Age, Real Names of 2022 BBNaija Housemates Season 7

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The 2022 Big Brother Naija Level Up Season 7 came to an end on Sunday, October 2, 2022, with the winner walking home with NGN100,000,000 worth of prizes.

Phyna is the winner of BBNaija 7

Josephina Otabor aka Phyna has won the 2022 Big Brother Naija Level Up season 7. She walks home with a cash prize of NGN50 million and other prizes worth NGN50,000,000 including a brand new IVM G5T Jeep by Innosn Motors.

The reality TV show began on Saturday, July 23, 2022, at exactly 7 PM with 28 housemates. Even after several nominations for eviction, Phyna popularly called a lady with the vibes made it to the final and won the grand prize.


With her victory, Phyna officially joined the list of the past winners of BBNaija. Former winners are Katung, Efe, Miracle, Mercy, Laycon, and Whitemoney

How Phyna won

Phyna wins Big Brother Naija season 7 NGN100 million prize
Credit: @BBNaija

Six housemates made the final list. They were Chichi, Bella, Adekunle, Daniella, Bryann, and Phyna. Four housemates were evicted, leaving the 25-year-old Phyna and Bryann made the top two finalists.

Votes by fans of the reality tv show determined the winner and the winner received the highest votes. Below is how millions of watchers of the show voted:

NameVote count (%)
The vote count and ranking of housemates were independently computed by Deloitte and confirmed against the vote results determined by M-Net
Phyna drives home brand new G5T Jeep by Innoson. Credit: Innoson Vehicles

The top two are Phyna and Bryann

One among the six finalists will walk home with a grand prize worth NGN100,000,000. They are:

  1. Chichi (evicted)
  2. Phyna (Winner)
  3. Adekunle (evicted)
  4. Bella (evicted)
  5. Bryann (first runner-up)
  6. Daniella (evicted)
  • Organiser: MultiChoice Nigeria
  • Host: Ebuka Obi-Uchendu
  • Headline Sponsor: Pocket (formerly Ave) by PiggyVest
  • Associate sponsor: Flutterwave

Who will be the winner?

Grand Finale Evictions: Daniella, Chichi, Adekunle, Bella out

Daniella, Chichi, Adekunle, and Bella have been evicted, and the remaining four housemates are in for the NGN100 million prize.


The updated list of evicted housemates

NameEviction Date
BellaOctober 2
AdekunleOctober 2
ChichiOctober 2
DaniellaOctober 2
RachelSeptember 30
HermesSeptember 25
SheggzSeptember 25
GroovySeptember 25
DotunSeptember 18
AllysnSeptember 18
ChomsySeptember 11
EloswagSeptember 11
DoyinSeptember 11
GiddyfiaSeptember 4
DianaSeptember 4
DejiSeptember 4
AmakaMonday, August 29
ModellaAugust 28
PharmsaviAugust 21
KessAugust 21
KhalidAugust 14
IlebayeAugust 14
BeautyDisqualified for violence (August 7)
Christy OAugust 7
CyphAugust 7

Timeline of Head of House

Head of HouseWeekLevel
ChizzyWeek 10
ChichiWeek 9Level 2
PhynaWeek 8Level 2
HermesWeek 7Level 1
DotunWeek 6Level 1
ChomsyWeek 5Level 1
EloswagWeek 4Level 1
AdekunleWeek 3Level 1
HermesWeek 2Level 1
EloswagWeek 1Level 1

Privileges of HoH

The following are the privileges of HoH for the next seven days:

1) Bragging right as the Head of House for Season 7

2) Access to the Head of House room

3) Immunity from possible eviction at the end of the week.

4) Veto power to nominate any member of the rival house for possible eviction

5) Power to save a member from possible eviction

After interacting with the housemates, Ebuka announced the eviction of Rachel and Chizzy from the show. One of the remaining six housemates will walk home with the grand prize.

Out of eight housemates who were nominated for possible eviction, five were saved while three were evicted.

Breaking: Chizzy wins Innoson Task

Chizzy can simply be described as a rider with a ride after winning Innoson Task on Thursday, September 29, 2022.

He won the Innoson CONNECT ahead of other housemates after they spent several hours searching letter “T”

Chizzy wins Innoson Task
Photo credit: Twitter

How much IVM Connect?

