20 Business Ideas in Jigawa State for Investors

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Jigawa State is Nigeria’s largest producer of dates and hibiscus at the time of this article. And beyond that, there are hundreds of investment opportunities in the state.

This article explores the business ideas in Jigawa state for potential investors who are thinking of where to expand or invest in.

Rice Production and Packaging

Jigawa is among the top three producers of rice in Nigeria. Thanks to the activities of the resilient rice farmer in the state.


As an investor who wants to establish a rice processing factory, you should know that you can’t be short of supplies from local farmers.

However, rice processing machines and packaging tools are quite expensive, but it is worth it.

Mining of Solid Minerals

Jigawa has abundant solid minerals including tin, iron ore, copper, kaolin and gold among others.

There is a lot of illegal mining of gold in the state just like it is in other states that have gold in Nigeria.

However, going the right route by registering with the government and by obtaining the required certificates will open the door to the international market for you since you are operating a legitimate business.

If you want to make finished products from mineral resources, you can establish a factory where copper can be used for electrical equipment like wiring and motors.

Food Processing and Packaging Company

Food business is lucrative. There are different opportunities for different people, in line with their interest and aims and capital.

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If you have good capital, you can consider running a business revolving around food processing and packaging.

Jewellery Business

Jigawa has the ‘free trade zone’ advantage, and its easy access to the Republic of Niger is something that makes this business lucrative. Hence, your market is vast, and you can get customers from outside the country.

Mechanized Farming

Agriculture is a big investment in Jigawa and the state government doesn’t joke about it. For instance, analysis by experts described sesame farming as an untapped goldmine in Nigeria.

With the required capital, machinery can be utilized to plant beniseed on a large scale and export the products to international buyers.   

Leather Works Business

There are several people in the State whose livelihood revolves around the utilization of leather to make different products, including belts, wallets, shoes and so on. 

Therefore, you can take advantage of an existing industry to kick start a lucrative business around leather marketing.

Car Wash Business

Car wash business can easily thrive in Jigawa. It is easy to set up such businesses because it doesn’t require huge capital. Your location should be along a busy road for visibility purposes.

Metal Fabrication Firm

Hence, this business can be recommended to investors who are interested in operating a business in Jigawa.

Information Communications Technology Company

If you want to run a business revolving around IT, Dutse is your best best. Indeed, there are several organizations and agencies around the state capital that can are ready to patronize professionals in ICT.

Vet Clinic

This is a business for Vet Doctors interested in running a profitable venture in Jigawa State.

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You should know that many people in this state rear animals for profit. Therefore, they will need a professional to help them treat their animals in case of sickness.

Auto Sale, Maintenance and Repair Centre

You can kick start a business that revolves around auto sales, maintenance and repair centre. 

However, it is necessary to conduct a feasibility study before you take any step, so you can learn the things you should know for you to be adequately able to maximize your capital. 

Transportation Business

The transportation business is usually lucrative in Nigeria if done the right way. While it is a vast industry. You can invest in luxurious buses that residents of Jigawa State can utilize to travel to other parts of Nigeria.

Animal Rearing

You can invest in rearing animals in Jigawa for profit. You can rear goats, rams, poultry and so on.

Your market can stretch beyond Jigawa, since these products are usually needed even in faraway places like Lagos State

Security Services

It is one of the states facing security challenges in Nigeria, as such providing security services like installations of security hardware is a brilliant business idea.

Electronic Store

If you are going for this, it is advisable that you operate it in Dutse. A lot of well-to-do people in Jigawa State are based in Dutse. Hence, they are the ones who can easily buy your products.

Fast Food Business

As stated up there, the food business is good business. There are enlightened working-class people who don’t always have time to cook their own food but can afford to buy and eat nice delicacies at a neat restaurant.

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Mini Supermarket

You can invest in a mini supermarket in a popular area in Dutse, the state capital. With a proper and strong structure in place, you can keep doing well with your mini supermarket.

Internet-Based Business

There are different types of internet business you can go for, depending on your interest, expertise and capital. If you want to start on a small scale, you can be a blogger, freelancer and the rest.

Tailoring Business

You can establish a tailoring shop where the people can come and make their lovely clothes.

Recharge Card Business

Hundreds of market women and men still prefer to top up their credit through recharge cards, as such recharge card printing business, though maybe underrated, will bring in a lot of money in profit.


You can pick any of the business ideas we have highlighted in this article. Make sure you conduct your own due diligence before you take any step whatsoever, have a business roadmap (plan), and learn the ropes of the business before you fully set out.


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