Meet Bridget Achieng Who Bleached Her Skin With 3Million Kshs

Meet Bridget Achieng Who Bleached Her Skin With 3Million Kshs

Last updated on August 5th, 2023 at 10:16 pm


The history of Kenya’s entertainment industry in the last 10 years or more would be incomplete without Bridget Achieng, a lady who claimed to have spent at least 3 million Kshs to bleach her skin.

Bridget Achieng

She is a reality TV star and YouTuber in Kenya and she is also popular across the continent and beyond with loads of controversy surrounding her.


She is not apologetic about it anyway as she does what makes her happy and is less worried about what people say about her.


Who is Bridget Achieng?

  • Full name: Lucy Achieng Okoth
  • Nickname: Mother hen
  • Date of birth: 1989
  • Birthday: July 15 every year
  • Origin: Kenya
  • Profession: Fashion designer and TV stylist
  • Popular Programme: Nairobi Diaries

The curvy Kenyan socialite, fashion designer and TV stylist is always in the news for good or bad reasons. She seems careless about that.

Born on July 15, 1989, Bridget Achieng is blessed with a baby boy whom she named Sekani.

Bridget Achieng love life:

There are so many controversies surrounding her love life as she is being rumoured to date any guy who is mercilessly rich and lavishly generous towards her.

At a time, BBC apologizes to her over what she claimed could make people see her as a sex worker.

At the time of this report, we learned that Achieng claimed that she is currently dating son to Ghana’s prime minister.

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She was quoted as saying, “He is a prominent guy.I enjoyed Ghana, my boyfriend lives there. He is Ghanaian.It was his birthday , I went to surprise him.”

Bridget Achieng Foundation

She has a foundation with the vision: To be a dynamic and caring organisation that inspires positive action and helps create an environment of love, respect, and cooperation in our society.

Her foundation has sponsored hundreds of kids through primary and secondary education.

Bridget Achieng Net Worth

Her net worth wasn’t known at the time of this report, but she travels across the World for holidays. She is worth undisclosed millions of Kenya Shillings


Some of the recent controversies surrounding her include:

  1. Washing her private parts with expensive soap
  2. Spending 3Million Kshs to bleach her skin
  3. Getting witchcraft in Tanzania

Washing her inner body with expensive soap

In a recent interview, she claimed that she is an expensive lady and socialite, claiming that she washed her inner body with expensive soup.

“Nothing is bad for women to put a price tag on sex,” she said.

Spending 3Million Kshs to bleach skin

Another controversy surrounding her is the claim that she had spent three million Kenyan Shillings in bleaching her skin, saying men appreciate lighter-skinned ladies.

“I have lost count right now but the last time I checked it was close to 3 Million Kshs or so,” she said while featuring on Dr Ofweneke’s show

And she advised that girls should follow her footsteps by bleaching their skin, “Men will tell you to stay like that then the next day you see them in a restaurant with a light skinned girl.”

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Accusation about witchcraft

Bridget Achieng

One of the controversies that shook her was a claim by Mishi Dora whom she thought was her friend that she went all the way to Tanzania to get witchcraft.

She denied it the accusation.

According to her, the rumour affected her psychologically and emotionally, “That witchcraft incident caused a lot of tension for me and family. My mum was so disappointed given that she really hustled to raise me.

“All in all, I learned a lot. You do not trust anyone that comes to your doorstep,” she said.

Why did she bleach her skin?

A fan once asked her why she bleached her skin and she was too bold to say she did so so as to look beautiful.

Information Cradle quoted her as saying, “Oh My God! About my skin right now. Well, we obviously grew up in different backgrounds.

“If I had someone to tell me that I was beautiful when growing up, I wouldn’t have bleached but sadly there was no one who did.”

“I bleached my skin and I am happy, proud and confident about the way I look. I’m okay with it and so is my man.

At the time of publishing this article, Bridget Achieng is Kenya entertainment industry, Kenya entertainment industry is Bridget Achieng


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