Though there was no price tag on it on social media media, the IVM Connect is worth at least NGN6 million, according to carmart

Congratulations to the head of house with a ride

8 housemates make it to the final

Eight housemates have made it to the grand finale of the 2022 BBNaija season 7. Five of them knew their fate during Sunday’s live eviction night.

Recalled that after Chichi emerged as the last HoH for season 7, she deployed her veto power to save Phyna and Daniella, granting them automatic tickets to the grand finale.

Housemates who made it to the grand finale is scheduled for Sunday, October 2, 2022, are:

  1. Chichi
  2. Daniella
  3. Phyna
  4. Rachel
  5. Adekunle
  6. Bella
  7. Chizzy
  8. Bryann

Groovy, Sheggz, Hermes evicted from BBNaija

Groovy, Sheggz, and Hermes failed to make it to the final of the tv reality show. They were evicted on Sunday, September 25 during a live eviction.

Rachel, Adekunle, Bella, Chizzy, and Bryann were saved from evictions.

Up for final possible eviction

Up for possible eviction are:

  1. Rachel (saved)
  2. Adekule (saved)
  3. Bella (Saved)
  4. Chizzy (saved)
  5. Groovy (evicted)
  6. Sheggz (evicted)
  7. Hermes (evicted)
  8. Bryann (saved)

Like season 6, the seventh edition tagged “Level Up” was another double launch that took place on July 23 and July 24, 2022.

UPDATE: Chichi wins HoH Game, Qualifies for the Finale, Saves Daniella and Phyna

Chichi won the week 9 head of house game on Monday, September 19, 2022. With this victory, she won herself an automatic ticket to the grand finale of the 10-week-long reality show.


Announcing her as the last HoH for BBNaija season 7, Biggie said other housemates would have pitch to sell themselves for Chichi to use her veto power to save and pick two of them for the privilege to automatically qualify for the finale.

They have 90 seconds to pitch Chichi. Others would experience the last nomination for this year.

Chichi Saves Daniella and Phyna

After the end of the pitch, Chichi saved two fellow housemates; Daniella and Phyna from nomination for possible eviction as the show rolled into the pre-final stage.

With Chichi’s veto power, Daniella and Phyna have joined the new HoH for the grand finale.

Allysn, Dotun evicted from BBNaija

After the three house guests: Chomsy, Eloswag, and Doyin were asked to leave the BBNaija house on Sunday, September 18, 2022, Allysn and Dotun have been evicted.

Phyna wins HoH

Phyna emerged Head of House for week 8, Monday, September 12, 2022, after a keenly contested game.

She defeated Seggz, Daniella, and Adekunle in the second round of the game to emerge victorious. She picked Groovy as her roommate.

With her victory, Phyna becomes the first housemate from the former Level 2 house to emerge as HOH.

Doyin, Eloswag, Chomsy Evicted from BBNaija

Doyin, Eloswag, and Chomsy on Sunday, September 11 were evicted from the big brother’s house. Rachel and Bryann were saved.

BBNaija Introduces Level 3 House

Meanwhile, Ebuka has announced another twist to the tv reality show with the announcement of a level 3 house whereby evicted housemates would be kept till September 18, 2022.

The evicted housemates no longer have a chance to win the grand prize, but they would be guests in the house till September 18.

Big Brother has decided to retain the Evicted Housemates from tonight’s Live Show as Guests in the #BBNaija House until the 18th of September. They will now be referred to as Level 3 Guests.


Doyin, Eloswag, and Chomsy are now guests in level 3 house

Hermes returns as HoH

Hermes has become the second housemate to return as Head of House twice since the competition began a few weeks ago. The first person to become HoH twice is Eloswag.

The Challenge for the HoH game took place in two rounds. The first round involved a fishing game through which four of them made it to the second round at which Hermes emerged victorious over the others. Hermes defeated Chichi, Chomzy, and Eloswag to wear the HoH crown the second time.

House hit by triple eviction

For the first time since season 7 of the reality BBNaija started, three housemates were evicted on Sunday, September 4.

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Deji, Diana, and Giddyfia were evicted from the show. So far, there have been 11 evictions and one disqualification.

