10 Blog Niches That Are Profitable in Nigeria

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After the pandemic, work-from-home jobs have increased significantly. More people know they can make a living by sharing their experience and expertise with readers.

In this post, we would share with you some profitable niche blogs you can set up and start earning by monetizing your blog.


Note: Blogging requires hard work, dedication and perseverance. Pat Flynn, Linda Ikeji, John Lee Dumas, Michelle Gardner and other successful bloggers didn’t start making millions from blogging within a week.

There are lots of happenings around you. They include personal experience in marriage, startup, home management, and business management ideas hundreds of people around the world would like to read.

Below are some of the profitable blog niches that would inspire you:

Tutorial blog

This includes ‘How-to blog’. It gives you the ultimate freedom to teach people about what you already know or something you are good at which hundreds of people are searching for.

The founder of ogbongeblog Jide Ogunsanya has taught many interested youngsters. He leverages his knowledge of technology and blogging design.

Fitness and Health Blog

More Nigerians are paying attention to their well-being, especially the corporate workers. Some of them yearn for blogs on health and fitness where they can get tips on how to eat and look healthy.

If you are consistent, you are most likely going to get sponsors in the fitness and health sector.

One way you can be unique is by simplifying terminologies in health for a layman to understand.

Controversial blog

There are always controversial issues in Nigeria. If you are good at presenting issues and analytical, it’s time to take dive into starting your own blog.

This may take some time before gaining traction. But be consistent, present issues objectively, and allow your readers to take positions.

Nairabet did something controversial when President Muhammadu Buhari was away for days for a medical trip in the United Kingdom. The sports betting site asked Nigerians to place a belt on when Buhari would return to Nigeria from his medical trip.

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It was all over the internet. I don’t play belt but I nearly placed my belt too. Isn’t that interesting?

To start this kind of blog, all you need to do is to stay updated as events unfold. This depends on your area of interest. You could choose entertainment, politics, dress, and economy.

Fashion enthusiasts are more familiar with Fashion Police on E! It’s completely a controversial TV show. “Since controversial matters are highly emotional, you want to be careful and choose words wisely.”

Social Media Advertising Blog

Running ads on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media platforms is becoming tasking for hundreds of people to set up an ad on any of these platforms.

You may even narrow it down to a Facebook Ad blog for Nigerians. Share ideas, and simplify using FB for marketing.

And you know what, non-techy readers are most likely going to commission you to manage their ads for them.

Apart from making money from this niche, you would also generate revenue from services.

Biography blog

Write about life and the impact successful people have made. The information is already there on the internet. All you need do when venturing into this kind of blog is to know how to coin words and add some motivational sentences to the information you get on the internet.

Be more creative with the use of adjectives. Get your facts about your subject right.

Traditional herbal blog

If you know the benefits of grasses and leaves around us, and how they can be used to manage a health crisis in the most ethical ways, starting a herbal blog is a profitable blog that will fetch you lots of money.

That sounds funny, right?

But do you know people now search for alternative ways of curing diseases?

Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine is a well-known traditional herbal blog.

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We understand traditional herbalists are secretive about offering useful information about cures. That is even an advantage for you.


By the time you’re able to interview one known traditional medicine doctor, you’d see doctors in those categories wanting to feature on your blog. You know what you get from that.

Review Blog

We talked about this in one of our blog posts. You can start a review blog. You can review new music videos, audio, and movies.

One of the authority tech review blogs in Nigeria today is naijatechguide. Pascal has become a tech reviewer to reckon with.

“Spend a few minutes of your day, write the pros and cons of your product, and give your recommendation. While it might not seem like a lot of work for you, it can bring in a lot of traffic.”

Make money online

Millions of Nigerian graduates are out of school without jobs. Some of them are online searching for legitimate ways to make money online.

If you need an idea, check wealthresult.com. Though you may have to pay to gain access to some of the wealth creation resources, that’s a typical example of a ‘make money online’ blog that should inspire you.

Twitter Trends

If you can post over 10 tweets per minute, then writing about trending issues on Twitter would be a great start for you.

All you need do is to select a specific country you want to focus on. You can narrow it down to Nigeria if Nigeria is your focus.

Short story blog

I’ve seen someone who writes beautifully well on Facebook, in the end gets virtually nothing from it.

People who knew the potential of the interesting stories she was sharing copied and used them on their blogs.

Are you good at cooking up love stories? Bring in your imaginative powers into blogging.

One of the best short story websites that existed before now is naijastories (now defunct).

Seun Oshewa created a section on nairaland: Literature for this purpose, and a lot of stories I read there get great comments.

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You can leverage your experience on parenting to start a short story blog.

Monetizing your blog:

There are lots of advertising networks to monetize your blog. Some of the popular ones among Nigerian bloggers are:

  • Google Adsense
  • Ezoic
  • Propeller
  • Adsterra


If anyone had told you that you can start making $500 the first month of setting up a blog, you’ve lied to. Within that period, Google and other search engines will still try to understand your niche and the structure of your site. At the early stage, building authority and trustworthiness will be a battle you must win.

Below are some of the blogging challenges that most starters face:

  1. Structuring of their site
  2. Keyword research
  3. Financing the blog
  4. Masters of everything by trying to cover every topic that ever existed at once.
  5. Failure to differentiate between do-follow and no-follow links
  6. Too desperate to rake in traffic and millions in revenue within days.
  7. Dropping links of every published post on every forum

Take it easy. It may take time if you don’t have the financial strength to invest massively in content creation and legitimate marketing promotion.



Starting any of the above profitable blog niches in Nigeria could be tasking at the beginning. It is worth it if you have the finance and strength and ideas that matter.

You are on your way to becoming your own boss and smile to the bank at the end of every month or on a payday.


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