Names of BBNaija All-Stars, Evicted Housemates, and Finalists

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Ilebaye Walks Home With N120 million cash

Ilebaye aka ‘Gen-Z baddie’ has won the 8th edition of the reality show. Ilebaye who competed in the toughest Head Of House game in the BBNaija All-Stars edition walks home with N120 million.

Ilebaye BBNaija 2022

Before making it to the final, she had claimed an ultimate immunity card to join six others in the final. Born in August 2001, Ilebaye came in as the youngest housemate in the All-Stars edition of the reality show.

Who will be crowned the winner of the show?

Cross, Pere, Adekunle, and Ceec have been evicted on Sunday, October 1, 2023. Now the top two finalists are Ilebaye and Mercy.


Finalists of the BBNaija All-stars

Six housemates have made it to the final of BBNaija All-Stars after three housemates were evicted on Sunday. The finalists are:

  • Cross (out)
  • Ilebaye
  • Ceec (out)
  • Mercy
  • Adekunle (out)
  • Pere (out)

Final Eviction

Venita, Soma, and Angel have been evicted from the BBNaija all-stars reality show. They were evicted on Sunday, September 24. It is the final eviction of the show this year before the final on October 1.

Ilebaye makes it to the final

The ‘Gen Z Baddie’ Ilebaye has made it to the final of BBNaija All-stars after winning the last week Head of House endurance game on Monday.

The victory qualifies her as a finalist alongside Cross, Ceec, and Mercy Eke. The finalists stand a chance to win the N120million grand prize at the finale which will hold on October 1.

Latest eviction: Whitemoney, Omatshola, NeoEnergy, and Alex have been evicted from the BBNaija All-stars show on Sunday, September 17, 2023, remaining mine housemates.

Housemates and dates of eviction

HousematesDate of eviction
CeeC Finalist
Kiddwaya Sunday, August 23
Mercy Finalist and second
Frodd Sunday, August 27
Pere Sunday, Oct. 1
NeoEnergy Sunday, Sept., 17
Angel Sunday, Sept., 24
Alex Sunday, Sept., 17
TolanibajSunday, August 27
Cross Sunday, October 1
Seyi Sunday, Sept., 3
Whitemoney Sunday, Sept., 17
Uriel Sunday, August 13
Doyin Sunday, Sept., 10
Princess Sunday, August 6
Soma Sunday, Sept., 24
Ike Sunday, Sept., 3
Ilebaye Finalist and winner
Adekunle Sunday, Oct. 1
Venita Sunday, Sept., 24
Prince Nelson Sunday, Sept., 3
Kim OprahSunday, Sept., 10
Lucy  Sunday, Sept., 3
OmatsholaSunday, Sept., 17

NOTE: There was no eviction in the first week of the show.

Head of House (HoH):

On Monday, July 24, 2023, Adekunle emerged as the first HoH of the All-Stars BBNaija Show. The HoH gets bragging rights, gets immunity from eviction, and gets a private lounge. Here is the list of HoH in the BBNaija All-Stars:

  • Week 1: Adekunle
  • Week 2: Kiddwaya
  • Week 3: Ike
  • Week 4: Mercy
  • Week 5: Soma
  • Week 6: Doyin
  • Week 7: Omatshola
  • Week 8: Cross
  • Week 9: Ilebaye
  • Week 10: Cross
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BBNaija All-Stars

On Sunday, July 23, 2023, Big Brother Naija All-Stars Season 8 kicked off with the invitation of 20 former housemates of previous editions of the show to compete for N120 Million grand prize.

Ebuka Obi Uchendu, who was one of the 14 housemates of season 1 of the BBNaija will be hosting Season 8 back to back. He is considered one of the most successful BBNaija 2006 housemates.

Quick facts:

  • No of housemates: 20
  • Start date: July 23, 2023
  • End date: October 1, 2023
  • Duration: 71 days
  • Host: Ebuka Obi Uchendu
  • Organizers: MultiChoice

Channels to BBNaija 2023

You can watch BBN All-Stars on DStv Channel 198 and GOtv Channel 49

Jury in BBnaija season 8:

Wondering what the jury does on BBNaija All-Stars?