Dotun Emerges HoH, As Amaka Is Evicted

Dotun has emerged as the new HoH following the Head of House game which was held on Monday, August 29, 2022. He automatically gained immunity from eviction.

He chose Daniella who has been emotionally attached to him since Khalid was evicted from the level-up house. Sheggz and Allysn are the two tails of the house this week.

Meanwhile, Amaka has been evicted from the big brother house a few minutes after the HoH game was concluded.

Everyone, including fellow housemates, was shocked by her eviction. Usually, eviction takes place on Sunday. The reason for her eviction was speculative. Could it be one of the dramas of the tv reality show?

Eviction Nomination Section by Housemates Returns

The usual eviction nomination by housemates has returned, following the merger of level 1 and level 2. Each of the housemates has the privilege to nominate two fellow housemates for possible eviction on Sunday, August 38, 2022.

This is how the nominations went:

Diana1) Chichi
2) Sheggz
Groovy1) Adekunle
2) Doyin
Racheal1) Doyin
2) Sheggz
Daniella1) Chichi
2) Hermes
Chichi1) Allysyn
2) Adekunle
Amaka1) Adekunle
2) Chichi
Bryann1) Chichi
2) Adekunke
Phyna1) Adekunle
2) Hermes
Doyin1) Hermes
2) Racheal
Allysyn1) Chichi
2) Racheal
Eloswag1) Doyin
2) Amaka
Adekunle1) Sheggz
2) Bella
Bella1) Hermes
2) Amaka
Hermes1) Chichi
2) Doyin
Sheggz1) Adekunle
2) Racheal
Gidifia1) Doyin
2) Chichi
Deji1) Diana
2) Doyin
Modella1) Hermes
2) Amaka
Chizzy1) Sheggz
2) Bella
Dotun1) Adekunle
2) Racheal

Chomsy, the new head of house nominated 1) Gidifia, and 2) Amaka

However, there is a twist. Biggie nullified the nominations of all the housemates (except Chomsy and Eloswag) for their ‘sluggishness’ when they’re called for their nomination section.

Biggie, therefore, announced that all the housemates (HMs) are up for possible eviction except for the HoH and her companion.

Breaking: Chomsy wins HoH game

Chomsy has won the Head of House game which was held on Monday, August 22, 2022. She becomes the first female to become HoH in Season 7 of Big Brother Naija.

It’s the first HoH game after both houses (level and level 2 houses) were merged. The outgoing HoH Eloswag handed over the baton of leadership to Chomsy.

When Chomsy was asked to pick a deputy HoH, went for Eloswag. Both of them will be immune from possible eviction.

Chomsy will also gain access to the Head of House room, the first person to use the HoH room in season 7 of the reality TV show.

Kess, Pharmsavi evicted from BBNaija evicted

Kess and Pharmsavi have been evicted from Big Brother Naija on day 29 of the reality TV show on Sunday, August 21, 2022, thereby becoming the 5th and 6th housemates to be evicted.

The host of the show Ebuka Obi-Uchendu announced their eviction based on the percentage of votes they received from their fans.

Earlier in the week, Eloswag from Level 1 became the Head of House and he was given the power to nominate housemates from Level 1 for possible eviction.

Groovy, Amaka, Daniella, Modella, and Chizzy survived the eviction, however, Chizzy and Modella were not real housemates and were not meant to be evicted.

Biggie to merge Level 1 and Level 2

In another update, the host also announced on Sunday night that Level 1 and Level 2 housemates will be merged.

Update: Biggie swaps Deji and Groovy

Biggie made an unexpected announcement Friday night as he directed Deji and Groovy to swap level. Groovy a member of Level 2 was directed to move to Level 1 while Deji was instructed to move to Level 1.

The announcement was made after the wager presentation, announced that Groovy should move to level 1 house.

The emotional Phyna, who was already getting closer to Groovy, couldn’t hold back her tears after the announcement.

Phyna got closer to Groovy after Beauty was shown the red card from the house.

Again, Eloswag wins HoH game

The pioneer Head of House in season 7 BBnaija Eloswag has once again emerged as the HoH, meaning the members of level 1 are retaining the title for the fourth time.

