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10 Things to do to get Adsense Approval for a New Blog

Last updated on December 19th, 2023 at 12:50 pm


Have you been wondering about the best possible means to monetize your content? Your first Ad network is likely to be Adsense, a subsidiary of Google LLC. But publishing content isn’t enough to start showing ads on your site.

This article explores more than 10 unique and necessary things you need to put in place for you to get accelerated approval for your Adsense.

One of the debates on publishers’ forums has been on the number of blog posts needed to get Adsense approval for a new blog.


Basically, submitting an application for Adsense shouldn’t be the first thing. What are the important things you need to do to get a straight application?

How many articles can get Adsense approval?

We’ve read some publishers say you need between 14-30 blog posts, it could be lower or more for you to apply and get approval. This depends. It varies.

I have personally tried this with just five blog posts and it went through. YES, I mean 5! I’ve read about another webmaster who had just three blog posts and got approval from Adsense.

What’s the secret?

No copy and paste articles. One may be quick to say that the internet has everything you may think of, but you can still come up with unique content to provide a fresh perspective and provide answers to questions.

Though one of the tips you can find around is that you need to have between 3 to 4 articles in each of the categories, it varies, however you can follow the suggestion to be on a safer side

The main big game by Adsense is that it is unpredictable. What works for you may not work for someone else.

Adsense Approval for a New Blog

Whichever way, one thing I must tell you is that the blog that got the approval didn’t have categories, it only has three pages (About, Privacy Policy, and Contact us).

10 Unique Things to do to get Adsense Approval for New Blog

It is important to play your part before submitting an application for Adsense for your new blog. Sure, you need sources of funds to manage your site and Adsense is one of the platforms you can use to monetize your content. Here are the important things to put in place before submitting your domain name for Adsense:

Avoid copyrighted contents

Google detects content when they get published online, but the downside of this rule is that the credit goes to which content is indexed first.

About the issue of getting indexed first, you can use Google Console to get your new content indexed right after publishing, simply submit the URL of your new content to Google Console formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools

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Avoid copyrighted images

Everyone goes online to search for photos they can use for their article, that’s fine because photos will also add some value to your content, but do you know that using copyrighted images can harm your Adsense application?

There are lots of free photo creation tools online that you can use, there is also a premium version if you want to go sophisticated.

Some of the free-to-use websites or royalty-free photo sites you can use for your articles include the following:


Be original with your images, stay away from protected images. Don’t screenshot images that are protected, it may land you in copyright problems.

Publish original long contents

Making your post length fall between 400-600 words is great, however, the recommended minimum length is 300 words (according to YOAST SEO, one of the best WordPress SEO Plugins), making it longer than that will be a plus, anyway.

Long content has also proven to tell Google such as being more detailed, and possibly has what the searchers are looking for.


  • Make sure that your contents and posts meet the required standard set by SEO experts.
  • If you have 20 to 30 published content with below 300 words each, such is considered insufficient content as well or low value.
  • Google gives a lot of value and attention to the content of the blog before accepting it.

Create a Sitemap

Sitemap carries all the blog posts on the blog arranging them according to their labels or category which makes it easier for a blog reader to find the content he or she is searching for, it also helps search engines to index your content easily too.

“A site map is a model of a website’s content designed to help both users and search engines navigate the site. A site map can be a hierarchical list of pages (with links) organized by topic, an organization chart, or an XML document that provides instructions to search engine crawl bots,” says.

If you’re on blogger, you can simply follow the guide written by Raj Paul on how to add a sitemap page to blogger using HTML codes

If you’re on WordPress, you can Install WP Sitemap Page Plugin and go on to create a new page named “Sitemap” and follow the installation on WP Sitemap Page. On this website, our sitemap is named Previous Posts.

 Well edited content

Try as much as possible to minimise grammatical errors in your post and on your blog posts. Well-written and edited blog posts provide value to the users.

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If the content is poorly written and has grammatical mistakes and loads of errors, your application may be rejected.


