Top tips on how to create wealth from agricultural products in Nigeria and around the world. We’ll share with you how to export your produce from Nigeria to foreign countries and make money. We’ll also share with the best agribusiness that can fetch you millions of Naira per month.

We’ll also share with you top business ideas to make you a wealth creator.


Top 20 Richest Africans for 2022 According to Forbes

For the 11th time in a row, the Chairman of Dangote Group Alhaji Aliko Dangote has again been rated as the wealthiest in Africa, according to Forbes 2022 list which was released on January 24, 2022. read more


Poyoyo Investment, FinAfrica Are Ponzi Schemes – SEC Warns Investors

Regulator of Nigeria’s capital market has warned investors in FinAfrica Investment Limited and Poyoyo Investment (PILVEST) Nigeria Limited to steer clear of the two investment platforms, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) described them as Ponzi scheme which uses investments of others to pay interest to fresh investors. read more

Fixed Income Investments in Nigeria

18 Fixed-Income Investments in Nigeria

One of the ways billionaires make more money is through fixed income securities because they protect their principal and turn in interest. It is one of the sweetest ways to protect ones hard-earned money while you concentrate on other money-generating tasks. But is it specifically designed for the rich? Can an average earner invest in fixed income? Here are the 18 fixed-income securities you can talk to your stockbroker about. read more

Is Sports Betting An Investment or Gambling

Is Sports Betting An Investment or Gambling?

One of the biggest industries in the world is sports betting. Some bettors have become addictive to betting so that they feel unrest when they are disabled financially to place a bet when two clubs play. read more

15 Business Opportunities in Ekiti State For Investors

15 Business Opportunities in Ekiti State For Investors

In the southwest, Ekiti State is one of the best places for buying and selling and other distribution businesses like “provisions” phone accessories, clothing (already-made and cut and sew) among others. read more


15 Business Opportunities in Edo State For Investors

Edo State is the 22nd largest state in Nigeria in terms of land area, with its capital in the ancient Benin-City. It was formerly known as Bendel State until August 27, 1991, when Edo and Delta states were carved out of the old state. one of the 36 states of Nigeria, located in the southern region of the country. read more


Feedspot Top 30 Real Estate Blogs in Nigeria

NaijaHouses, EucarlRealty, Joe Nigeria real estate blog, Independent Newspapers Real Estate, and Plisthub are among the top 30 real estate blogs in Nigeria, according to Feedspot, a blog discovery platform. read more

Business Opportunities in Ebonyi State

10 Business Opportunities in Ebonyi State For Investors

One of the states in Nigeria where agriculture is their major job is Ebonyi, a state that was created on October 1, 1996. The state is dominated by the Igbo and has its capital in Abakaliki which also doubles as its largest city. read more

League of oil producing states Nigeria

20 Business Opportunities in Delta State For Investors

As one of the oil-producing states in Nigeria, Delta State is home to more than 20 business opportunities spread across the (administrative) capital, Asaba, and the commercial capital, Warri. read more

tourism investment opportunities in Obudu Cross River Nigeria

20 Business Opportunities in Cross River State for Investors

Created on May 27, 1967, Cross River is one of the states that make up the South-South geopolitical zone of Nigeria. It is a coastal state which shares borders with Benue, Ebonyi, Abia, and Akwa Ibom and an international border with Cameroon through the Sud-Ouest Province read more

business opportunities in benue state

15 Business Opportunities in Benue State for Investors

Called the “Food Basket of the Nation” Benue State has the potential of sustaining the fiscal policy and economic needs of the entire North-Central geopolitical through its revenue from agricultural produce if the business opportunities in the state are adequately put into use. read more

Business Opportunities in aquatic farming

15 Business Opportunities in Bayelsa State for Investors

Nigeria’s major source of revenue today, crude oil, is traced to Oliobiri, the present-day Bayelsa State, South-South geopolitical zone. But apart from oil, the state is blessed with other resources that could sustain the economic management of a country is properly harnessed. read more

Nigerian sesame seeds export for international buyers

20 Business Opportunities in Bauchi State for Investors

When Bauchi state was part of the Northern regional government in the 1960s, it contributed massively to the economic growth of the region and the central government at the time. The stable source of revenue in the state agriculture. read more

EndSARS Lekki Shooting Report And Its Implications On Foreign Investments In Nigeria

EndSARS Lekki Tollgate Shooting Report And Its Implications On Foreign Investments In Nigeria

On October 20, 2020, members of the Nigeria Police Force and the Nigerian Army stormed Lekki Toll Gate, the centre of EndSARs protest, in Lagos, and opened fire at unarmed protesters who were protesting over police brutality. read more

business_opportunities_in_anambra_state for_investors

15 Business Opportunities in Anambra State For Investors

In the southeast geopolitical zone, Anambra is the most highly industrial state. The state comprises innovators, manufacturers among others. But the business potential of the state has not been fully harnessed. In this post, we’ll discuss some of the business opportunities in Anambra for foreign and indigenous investors. read more

9 Major Barite Producing States in Nigeria

Natural Resources in Nigeria’s 36 States And Their Economic Value

Apart from crude oil which constitutes over 90 percent of its revenue, Nigeria is blessed with more than 40 natural resources that can be found in different parts of the country. read more


15 Business Opportunities in Ondo State For Investors

One of the states that contributed massively to the revenue of the old Western Region is the present-day Ondo, which is called the “sunshine state”. The Ondo’s cocoa endowment is unequaled in the Southwest geopolitical zone. read more


20 Business Opportunities in Katsina State For Investors

Katsina, one of the states in the Northwest geopolitical zones is blessed with a lot of lucrative business opportunities, unfortunately, a lot of them remain untapped or underutilised. read more

Emefiele And Buhari Forex crisis at its peak

The Economist Accusations Against Buhari’s Regime That May Affect Investment In Nigeria

In 2015, as Nigerians prepared for a general election, the outcome of which was predicted to split Nigeria, a UK-based news magazine, The Economist, in its editorial supported the opposition candidate at the time, Major General Muhammadu Buhari, against the incumbent Goodluck Jonathan, who represented a party that had been in power for 16 years. read more

Doing Business Online Google Investment in Data and Internet Speed in Africa benefits to entrepreneurs and SMES

11 States In Nigeria That Attracted Foreign Investments in 2020

Tagged the pandemic year, 2020 was still rosy for 11 states in Nigeria as Foreign Investors from across the world came to put their monies in the biggest Africa’s economy. read more

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