the TRCN porta at
  • Step 2: By the top right-hand side of the portal, click “Generate RRR (Remita Retrieval Reference) number
  • Step 3: It takes you to the remita page for you to make payment directly to the Federation Account
  • Step 5: In space “Name of Service/Purpose” enter registration fee” if you are only registering as a member or choose PQE if you are in for the Professional Qualifying Examination
  • Step 6: Enter the amount to pay. It’s N6,000 for membership registration plus N157.50 service charge
  • Step 7: Enter GIFMIS Code –  This is where you need to call TRCN Coordinator in your state or visit TRCN Office in your state
  • Step 8: Enter your name, email address, and phone number plus the code provided and click “Make Payment”
  • Step 9: Enter your debit Account details, the amount will be charged directly from your account number.
  • Step 10: Print your payment receipt and visit TRCN branch office to complete your documentation.
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Alternatively, print the details to make payment at the nearby bank.

The date of the exam and certification will be communicated to you.

That’s how to make payment for TRCN registration licence in Nigeria

How To Check TRCN PQE Result Online for FREE

If you participated in the TRCN CBT Professional Qualifying Examination (PQE), you can now check your results online for free.

This is screenshot of TRCN exam checker portal

Here is how to do that with your assigned TRCN PQE Number

  • Go to the TRCN online result checker portal at
  • Enter your  TRCN PQE number in the space provided e.g: OS/GPJ/PQE/B023/S/00314.
  • Click “Check My Result” to view your result
  • Your TRCN result will be displayed

How To Check List of Registered Teachers in Nigeria

The TRCN also maintains teachers’ information system where you can check a registered teachers in Nigeria or check if your name has been added to the database of TRCN

The information system has the names of registered teachers from 1993 to date. What you find on this databse includes:

  1. Teacher’s Registration Number,
  2. Teachers’ name
  3. Highest Qualification Category,
  4. Gender,
  5. State of Location,
  6. Year of Registration
  7. Teaching Start Year
  • To check your name on this database, type in a browser
  • Enter your TRCN registration number to narrow down the search
  • If you prefer to expand your search, enter your surname or first name in the search bar
  • Click the “search” button to the list of similar names.

NOTE: If your search returned, “No Teacher Record was Found for Search…” rinse again


How can I verify the Status of my TRCN Result?

You might want to take a step further to verify the status of your TRCN results, all you need to do is visit any of the TRCN offices in your state and other TRCN Registration locations.

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What can I do if failed the TRCN PQE?

You can re-register and retake the exam in case you failed the just concluded TRCN PQE examination.

What is the pass mark for TRCN exam?

At the time of updating this guide, the pass mark for TRCN exam is 50%.

What is the validity of TRCN licence?

The licence is valid for a period of 3-year, meaning you are expected to renew your teacher’s licence every three years.

To renew, you must not have backlogs of unpaid dues. If you do, you would have to clear them first, before renewing your operating licence.

How do I collect my TRCN certificate?

You can visit any of the state branch offices of TRCN to collect a copy of TRCN certificate.

What is the annual due for a registered teacher?

The cost TRCN annual due varies based on academic qualification and categories: A, B, C, D as thus:

  • Category A (PhD): N5,000
  • Category B (M.Ed, MSc or M.A): N4,000
  • Category C (B.Ed, B.A, BSc): N3,000
  • Category D (NCE): N2,000

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