Download Grammarly (free version). It is a free online writing assistant to fine-tune your grammar and sentences. The pro version offers the best, but the free-to-use version is a good place to start.

Blog design and layout

A simple blog layout and design is enough to get your Adsense application approved within days. A white background and black typeface with at least 12 font sizes are okay for blog posts.

Your blog design must be easy to navigate, easy to read, and compelling to the eye. A heavily loaded blog design with so much colour is not enough to get your AdSense approved.

The bottom line: Be simple, make your blog easy to navigate and easy to read.

Create Must-Have pages

You need to have the following pages on your new blog:

  • About Us,
  • Privacy Policy
  • Contact us

These pages are very important to your Google Adsense application for a new blog.

1) About US: You must be able to tell Google and your reader what your blog is all about, and what you do.

2) Privacy Policy: You must be able to tell Google and your reader how you get data, and how what you are going to do with their data if they comment or drop their email on your blog.

3) Contact Us: How can you be reached, do you have a physical address? Tell your reader and Google how you can be contacted.

Those are the most important pages to have ready on your blog to get Adsense approval for a new blog

The pages give the impression that you are a professional and actually know what you are doing as well as being in tandem with Google Adsense policies.

Comply With Google AdSense Policies

Adsense has rules and guidelines you must follow before your application can be approved (you can check the programme policies of Adsense.)

One of such policies is: getting traffic from legal sources, if you must buy traffic, Google has rules about that. It’s not even advisable to buy traffic when you’re applying for Adsense on your blog.

Do you get most of your traffic from spammy sources, majorly from dropping your blog post links on Facebook groups and pages without any organic search? It may take a longer time for your application to be honoured.

Getting Adsense approval for a new blog from such sources may be tasking, you may continue to get your application rejected several times if you continue that way.

At the time of putting this post together, Google hasn’t stipulated the number of traffic you need to apply for Adsense, it is however clear on where not to get traffic from.

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There is nothing bad about getting traffic from Facebook, but it shouldn’t be your major source of traffic.

Make sure your email is verified

The email you’re using for the application must have been verified to get Adsense approval for a new blog. You can verify your email address with your phone number or with another email address. It is advisable to use a phone number that sends an ownership signal to Adsense that you’re the true owner of the account.

Must be 18 years or above

If you’re less than 18 years, your application will be rejected. The date of birth you used while setting up your email address is accessed by Google to verify whether you’re within the age limit.

Have the right content

To get Adsense approval for a new blog you must avoid content that is not allowed by Google Adsense., they include pornography/Adult materials, pirated content, illegal drugs/paraphernalia etc.

Apply with Custom Domain

To get Adsense approval for a new blog you need a custom domain like, blogger may however be your host or host with other big weights in the domain industry like, Godaddy etc.

Tip: Choose a short, unique and easy-to-remember domain that is related to your blog niche” for you to have access to Adsense

What about the age of your domain?

A domain that is less than two months does get Adsense approval, while in some countries they are required to have a domain not less than six months.

Remove other Ad Networks

Before you apply for Adsense, ensure you keep your blog clean and remove other ad networks’ codes. We’ve however read about some webmasters who got their application approved even with other affiliate codes on their web page.

Final verdict:

Getting Adsense Approval for a new blog isn’t just about the number of blog posts, but also about the quality and originality of your content. Even a few numbers post enough to get Adsense. It’s not about the count, it’s about the quality of blog posts you have.

After the approval, it’s time to start displaying ads on your site. You may opt for automatic display with just a code or do the placement. And you will need to verify your Adsense account through a PIN that will be sent to you.


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  1. Sir, my site is two times disapproved with a policy issue, I have good content but it’s still getting disapproved. My site is uprootcleanerpro dot com. Please review my site and give me some suggestions on what to do further.

    1. Check the quality of your content. Is there scrapped content on your site? Do you already have existing Ads running? Why not get approval for Adsense before running competing Ads?

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