Week 4 nominees for possible eviction

As expected, the HoH has nominated some members of the level 2 housemates for possible evictions. They are:

  1. Chizzy
  2. Kess
  3. Daniella
  4. Pharmsavi
  5. Modella
  6. Groovy
  7. Amaka

Note: Chizzy is safe because he is a rider while Modella is safe because she is a fake housemate.

Eviction for Week 3: Ilebaye, Khalid evicted

Ilebaye and Khalid have been evicted from BBNaija S7 out of the five housemates that were nominated last week. Groovy, Phyna, and Bryann survived eviction.

When Khalid was asked about his relationship with Daniella, he said, “it’s serious”.

Adekunle Emerges week 3 Head of House

Adekunle, a level 1 housemate, has won the week 3 Head of House game. After the first round, Pharmsavi, Khalid, and Adekunle made it to the second round. At the end of the game, Adekunle had 25 points while Khalid and Pharmsavi had 23 points each.

The week 3 game makes Adekunle become the 3rd HoH from Level 1 after Eloswag won the first week game and Hermes won the second week HoH game.

The housemates were instructed by Biggie to swap, level 1 moved to level 2 house

Nominees for week three possible evictions are:

  1. Bryaan
  2. Groovy
  3. Ilebaye
  4. Khalid
  5. Phyna

Prize: NGN100 million (NGN50 million cash; NGN50 million worth of other prizes)

Channels to Watch BBNaija Season 7

You can watch BBNaija S7 on nine channels on DStv and GOtv, they are:

  1. Africa Magic Showcase (Channel 151 on DStv)
  2. Reality Show (Channel 198 on DStv)
  3. African Magic Urban (Channel 153 on DStv)
  4. African Magic Family (Channel 154 on DStv)
  5. BBNaija S7 Extra (Channel 8 on Gotv)
  6. African Magic Family (Channel 2 on GOtv)
  7. African Magic Urban (Channel 6 on GOtv)
  8. BBNaija Show (Channel 29 on GOtv)
  9. Showmax (MultiChoice video streaming service provider)
  10. DStv App
  11. For live eviction show: Channels 2 and 6 on GoTv

Beauty Becomes First BBNaija S7 to Be Disqualified

Beauty on Sunday, August 7, 2022, received a double strike for throwing an object toward Groovy at the Saturday Night Party, thus breaking Biggie’s rule of physical violence. Hence the reason why she was disqualified.

She got physical with Ilebaye last week, with the Saturday night violence, and received another strike from Biggie leading to her disqualification, becoming the first person in season 7 to be eliminated.

Amaka said alcohol consumption might be the reason for Beauty’s behaviour at the Saturday Night Party and subsequent Eviction.

Sunday (August 7) night Highlights

Beauty has been disqualified for getting physical with fellow housemates

Two more new housemates Racheal and Chizzy were ushered into BBNaija on Sunday, August 7.




Cyph: Evicted

Eloswag hands over to Hermes as Head of House

For the second time, a member of Level 1 house has emerged as the new head of house, he becomes week 2 HoH. The 26 housemates, except the outgoing HoH and the two fake housemates, participated in the task which involves resetting wristwatches dipped inside an oily bowl.

In the first round, Cyph, Dotun, and Hermes made it to the second round. Hermes beat his competitors with the most balls in his bucket.

The housemate who emerges HoH is immune from eviction and safes his co-level housemates from being evicted. Again, Level 1 housemates are safe from eviction if one holds on Sunday.

In related news, Dotun emerged as the new Tail of House in week 2, for mishandling his microphone during the game.

Ebuka introduces two new housemates

Deji (from Lagos) and Modela (from Osun). While everyone was expecting at least one of the existing 24 housemates to be evicted Sunday, July 31, the host of the show ushered in the 25th housemate into level 1 house and the 26th housemate into level 2 house. According to Ebuka, “they are fake housemates”

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Note: Our latest update pushes down old stories. You’ll have to scroll down to catch up with earlier reports. It’s an all-in-one-place BBNaija 2022 update. Keep it locked to InfomediaNG BBNaija latest update

Highlight from Level-Up First Saturday Night Party

The first Saturday night party for the level-up housemates on July 30 was lit as level 1 and level 2 stormed the dancing floor with their swag. It was an opportunity for the two housemates to mingle once again.

There were more than enough alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks to go around, it was fun to its fullest for the 24 housemates who anticipated the party and said it was about the fun.

