Number of Blogposts to get Adsense Approval for a New Blog


One of the debates on publisher forum has been on the number of blog posts needed to get Adsense approval for a new blog.

We believe no one needs an introduction about the superiority of Google Adsense over other ad networks.

It’s clear and indisputable that it is better than any other Cost Per Cost advertising programs out there because it offers publishers the highest CTR for every web page that abide by its policies.


The good thing about Adsense is that you can attach as many as possible websites to a single Adsense account in as much as they are within the ambit of Google policies.

If you’re caught operating multiple adsese accounts, your URL could be banned, we’ve heard reports of bad stories from those who tried it.

Before now, publishers were unsure on the number of blog posts needed to apply and get Adsense approval for a new blog.

But with experiments by some publishers, that issue as been resolved. The writer of this post is one those who got Adsense approval for a new blogger blog with five unique blog posts, and a well structured blog with easy navigation mechanism.

We’re going to reveal to you in a moment other important things you need to do for you to make approve your application for a new website.

With that you could start making some money from your hard work and contents on the web.

What’s the number of blog posts for Adsense approval for a new blog?

We’ve read some publishers say you need at between 14-30 blog posts  or more for you to apply and get approval.

I totally disagree with that going by my experience. Google approved my application early this year with a  blog that had just five blog posts.

YES, I mean 5! I’ve read about another webmaster who had just three blogposts and got approval from Google.

What’s the secret?

The secret is simple. No copy and paste articles. One may be quick to say that the internet has everything you may think of, but you can still re-create another unique idea from an existing ones.

That’s the secret, unique blog posts.

Though, the news is everywhere that “a blog should have between 3-4 posts in every category of your blog, but I think that has changed.

Or Google is trying not to be predictable?

Whichever way, but one thing I must tell you is that the blog that got the approval didn’t have categories, it only has three pages (About, Privacy Policy, and Contact us).

If you create category, fine, creating a page is more advisable: clean pages, that’s all.

We’d advise not to seriously bother yourself about the number of blog posts for Google Adsense, but rather try as much as possible to implement the following tips on your website before making move to monetize your blog with Adsense.

Must do before Adsense application on a new blog

Adsense Approval for a New Blog: Avoid copyrighted contents:

Adsense Approval for a New Blog
This photo was created on You could use the platform to create image for your blogposts

Google has the mechanism to check and get contents that are not original.

Google detects contents when they get published online, but downside of this rule is that the credit goes to which content is indexed first.

You get my message?

If you created the content and publish and one of your “parasite” sites copied and pasted and published some minutes after you and got his indexed first, then google acknowleges him the owner of such content.


Avoid copied content from another website, create your content, even if someone has written about your topic before, quote the owner and acknowledge him or her.

About the issue of getting indexed first, you can use Google Console to get your new content indexed right after publishing, simply submit URL of your new content to Google Console formerlly known as Google Webmaster Tools

Adsense Approval for a New Blog: Avoid copyrighted images:

Everyone goes online to search for photos they can use for their article, that’s fine because photo will also add some values to your content, but do you know that using copyrighted images can harm your Adsense application?


There are lots of free photo creation tools online which you can use, there are also premium version if you want to go sophisticated.

One of them is, with which I created the photo on this post. has free and premium versions, and you can create absolutely free phtot and use on your blog, but make sure to rename such photo before uploading it on your website.

The bottom line is: To get Adsense approval for a new blog, be original with your images, stay away from protected images.

Adsense Approval for a New Blog: Write and publish long contents

Making your post length fall between 400-600 words is great, however the recommended minimum length is 300 words (according to YOAST SEO, one of the best WordPress SEO Plugins), making it longer than that will be a plus, anyway.

Long content has also proven to tell Google such as being more detailed, and possibly has what the searchers are looking for.


To get Adsense approval for a new blog, make sure that your contents and posts meet the required standard set by SEO experts.

If you have 10 to 30 published contents with below 300words each, such is considered as insuffiient content as well.

Google gives a lot of value and attention to the content of the blog before accepting it.

Adsense Approval for a New Blog: Create a Sitemap:

Another tip to get adsense approval for a new blog is to set up a sitemap on your website, and create a page to add a sitemap HTML code

Sitemap carries all the blog posts on the blog arranging them according to their labels or category which makes it easier for a blog reader to find the content he or she is searching for, it also helps search engines to index your content easily too.

A site map is a model of a website’s content designed to help both users and search engines navigate the site. A site map can be a hierarchical list of pages (with links) organized by topic, an organization chart, or an XML document that provides instructions to search engine crawl bots,” says.

If you’re on blogger, you can simply follow the guide written by Raj Paul on how to add sitemap page to blogger using HTML codes


If you’re on WordPress, you can Install WP Sitemap Page Plugin and go on to create a new page named “Sitemap” and follow the installation on WP Sitemap Page. On this website, our sitemap is named Previous Posts.