Ordinarily, “a jury is a body of people sworn to give a verdict in a legal case on the basis of evidence submitted to them in court”, but Bbnaija Jury consists of three ex-housemates: Bisola (from See Gobbe); Mike (from Pepper Dem); and Dorathy (from Lockdown).

The jury decides who leaves the house from the list of housemates who made it to the bottom of the votes.

For instance, Princess, who was the first victim of the Jury’s verdict, shouldn’t ordinarily have been evicted, Seyi should have if it was by the votes, but Jury passed their judgement that she deserves to leave the house.

Here is the result of the votes from the bottom:

  • Ike: 1.59%
  • Princess: 1.54%
  • Seyi: 0.89%

The jury was introduced at the beginning of the live show with the aim of bringing a sense of excitement and anticipation to the viewers.

On  Sunday, August 23, when Kiddwaya was evicted, Big Brother introduced four additional ex-housemates: Prince Nelson, Kim Oprah, Lucy and Omatshola.

Nigerians Angry Over Jury Decision

Some followers of the Season 8 of BBNaija all-stars have shown their grievances to the decision of the jury which supersedes their votes, following the eviction of Uriel on Sunday, August 13, 2023, instead of Seyi.

Seyi Awolowo was supposed to be kicked out of the house in the first week of eviction but he was saved because the 3-man jury of the reality show picked Princess instead. The votes showed that Seyi came in the bottom of the voting with 0.89%; Princess: 1.54%, and Ike: 1.59%.

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Again, the jury saved Seyi when it was time to evict the housemate that had the smallest percentage of votes. The jury picked Uriel instead.

According to the voting pattern, Tolanibaj had 2.04%; Uriel with 2.00% while Seyi got the lowest with 1.70%.

Reacting, Udo said, “Show losing integrity now… Seyi emerges with the lowest votes twice in as many weeks and somehow is still in the house… Na like this go to court bn start”.

Another follower of the show, Yenyan tweeted, “Uriel wasn’t and isn’t supposed to leave the house What content exactly is seyi giving in the show other than to eat and insult women Jury who aren’t watching the show are not supposed to be there to be plain and straightforward this jury of a thing is useless”

Below is some random comments from BBNaijaAllstars followers:

“Imagine Seyi having the lowest vote and still in that house. #BBNaija this jury thing should be scrapped let the viewers votes count jare”.

“Why will The Jury evict Uriel and not Seyi who has been the least voted for two consecutive times? If this show is not scripted, I don’t know what else to say. @BBNaija you just outer yourself. The Stuff with Mercy and Tacha, It was your doing and it’s Rubbish sha #BBNaija”.

“You guys are just messing up the show..How do you explain Seyi’s being saved again for the second time,with the lowest votes,all bcos of some jury or wot ?…Let the jury’s just crown the winner next week since our votes doesn’t mater in this..”

Why is BBNaija All-Stars unique?

The 2023 dubbed All-Stars is unique because it is the first Big Brother Naija which had no new faces, housemates are from the previous editions of the TV reality show.

However, no Season 1 housemate made the All-Stars Season 8 edition.

The housemates that made up Season 8 came from the following editions:

  • Season 2 (See Gobbe)
  • Level 3 (Double Wahala)
  • Season 4 (Pepper Dem)
  • Season 5 (Lockdown)
  • Season 6 (Shine Ya Eye)
  • Level 7 (aka Level Up)

How many housemates are in BBN Season 8?

There are 20 housemates in the BBN All-Stars. In Season 2, two former housemates were invited. Here is the rest:

  • Level 3: 3
  • Season 4: 5
  • Season 5: 3
  • Season 6: 4
  • Level 7: 3

Is there any season 1 ex-housemate in season 8?

No. Only the host Ebuka is from the season, he will not be competing, he is the host. It wasn’t the first time he will be hosting the show. In 2017 he was announced as the host of the Season 2 aka See Gobbe.