We had our ears on the ground during and after the party, but here are some of the highlights of the night which is gradually revealing the hidden feelings among housemates:

Cyph kisses Doyin passionately, but it seemed Doyin was a bit tipsy, well it was part of the game for her as she looks good while Cyph was boastfully moving around like…” yeah, I did it!”

The camera also caught Phyna and Bryann having their lips locked. It was a short one. It was a nice moment for both.

Pyna also locked lips with Eloswag (HoH). The touching in sensitive places were countless, so there was no need to count them as part of our highlights.

We didn’t see much of Daniella and Khalid, but both were all over themselves during and after the party cuddling and having something to whisper in each other’s ears. We might see another relationship building up.

And after the party, Amaka made a lot of revelations. One of them is, “I can’t wait for Biggie to join level 1 and level 2 together”, saying, “Na inside there (level 2 ) the real guy dey.”

Later, she (Amaka) revealed to Phyna that she liked Dotun and ‘vowed’ to hijack Dotun from whoever lady he is hooked with, but does the cool-looking Dotun have a similar feeling for Amaka?

Beauty was caught reprimanding Groovy for dancing away with another lady while he (Groovy) gives her little attention.

Specifically, the former Miss Nigeria caught Groovy dancing with Chomsy with whom she is not comfortable. She frankly expressed her displeasure to the Groovy, “you disrespected me.”

Another housemate, Ilebaye who tried to talk to Beauty while she was complaining didn’t work. The conversation degenerated to both using abusive words against each other.

There are lots more that happened, but we like to make it short.

Did you also hear Doyin say, “she likes a guy that has the confidence that will say, come on girl”?

Did we miss anything? Share the most interesting moments you saw in the house with us in the comment below.

Eloswag becomes the first Head of House (HoH) for Season 7

EloSwag has been appointed as the first HoH for season 7 in the ongoing 2022 Big Brother Naija after emerging victorious ahead of other Level Up housemates.

It was also the first time Level 1 and Level 2 housemates met. Prior to the start of the game, Biggie explained to the housemates how they belonged to a different level.

Level 1 housemates are the second set who were ushered in on Sunday, July 24, while Level 2 are the first set of housemates who came into the show on Saturday, July, 23, 2022, while

Attention: There is an option to block channels on your decoder that are showing programmes that you don’t want your kids to be exposed.

Real Names of 2022 Housemates:

12 housemates made it to the house on the first day, they are called Level 2 Housemates

S/NNicknameReal NameAgeState of origin
1GroovyHenry Olisa26Anambra
2BeautyBeauty Etsanyi Tukura24Taraba
3KhalidKhalid Ismail22Plateau
4IlebayeIlebaye Odiniya21Kogi
5CyphBright Erekete27Imo
6AmakaChiamaka Mbah23Anambra
7KessKesiena Adjekpovu28Delta
8Daniella Daniella Peters22Cross River
9PharmsaviSaviour Akpan26Akwa Ibom
10PhynaJosephina Otabor25Edo
11BryannBrian Chiji24Imo
12Christy OChristiana Ojumu24Ondo
Modela (26th housemate)Osun
Second-day launch (Level 1 Housemates)
13BellaChidimma Esther Okagbue25Anambra
14EloswagEloka Paul Nwamu27Delta
15DoyinDoyinsola David26Ondo
16AdekunleAdekunle Tobilola Olopade27Lagos
17AllysynOsy Alison Audu25
18DotunOmoniyi Dotun26Ekiti
19ChomzyEsther Chioma Ndubueze22Imo
20GiddyfiaGideon Anieti Nwawo24Akwa Ibom
21DianaDiana Isoken Edobor33Edo
22HermesChibueze Iyele25
23ChichiChinenyenwa Desire Okoebor22Edo
24SheggzSegun Daniel Olusemo26Lagos
25DejiDeji MorafaLagos

Short Biographies of Level 2 BBNaija S7 Housemates


Groovy BBnaija S7

Henry Olisa aka Groovy is an artist, fashion entrepreneur and model. He’s the first person to enter the Big Brother House in season 7. He said he’s armed with fun and promises to unleash his entertaining attributes on the show.