 Well edited content

Another Adsense approval tip for a new blog is : Try as much as possible to minimise grammatical errors in your post and on your blog posts.

A well written and edited blog posts provide value to the users. If the content is poorly written and has grammatical mistakes Google will reject the blog right away.

Adsense Approval for a New Blog: Blog design and layout

Want to get Adsense approval for a new blog? A simple layout and design is enough to get your application approved within hours.

A white background and black typeface with at least 12 font size is okay for blog posts.

Your blog design must be easy to navigate, easy to read, and compelling to the eye. A heavily loaded blog design with so much color is not enough to get your adsense approved.

A blog with a green background and a yellow typface may not get you on the good book of adsense approval team.

The bottom line: Be simple, make your blog easy to navigate and easy to read.

Adsense Approval for a New Blog: Create Must-Have pages

To get Adsense approval for a new blog, you need to have the following pages: About Us, Privacy Policy, and Contact us

These pages are very important to your Google Adsense application for a new a blog.

About US: You must be able to tell Google and your reader what your blog is all about, what you do.

Privacy Policy: You must be able to tell Google and your reader how you get data, and how you’re going to manage their or do with their data if they comment or drop their email on your blog.

Contact Us: How can you be reached, do you have physical address? Tell your reader and Google how you can be contacted.

Those are the most important pages to have ready on your blog to get Adsense approval for a new blog

The pages give the impression that you are a professional and actually know what you are doing as well as being in tandem with Google Adsense polices.

Comply With Google AdSense Policies

Adsense have rules and guidelines you must follow before your application can be approved.

One of such policies is: getting traffic from legal sources, if you must buy traffic, Google have rules about that. It’s not even advisable to buy traffic when you’re applying for Adsense on your blog.

Do you get most of your traffic from spammy sources, majorly from dropping your blogpost links on Facebook groups and pages without any organic search?

Getting Adsense approval for a new blog from such sources may be tasking, you may continue to get your application rejected several times if you continue that way.

As time of putting this post together, Google hasn’t stipulated the number of traffic you need to apply for Adsense, it is however clear on where not to get traffic from.

There is nothing bad about getting traffic from Facebook, but it shouldn’t be your major source of traffic.

Make sure your email is verified

The email you’re using for application must have been verified to get Adsense approval for a new blog.

You can verify your email address with your phone number or with another email address. It is advisable to use phone number, that sends ownership signal to Adsense that you’re the true owner of the account.

Take away: Put the email you used for application on the contact us page as well as your phone number. This sends a signal to the Adsense team that the same person is applying.

Adsense Approval for a New Blog: Must be 18 years or above

If you’re less than 18 years, your application will be rejected. The date of birth you used while setting up your email address is accessed by Google to verify whether you’re within the age limit.

Do you have the right content?

To get Adsense approval for a new blog you must avoid content that are not allowed by Google Adsense., they include: pornography/Adult materials, pirated content, illegal drugs/paraphernalia etc.

12 Use top level domain or custom domain:

Blog url like or will not get you Adsense approval.

To get Adsense approval for a new blog you new a custom or top level domain like, blogger may however be your host or host with other big weights in the domain industry like, Godaddy etc.

Take away: “The best domain is the one with .com extension. Choose a short, unique and easy to remember domain that is related to your blog niche” for you to have access to Adsense

What about age of your domain?

Domain that is less than two months do get Adsense approval, while in some countries they are required to have domain not less than six months.

Remove other Ad Networks:

Before you apply for Adsense, ensure you keep your blog clean, remove other ad networks codes.

We’ve however read about some webmasters who got their application approved even with other affiliate codes on their web page.

There are other ad networks webmasters have called alternatives to Adsense, they include Chitika, Infolinks, Clicksor and others out there, but the truth must be told, Google Adsense is still the leader in Ad networks. It has been around for 15 years.

Infobase final verdict:

Getting Adsense Approval for a new blog isn’t just about the number of blog posts, but also about th quality and originality of your contentsEven a few number of post enough to get adsense. It’s not about count, its about the quality of blog post you have.

In addition to the above must-do things to get adsense approval for a new blog, you also need to note the following additional points:

You need a website to get approved for Adsense. Adsense code is used on the website and on  YouTube Videos, so you need a website or a YouTube channel before you can apply for Adsense.

The first thing required of you for AdSense approval is to own a website or a YouTube channel.

There is no specific page views required to apply and get AdSense approval for a new website. Make sure your traffic isn’t from fraudulent sources. Bank on organic traffic, and other legitimate traffic building techniques.

You don’t necessarily need a niche based blog to get adsense approval for a new blog.

You can get Adsense approval for a new blog with a general niche and specialised niche.

So there is no Google rule that says that it must be a health niche, or business niche, a general niche that covers all content type can get you adsense approval for a new blog if it doesn’t fall under the prohibited contents by Adsense.

Is there any other tips to get Adsense approval for a new blog? Share your thoughts with us


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