Martha Ellena Onwe, CEO of LenaBeads, Says “Hardworking People Are My Biggest Inspiration”

Last updated on December 19th, 2023 at 11:13 am


Doing business in Nigeria requires not just the capital, but the perseverance to surmount the unforeseen challenges ahead.

InfomediaNG caught up with one of the few young and enterprising business owners who believe in Nigeria despite the hundreds of challenges small businesses are facing.

Let’s meet you


I’m Martha Njideka Ellena Onwe. AKA Golden girl (gold).

I’m 25. I’m from Enugu State. I’m a Catholic, a believer, a lover and follower of Christ. I’m an adventure enthusiast.

I’m from a family of 11. 8th child out of 9. I grew up in Mafoluku Oshodi and I had my basic education there.

I’m an entrepreneur, Beauty artist and consultant.

I’m a self made chef👩🏽‍🍳 and a foodie. I’m a natural homemaker.

What do you for a living?

I sell things seasonally, ranging from hair, cosmetics, bags, clothes, makeup and jewelry boxes, self made beaded jewelry and more.

It’s just been a lot tougher because fraudsters are almost succeeding in ruining online marketing and sales. I also plan events, gifts and souvenirs.

In general I just hustle 😁

What are your sources of inspiration?

People who work really hard are my biggest inspiration right now, they make the rest of us understand what we do may not necessarily pay off at the moment but giving up is definitely not an option.

I think everything I do came natural from childhood. I started wearing makeup long before I was 14, got my first eyeshadow palette when I was in JSS3.

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I got several beating while growing up because of makeup🙂 and today I’m a self thought makeup artist.

During my childhood I had great business ideas and I always suggested to my mum what business she should go into. And everything right now is just a hustle to make money.

I think my story is something I’d wanna share with the world when the time is perfect 🙂.

I do more of YouTube videos, that way I get to learn how everyone around the world do what I do.

The next level for me right now is to get a degree, that has held me back (business wise) to a large extent, I’ve just been avoiding going too deep into business so I won’t forget the importance of school.

Then getting married is definitely next on the list, as for now; I’m still praying for that partner🤷🏽‍.

Business has been lucrative so far.

Business in Nigeria is very competitive, you just have to go the extra mile, be extra creative, be the very best of what you do and stand out. This is going to be a lot easier if you are in love with what you do.

What’s your philosophy?

My philosophy is actually simple. Be yourself and be truthful. If you’re different don’t try to fit in. When life gets really hard, remember winners are not quitters.

What do you love about Nigeria despite its many challenges?

Lol Nigeria is my home. I love the people, the culture, the food… There are moments I just can’t imagine not being a Nigerian.

Yes there are challenges the country is facing, and I’ve never lost faith. But really it’s a fact that if you can survive in Nigeria, you can survive in any part of the world.

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3 thoughts on “Martha Ellena Onwe, CEO of LenaBeads, Says “Hardworking People Are My Biggest Inspiration””

  1. Peace Nduchukwu

    Beautiful story babes. Please don’t let education hold you back. Work hard, make money harder, keep reading hardest, learn new things and the sky is no limit…….

  2. Augustine Umoh Jr.


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