Beauty BBnaija season 7

Confident in her beauty, Beauty Etsanyi Tukura won the 43rd Miss Nigeria in 2019. As such, Beauty isn’t strange to reality shows. But a beauty pageant is different from BBNaija.

As the youngest of a family of four, the former Miss Nigeria was born on October 21, 1997. She was born and raised in the oil-rich state of Rivers State (Port Harcourt) South-South Nigeria.

Beauty represented Taraba state in 2019 at the Miss Nigeria pageant which was held at Eko Convention Center, Nigeria’s commercial city of Lagos, and won the pageant and became the 43rd Miss Nigeria.

Miss Tukura succeeded Chidinma Leilani Aaron, the 42nd Miss Nigeria.

After the Beauty pageant contest, Beauty Tukura established an online business “StylishBeauty” where she sells original branded items from various designers around the world.

BBNaija is entirely different from a beauty pageant, she may have to up her game, the charming lady says she has come to the show with her authenticity and strategy to win the S7.


Khalid 2022 BBNaija

From the North Central geopolitical zone of Nigeria Plateau State is Khalid Ismail. He is a freelance graphic designer and also a muralist who promises to bring charisma and be a team player in the House. He admitted that he isn’t a cook.


Ilebaye BBNaija 2022

Left for her, Ilebaye from Kogi state says it would be party 24/7 if she had her way. The 21-year-old Kogi State-born entrepreneur disclosed that she is here to have an overdose of fun. She portrays vibes.


27-year-old Bright aka Cyph is a cool-looking tech who studied Electrical Engineering from Imo State. He promised to bring drama into the season of the reality show. Like millions of people are likely to say they hate love at first sight, so also Cyph.


The big and bold Chiamaka Mbah is a healthcare worker from Anambra State. The 23-year-old lady says her weaknesses are being too emotional and impatience and says she hopes to be Nigeria’s Nicki Minaj. Her strengths include being original and realistic.


Married and full of fun, Kesiena Adjekpovu aka Kess hails from Delta State. The 28-year-old businessman says her wife is in support of his mission to catch fun and win the NGN100 million grand prize for the family.


From Cross River State is a poet and vivacious Daniella Peters who promises to ensure her presence is felt. She says her eyes are on the prize.


BBNaija S7 is lucky to have a Pharmacist in the house, though he isn’t going to have access to a medicine store, the Akwa Ibom State-born Pharmsavi proclaims himself “the medicine for all madness” in the house.


As an Edo you know, she says she has the vibes and ginger to lighten the season 7 house. She believes she has got all attributes to make everyone fall in love with her. She didn’t forget to disclose that she might be strict.

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Young and vibrant upcoming artiste from Imo state, Bryann says she has got the big energy and swag to make this year’s season lively and entertaining.

Christy O

Coming into the house is Christy O from Ondo State who disclosed that she detects lies and says things the way they are.

Unlike season 6 when the prize money was NGN90 million, housemates in the BBNaija S7 will be competing for NGN100 million worth of prizes.

Even as the political campaign for the 2023 general elections heightened across Nigeria, the most watched reality TV show is going to consciously or unconsciously catch the attention of the Nigerian audience and beyond.

After the two-day launch, the organizer of the biggest TV reality show on the continent MultiChoice Nigeria dived into the 10-week show where you going to be entertained with drama, deceit, strategic lies among housemates and several twists aimed at winning the biggest money on TV reality show.

All housemates of S7 will undergo a psychological evaluation before being allowed into the house.


Bella Chidimma Esther Okagbue Level up housemate

The 25-year-old Chidimma Esther Okagbue aka Bella was the first housemate to be ushered in into the house on the second-day launch.

The excited graduate of the prestigious University of Lagos (UNILAG) says she loves swimming and travelling. For the swimming, her fans are patiently waiting to see her display her swimming skills when they are allowed into the exotic swimming pool within the house at the right time.

As for travelling, she is going to put that on hold till the last day, unless she is evicted, which is none of her plans.

The young and charming lady prefers to roll with the male folks. The content creator says, “My bluntness. I am fearless, so I don’t sugar-coat my words. I tell it like it is, and people hate to hear the truth”.

Bella is the pioneer holder of the title, “Tail of House” which was introduced during the first game to select the HoH.

