4 Easy Steps To Register For NYSC SAED Program in Nigeria

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Searching for how to get empowered through SAED in NYSC camp? SAED is one of the major departments of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) which is aimed at training and empowering corps members during their service year so that they don’t go to the streets looking for jobs after their service year.

In this post we’ll tell you all you need to know about NYSC SAED programme and how you can make the best out of the youth empowerment programme coordinated by the management of the NYSC.

What is SAED?

The acronym SAED means Skill Acquisition and Entrepreneurship Development.



The cardinal aim of the NYSC SAED is to make sure that Nigerian graduates have training in other skills apart from the ones they had back in school.

The rate of unemployment among Nigerian graduates is growing astronomically as such, the Federal Government through the NYSC thought the best is to keep training graduates for them to be self-sufficient.

Another aim of the NYSC SAED is for the graduates not to rely 100% on their certificates.

The number of available jobs out there is lesser than the number of applicants.

If you think you have first-class and believe you’ll get automatic employment, you may be wrong. Because you’ll also meet thousands of other graduates like you out there who have great grades, even better than you.

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So SAED is to empower you, to train you, to make sure that you do not wait for government jobs, to make you forward-thinking.

Good stories of NYSC SAED

In the past, we’ve seen serving corps members who are doing great through the training they got at the camp via the SAED.

NYSC has partnered with hundreds of private organisations who come to camp to register you and train you depending on your choice.

In Osogbo, Osun State, South West Nigeria, one of the ex-corps members (2017) got training on how to customise shirts while in camp.

Considering his level of education, he added creativity to his, and does all sorts of imprint on every kind of shirts one can think of.

He’s doing fine, and says he has no plan of searching for job. According to him, he makes more than a salary earner makes.

All you need to know

The NYSC Skills acquisition and Entrepreneurship Department (SAED) is headed by a Director and is made up of two divisions namely:

1. Skills Acquisition Division 
2. Entrepreneurship and Empowerment Division

Functions Of The Department

According to the official website of NYSC, the functions of the department include: 
1. Sensitize and mobilize 200, 000 young graduates for skill acquisition annually

2. Facilitate the training and mentoring of 100, 000 young graduates in skill acquisition and entrepreneurship development for self-reliance annually

3. Promote public-private partnership for entrepreneurship development and self-reliance amongst Nigerian youths

4. Promote documentation and sharing of best practices on youth empowerment in Nigeria

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5. Support evidence-driven advocacy efforts for favorable policies on youth empowerment in Nigeria

6. Sensitization and mobilization of corps members enrollment into the skill acquisition and entrepreneurship development program

7. Development of a standard curriculum for the in-camp skill acqusition exercise

8. Identification of organizations at state level to provide training and mentoring in specific skills sets

9. Attachment of the corps members to the various organizations for skill acquisition and entrepreneurship development

10. On-going monitoring and supervision of trainee corps members

11. Facilitate access to available funding opportunities

As a corper, it is advisable to take advantage of this NYSC SAED Program during your service year to build your entrepreneurship skills.

NYSC SAED registration

As a corps member, you can register to be empowered. As an independent body that wants to train serving corps members, you can also register as a partner.

Whichever way, let’s deal with how you can do NYSC registration as a serving corps member.

One of the NYSC partners is SAEDConnect.

Recalled that SAEDConnect signed a Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) with the management of NYSC in 2016.

The partnership is meant to provide technical support to the NYSC SAED Program and deepen the program’s impact through a multi-faceted approach.

InfomediaNG gathered that partnership opens NYSC SAED to over 1m youths across Nigeria with additional 300,000+ annually.

How to register for SAEDConnect

  • Step 1: Head straight to the official website of SAEDConnect. It can be found at https://www.saedconnect.org
  • Step 2: Click sign up fill the registration form. And confirm your email address.
  • Step 3: Click learn a skill
  • Step 4: Fill the location and the model, choose skill and filter.
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NYSC SAED registration


And follow other instructions. That’s all.

Final thought:

SAEDConnect isn’t the only partner of NYSC, there are thousands of others scattered across the country. All of them are tested and trusted.

Most importantly, most of the partners have been working with NYSC SAED programme for a very long time.

All the best.

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