10 Types of Blog That Fetch Money in Nigeria

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Are you just starting out a blog? Or you are already into blogging, but you’re running out of ideas? In this article we will tell you 10 different types of blogs or posts that are proven to work.

10 Types of Blogs You Can Start In Nigeria That’ll Fetch You Passive Income

  1. How-to blog

How-to blog is a money fetching platform which  is one of the simplest blogs you can start today.

It’s simple because it gives you the ultimate freedom to teach people about what you already know, or what you are good at. One of the how-to blogs is ogbonge.com.

Ogunsanya focuses on teaching his followers about blog design, online marketing and other useful posts he’s familiar with.

Usman Okoya’s mokoshalb is another great How-to blog you want to visit.

Yomiprof.com is another tutorial blog offering great contents on how to implement an idea.

Applygist.com is another one that focuses on free browsing and other useful tips on tablets.

There is one thing you’re good in, you can begin to write about it and post it on your blog, if you already have, and if you don’t, you can possibly use the search string, How to start a blog.

There are ladies who are great at make-up, write about it, if you’re good in fashion designing, start something in that regard.

How-to is also called tutorial blog. Millions of Nigerians search the internet every day using the search string “how to

2) Industry newsGoogle Adsense best method

This is another kind of blog that can you fetch you money. I mean passive income.

Entertainment and celebrity gossips are synonymous to ladies, English premiership, LA Liga and other seasonal matches are synonymous to guys. Those two constitute industry news, and you can start something.

Wolexis.com is becoming an authoritative sport blog in Nigeria because the blogger’s interest is football. Tennis could be your focus.

Pulse.ng started off in this line, and today it has expanded its manpower. Pulse writers are creative when it comes to entertainment news and other gist.

Gist keep unfolding in the entertainment industry. You’d always have something to write about. Tweet This

Watch Tiwa Salvage in her new video and write about what you think about the content of the song, and what she wears and stuffs like that. Within a short period I’m sure you’d build followers.

Soccer lovers can begin writing about the new transfers etc. According to Kelvin Gates, “you add your flavor to it: thoughts, criticism.”

3) Controversial blog posts

Up till this moment I’ve not seen any blog in Nigeria that’s centred on controversial issues. Nairaland seems to be in this line.

But one thing about the controversial issue is that people are unknowingly forced to speak their mind.

Nairabet did something unique related to this in one of its belts: it asked people to place belt on when President Muhammadu Buhari would return to Nigeria from his medical trip.

It was all over the internet. I don’t play belt but I nearly placed my belt too. Isn’t that interesting?

Nigeria is the giant of Africa, right? Controversial issues come up every minute in Nigeria.

To start this kind of blog, all you need do is to stay updated as events unfold. This depends on your area of interest. You could choose entertainment, politics, dress.

Fashion enthusiasts are more familiar with Fashion Police on E! It’s completely a controversial TV show.

“Since controversial matters are highly emotional, you want to be careful and choose words wisely.”

4) List blog post

This is what one of the blog authorities on the internet Kelvin Gates calls listicles. List blog can fetch you money online if done the right way.

That makes a good list of just anything you think people use every day. It could be anything.

Hotel.ng within a short period of time becomes a stopover for anyone who wants to book a hotel in major cities in Nigeria. It’s all about solving the problem for the people, and they’d come back for more.

If you’re in Lagos, you could make a make a list of Best Hotels in Lagos, List of Eatries you wouldn’t want to miss etc.

By the time you’re known in that area, the search engine will give you preferences whenever there are any search-related words to it.

5) Biography blog

Write about life and the impact successful people have made. The information is already there on the internet, all you need do when venturing into this kind of blog is to know how to coin words, add some motivational sentences in the information you get on the internet.

You can even be more creative than Nigerian Biography. Nigerian Biography is doing well, and we’re sure the owner is making some money online.

6) Traditional medicine blog

Another kind of blog that can fetch you money is traditional medicine blog.

That sounds funny, right? But do you know people now search for alternative ways of curing diseases?

This kind of blog is already rocking the web. Check ideas here

We understand that traditional herbalists are secretive when it comes to offering useful information about cure. That is even an advantage for you.


By the time you’re able to interview one known traditional medicine doctor, you’d begin to see doctors in those categories wanting to feature on your blog. You know what you get from that.

7) Review Blog

We talked about this in one of our blog posts. You can start a review blog. You can begin to review new music video, audios, and movies. You might not even need to buy them, you get them online.

Review Naija is a great place to visit for an idea on how to start yours.

One of the authority tech review blogs in Nigeria today is naijatechguide. Pascal has become a tech reviewer to recon with.

“Spend a few minutes of your day, write down the pros and cons of your product, and give your recommendation. While it might not seem like a lot of work for you, it can bring in a lot of traffic.”

8) Problem and solution blog

NpowerNG Solutions is an example of a problem and solution blog. The bloger saw that N-power volunteers and applicants want to get a solution to their registration problems, and he began something in that regard.

“Since April 29, this blog now has over 13, 000 visits on blogger (imagine what it’d have been if it were to be on WordPress?), and can boast of at least 3,000 visits per day in the last five days,” the owner of the blog says.

You can begin one. There would always a be problem in one way or the other, just follow the trend.

9) Twitter Trends

If you can post more than 10 tweets per minute, then starting to write about trending issues on twitter would be a great start for you.

All you need do is to select a specific country you want to focus on. You can narrow it down to Nigeria, if Nigeria is your focus.

10) Short story blog

I’ve seen someone who writes beautifully excellent on Facebook, at the end gets virtually nothing from it.

In fact people who knew the potentials of the interesting stories she was sharing began to copy and use on their blogs.

Are you good at cooking up love stories? Bring in your imaginative powers into blogging. One of the best short story websites you can find in Nigeria is naijastories.com.

Seun Oshewa created a section on nairaland: Literature for this purpse, and a lot of stories I read there get great commenting.

If you’ve decided to start one, you can monetize it by applying for Google Adsense to start displaying ads on your blog for a start.

NOTE: Don’t let the money be your major focus for a start, it takes time and commitment.

Are you ready to start your blog? Let’s know so that we help you furnish your ideas.


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