Bella is social, she is available on the following:

  • Twitter: @Bella_Okagbue
  • Facebook:
  • TikTok: bellaokagbue


Eloswag Eloka Paul Nwamu

It’s the guy with the swag, but in the first game where he emerged as the first HoH for season 7, Eloka Paul Nwamu aka Eloswag was calm and calculative in his strategy in coming out victorious over others.

The 27-year-old Paul Nwamu who boasted that she has lots of female admirers peeped into a few things that transpired during the auditioning, saying, “I’m the next big thing out of Naija and I auditioned to make the house freaking fantastic.”

The Digital Marketer and Content Creator who loves to try out new things says BBNaija is one of the greatest platforms for the youth to network, “I love networking and I want to have fun,” he says.

He is available on Instagram @eloswager and on Twitter at @Eloswager


Doyinsola Anuoluwapo David Level Up housemate

From the Sunshine State comes a Medical Radiographer and a charming, sociable and lovable Doyinsola Anuoluwapo David aka Doyin.

The 26-year-old who claimed to have a mixture of Michelle Obama (for U.S first lady) and Cardi B (U.S. singer and rapper) expressed her excitement after making it to the Level Up House.

On her official IG page, she says, “I am a fighter, go-getter, smart, intelligent and drop dead gorgeous” and boasted that she is “slayerrr”. The ever-joyous lady says, “I am an ambassador of happiness and kindness”.

On Instagram, she is available @OfficialDoyin_ on Twitter, it’s @OfficialDoyin_


Adekunle Tobilola Olopade Adekunle BBNaija Level Up housemate

Adekunle Tobilola Olopade is a 27-year-old digital marketing consultant from Lagos Island. He says he is never afraid of challenges because they make him stronger.

Adekunle who is passionate about Lagos and Nigeria once said, “Ultimately, Canada shouldn’t be an option if we all do the right things.” He is the first HoH of the Season 8 All-Stars – an invite-only BBNaija show – which began July 23, 2023.

His social media handles are Instagram: @adekunleolopade_ ; Twitter: @adekunleolopade


Osy Allysyn Audu level up housemate

Osy Alison Audu aka Allysyn is a vivacious lady despite her choice of haircut, she has an infectious smile that resonates with her uniqueness.

The 25-year-old Marketing Executive says she hopes to win season 7 of BBnaija and wishes to go into social media full-time, “I want to continue modelling, and I also want to be a television presenter.”

On Instagram, she is @smoothallysyn while her Twitter handle is @SmoothAllysyn


Oladotun Mofiyinfoluwa Oloniyo Level up housemate

Omoniyi Dotunis another medical practitioner in the level-up season 7 describes himself as a “fun, good looking and spontaneous” guy.

The former Mr. Tourism Nigeria 2018 and graduate of the University of Ibadan loves to go shirtless and says he is, “I’m opinionated and confident, and some people don’t like it much.”

Want to connect with Dotun on Social media?

Find him @dotunoloniyo both on Instagram and Twitter.


Chomzy Esther Chioma Ndubueze BBNaija S7

Esther Chioma Ndubueze aka Chomzy is another young lady from Imo State. The 22-year-old entrepreneur, says she is open to relationships “when the time is right.”

Social connections:

  • @thechomzy on Instagram
  • Twitter: @TheChomzy
  • Facebook:
  • TikTok: @thechomzy


Giddyfia Gideon Anieti Nwawo BBNaija

Being an engineer didn’t and will never stop Gideon Anieti Nwawo aka Giddyfia from venturing into the modelling industry big time.

As an undergraduate, he won “Male Physique of the Year 2019” award at Bells University. He says he is fun to be with.

The graduate of Mechatronics engineering at Bells University, Ota, Ogun State, who says she loves to laugh during serious moments, says he hopes to ‘unleash’ some qualities a lot of people would like to emulate.

His excitement when Ebuka ushered him into the house on Sunday, July 24, 2022, was electrifying  

 Social connections:

  • Instagram: @giddy_fia
  • Twitter: @giddy_fia
  • Tiktok @giddy_fia


Diana Isoken Edobor BBNaija Level Up

The oldest level-up housemate is Diana Isoken Edobor, a 33-year-old project manager from Edo State. The sociable lady was born in France but has relocated to the FCT, Abuja.