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Housemates for season 8:

1) Adekunle Tobilola

  • Date of birth: October 6, 1994
  • Previous edition: Season 7 aka Level Up
  • Occupation: Digital marketing consultant

2) Alexandra Amuchechukwu Asogwa

  • Date of birth: February 15, 1996
  • Previous edition: Season 3 aka Double Wahala
  • Occupation: Media personality/acting

3) Angel Agnes Smith

  • Previous edition: Season 6 aka Shine Ya Eye
  • Occupation: Podcaster

4) Cynthia Nwadiora (CeeC)

  • DOB: November 2, 1992
  • Ex-show: Season 3 (Double Wahala)
  • Occupation: filmmaker, Lawyer, business

5) Ikechukwu Sunday Okonkwo (Cross )

  • DOB: July 8, 1991
  • Former show: Shine Ya Eye
  • Occupation: Fitness enthusiast

6) Doyinsola Anuoluwapo David

  • DOB: August 3, 1995
  • Occupation: Medical radiographer
  • Former reality show: Season 7 aka Level Up

7) Venita Akpofure

  • Date of Birth: January 1, 1987
  • Occupation: Actress
  • Previous season: Season 4 aka Pepper Dem

8) Tolani Shobajo aka Tolanibaj

  • DOB: July 28, 1993
  • Previous show: Previous show: Season 5 (Lockdown)
  • Occupation: DJ, actress, clothing brand owner

9) Chukwuemeka Okoye (Frodd)

  • Ex-show: Season 4 (Pepper Dem)
  • DOB: February 4, 1991
  • Occupation: Club owner, Realtor

10) Steve Ikechukwu Onyema (Ike)

  • DOB: July 19, 1992
  • Occupation: Model
  • Former show: Season 4 (Pepper Dem)

11) Hazel Oyeze Onou aka Whitemoney

  • DOB: July 6, 1992
  • Previous edition: Season 6 (Shine Ya Eye)
  • Occupation: Businessman
  • Note: He won the 2021 Shine Ya edition

12) Uriel Anita Oputa

  • DOB: January 24, 1988
  • Previous edition: Season 2 (See Gobbe)
  • Occupation: Fitness enthusiast
  • Date of eviction: Sunday, August 13

13) Ilebaye Odiniya

  • DOB: August 2001
  • Previous show: Season 7 (Level Up)
  • Occupation: Modelling

14) Terseer Kiddwaya

  • Previous show: Season 5 (Lockdown)
  • DOB: March 5th, 1993
  • Occupation: Self-employed

15) Mercy Eke

  • DOB: September 29, 1990 
  • Occupation: Video vixen, businesswoman
  • Previous show: Season 4 aka Pepper Dem
  • Note: She was the first lady to win BBNaija in 2019

16) Emuobonuvie Akpofure aka Neoenergy

  • DOB: May 17, 1994
  • Occupation: Entrepreneur
  • Previoud show: Season 5 (Lockdown)

17) Pere Egbi

  • DOB: June 27, 1985
  • Previous show: Season 6 (Shine Ya Eye)
  • Occupation: Executive producer

18) Seyi Awolowo

  • DOB: December 28th, 1989
  • Occupation: Media influencer
  • Former show: Season 4 (Pepper Dem)

20) Somadina Anyama (Soma)

  • DOB: May 5, 1992
  • Occupation: Entertainer
  • Previous show: Season 2 (See Gobbe)

Linda Onyejekwe Princess

  • DOB: July 25, 1993
  • Occupation: Businesswoman
  • Former show: Season 3 (Double Wahala)
  • Date of eviction: Sunday, August 6

What’s the star prize for BBN All-Stars?

Grand prize: NGN120 million

Who are the sponsors of BBN Season 8?

The headline sponsor of the All-Stars BBNaija is Moniepoint, a Microfinance Bank designed for small and medium-sized businesses in Nigeria.

The associate sponsor is HRM Nigeria, an online trading platform and forex broker firm.

Since the reality tv show started, it has produced seven winners, including Katung (pioneer winner); Efe; Miracle; Mercy; Laycon; Whitemoney; and Phyna.


For the first, the reality TV show introduced a jury.

Ilebaye was the first housemate in season 8 of the show to get a double strike for getting physical and laying her hands on her fellow housemates Ceec and Doyin. She, alongside Ceec, was barred from partaking in the week 3 head of house game, black envelope and pardon me please for the next week.

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