Top tips on how to create wealth from agricultural products in Nigeria and around the world. We’ll share with you how to export your produce from Nigeria to foreign countries and make money. We’ll also share with the best agribusiness that can fetch you millions of Naira per month.

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CBN Loans: How To Become Accredited Entrepreneurship Development Centres (EDC) In Nigeria: Documents And Financial Gains

Do you know that there are up to six loans under the CBN intervention fund for SME Businesses and Agriculture?

To apply for any of the loans, you need training certificate from CBN accredited Entrepreneurship Development Centres or Institute. One of such is Agric-Business Small and Medium Enterprises Investment Scheme, also known as AGSMEIS loan. read more

Solve CAC Queried Registration

How To Solve CAC Queried Registration Issue

There are several reasons the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) may reject your online business registration. It is called “queried”

Ever since the Federal Government rolled out some of its loans, the excitement among small business owners to register their businesses with the Corporate Affairs Commission has risen significantly. read more

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