She confirmed that age is just a number when she was asked about relationships. She says she is single and one of the reasons attributed to her relationship status is that “Guys perceive me as sophisticated, high maintenance, and too expensive to approach.”

Diana who stormed the House in a killer see-through dress, says she will venture into acting, one day

On Instagram, she is live @diana.edobor while her Twitter handle is @DianaEdobor


Hermes Chibueze Iyele

Chibueze Iyele aka Hermes is a professional dancer. He has featured in a number of videos with popular singers, including Ajebo Hustlers, Burna Boy, and Davido

Hermes who some fans of the BBNaija described as the craziest Level Up housemate, had also performed at reputable festivals in Lagos, Glasgow, and Rotterdam.

Hermes disclosed that she is dating two ladies and feels that it’s okay.

His social media handles are filled with photos not suitable for kids, find him at @hermesiyele on IG and Twitter.


Chichi Chinenyenwa Desire Okoebor

Chinenyenwa Desire Okoebor aka Chichi is a bold and confident 23rd-level-up housemate who wasn’t shy to disclose what she does for a living, “exotic dancer”

The 22-year-old lady who is a chef by day says she loves swimming, dancing and travelling describing herself as “an unshakably ambitious goal-getter”.

Want to see more of Chichi?

  • Instagram: @itschichiofficial
  • Twitter: @itschichibbnaij


Sheggz Segun Daniel Olusemo

The soft-spoken Segun Daniel Olusemo aka Sheggz is a footballer based in the United Kingdom who returned to Nigeria to participate in the 2022 season 7 of BBnaija.

He has a perfect mixture of a Lagos/UK boy. He described himself as a good listener and confident which may be misunderstood as being cocky.

Speaking on relationships, Sheggz believes it isn’t something to take for a joke: it requires time, “I think it’s important to settle down with someone you genuinely connect with and not just for vibes.”

Social connections:

  • Instagram: @sheggzolu
  • Twitter: @Sheqgzolu


Deji fake BBNaija housemate 2022

Deji who described herself as a lover boy says he enjoys food and partying. He also disclosed that he is in a complicated relationship. He is the 25th housemate.


Modela fake BBNaija housemate 2022

From Osun State is Modela who describes herself as a content queen, multi-talented and full of vibes, saying, “I’m the vibes.” No love at first sight, she says.

Prize for fans

Tejumola also revealed that 30 fans of the show will win NGN1 million each in what she tagged “Fave Lock-In promo”. It is exclusive to DStv and GOtv customers.


As usual, fans will be allowed to cast their votes to save their favourite housemates from eviction. The same voting style as 2021 will be retained.

Voting will only be on the mobile site, MyDStv app, Big Brother Naija website, and MyGOtv app for active customers.

Subscription packages determine the number of votes each subscriber will have.

Nigerian Artistes to Perform

The show will also play host to several Nigerian Artistes – popular and upcoming – some of them include Asake and Victony at the opening of the show on July 23.

The duo will join other singers to thrill the live audience and fans with their performances.

The first edition of the reality tv show was aired in 2006. After the first season, there was a break until 2017 when the second season premiered. So far, the show has produced six winners. Katung Aduwak was the first winner of the TV reality show. Other past winners of Big Brother Naija include Efe, Miracle, Mercy, Laycon, and the ‘current title holder’ is Whitemoney.

How many housemates are in BBNaija season 7?

The 2022 BBNaija has 24 housemates. 12 housemates were brought into the house on Saturday while another set of 12 housemates was ushered into the house.

Who is the oldest 2022 BBNaija Housemate?

Diana is the oldest BBNaija S7 housemate. She is 33 years old.

Who is the youngest housemate in BBNaija S7?

The 21-year-old Ilebaye is the youngest housemate in the season 7 BBNaija reality show.

Who will win the 2022 BBNaija?

The competition is open to 24 housemates. It is too early to predict who will win season 7, however, you can have a favourite who you want to win the NGN100 million total package prize

How many people applied for the BBNaija 7?

The 2022 Season 7 of BBNaija received over 40,000 audition entries, according to the Executive Head, Content and West Africa Channels at MultiChoice Nigeria, Dr Busola Tejumola.

At InfomediaNG, all the 2022 BBNaija updates will be found in a single post, meaning you’ll get every piece of information about the S7 in this article.

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