4 Easiest Ways To Obtain Medical Report for NYSC Orientation Camp

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We’ve heard prospective corp members talk and worry about the request for a medical report certificate at the NYSC orientation camp by the officials of the National Youth Service Corps.


Make sure you obtain your Medical Report before you go into the NYSC camps. If you go camping hoping to do it there, hospitals around WILL exploit you. You may end up paying close to N5, 000 or more for something that shouldn’t be less than N1500.


There is nothing big about the medical report as we know that Prospective Corps Members (PCM) have been asking questions about it.

It only gives officials at the orientation camp assurance that you’re fit for the 3-week orientation exercise, which involves some lighter paramilitary training and exercises.

What is NYSC medical report?

NYSC medical report is a medical certification from a licensed medical facility attesting to your sound medical condition to undergo a particular training or exercise.

“Medical reports are the most detailed reports on an employee’s health available to employers. If you have an employee on long-term sick leave, medical reports can be a good way of assessing an employee’s potential return-to-work date,”

The medical report is also a requirement before you’re allowed to take part in the Nigerian Army, Navy, Airforce, even the Police and Customs, and Immigration training during the recruitment exercise.

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So, a medical report is peculiar to all paramilitary, and as you know NYSC also incorporates such training in its orientation exercise.

We’ve heard a report of deaths of corp members at the camp as a result of their undisclosed unfit situation.

Some of them place a priority on participating in the orientation course than their health.

This is one of the reasons why the management of NYSC deemed it fit to request NYSC medical report certificates from corp members.

If you earlier made mistakes in your name and date of birth, please don’t forget to correct it. It’s effected within 24 hours of applying online.

Importance of the NYSC medical report certificate

  1. To access the medical fitness of PCM
  2. Management of medical condition of PCM
  3. Measurement of PCM’s health condition
  4. Access to a medical facility
  5. Reduce cases of medical emergencies
  6. Manageable emergencies

To access the medical fitness of PCM

The medical certificate will provide NYSC management the necessary medical details about you.

Management of medical condition of PCM

It will tell the NYSC management whether your situation could be managed or not on the camp.

Measurement of PCM’s health condition

Whether your medical condition can cause harm to other healthy corp members e.g a TB patient could cause medical harm to others.

Access to medical facility

To give NYSC deployment unit whether to post you to where medical facility is readily available for you.

Reduce cases of medical emergencies

NYSC medical report certificate will assist the management in reducing cases of medical emergency and sudden deaths of corp members on camp.

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Manage emergencies

Your medical report will also give the management insight into how to adequately prepare for manageable emergencies.

Your NYSC medical report, we believe, should lead to more open dialogue between you and NYSC medical team whether you can complete the 3-week training or not.

How to obtain NYSC Medical report certificate

It is believed that such could be forged, you’re required to obtain such report from government recognised medical centre like NHIS certified hospital or government hospital, which must contain the contact details of the doctor that issued it.

  • Walk into any government hospital, tell them you want to undergo a fitness test for your NYSC orientation course.
  • Depending on your channel, you may be required to pay a token.
  • Your blood sample (in rare cases your urine) would be collected.
  • The blood sample is used to carry out the required test that will certify that you’re fit for the NYSC orientation exercise.

Details of medical report

Some medical reports will summarize all the tests while some hospitals will specifically highlight what the tests entail one after the other to include the following:

  • HIV
  • Genotype
  • Blood Group
  • Stool Analysis
  • Malaria parasite
  • Chest X-ray
  • PCV
  • Hemoglobin
  • Blood Pressure
  • HCV
  • Visual Acuity
  • Urinalysis


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