Federal Medical Centre, Umuahia

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The Federal Medical Centre, Umuahia is located in Abia State, southeast Nigeria. It came into being back then in 1991, after the Federal government of Nigeria took the steps of transforming it from Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

Queen Elizabeth Hospital, which was named after the famous Queen of England, was commissioned in 1956 when Nigeria was still under the rule of the British.

The hospital actually started as a joint mission hospital that was administered by the Methodist, Anglican and Presbyterian churches.


The Federal Government chose to take over the hospital in 1991 with the view of harnessing its potential to the fullest.

However, we should point out that before that, the then Imo State Government had taken over the hospital, and renamed it Ramat Specialist Hospital.

Nevertheless, during the first republic, the then government chose to bring it back to its initial identity, and so, it was named Queen Elizabeth Hospital again – until 1991 when it became the Federal Medical Centre (its identity till this moment).

The Federal Medical Centre, Umuahia covers an area 77 acres of land, and it provides specialized and comprehensive healthcare services to people.

The hospital, which has the reputation of being the first Federal Medical Center in the country, makes use of modern equipment, training and research by highly skilled manpower.

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The management of the Center are usually keen on improving the quality of existing services that they offer. Since it is important to carry out relevant research every now and then, the Center has committed itself to doing just this, and they also train and teach individuals to become competent in the medical field.

Apart from striving to be alive to their social responsibility as a tertiary hospital and being committed to ensure they put in place systems to attract medical tourism, it has been promised that new functional areas (Renal Centre, Endoscopy Centre, Centre for In Vitro Fertilization, and so on), will be developed.

Some months back, the Federal government appointed a  New Medical Director – in the person of Dr. Azubuike K. Onyebuchi, for the hospital. Dr. Onyebuchi’s appointment, which is actually for an initial term of four years, will run till the year 2023.

Major Departments in the Federal Medical Centre Umuahia


The major concern here is the usage and utilization of clinical chemistry to aid diagnosis and treatment. Through various avenues, comprehensive biochemical diagnostic and clinical services are provided.

Medical lab technician students on industrial training can enhance their knowledge here, and the department also trains Pathology residents and clinically based residents on laboratory medicine short postings

As things stand now, the department is headed by Dr Adizua Uchenna C. MBBS FWACP. Dr. Uchenna is a consultant chemical pathologist as well as a metabolic physician.


The Nursing Services Department in the Federal Medical Center, Umuahia is actually the administrative seat for Nurses. It has the task of coordinating both human and material resources in an effective manner, to ensure there is superb service delivery in the clinical area.

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Since it is actually a vital wing of the Clinical area, they make use of organizational information with an aim to get optimal health care service delivery to patients.

It must also be added that one of the responsibilities which the unit has given herself is the task of providing a conducive therapeutic environment for the promotion of patient care geared towards the restoration of good health.

If you desire a career in nursing, you might want to consider the Federal Medical Center, Umuahia, as there are people there (professionals and highly skilled personnel) who can help train and mold you into a professional.


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