H2I Online Business Opportunity You Shouldn’t Ignore

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One of the hassle-free online business opportunities you probably haven’t tried is helping hands international, popularly called H2i.

You don’t need to quit your present job. With data-enabled phone, you’re good to go. Simple to join and operate!

“For over a year I thought h2i was a usual business fraud until one of my friends made it to stage 4, where he got Hyundai brand new car,” Samuel narrates how he was sceptical of joining helping hands international seven months ago.


“Thank God I’m now a living testimony of h2i, having got a deep freezer as a compensation, my next target is the brand new Hyundai car,” he confidently says.

Before I proceed, you must know that successful people are because they believed in their dreams and themselves.

Once you are able to conquered fear in any business, you definitely going to make a breakthrough.
Why you should consider joining this business opportunity:
1) H2i now has a branded MasterCard just like Payoneer MasterCard for its members
2) H2i branded Hyundai Car
3) H2i branded Hyundai SUV
4) SmartPhones, and electronics etc
5) Our reviewer has joined and tells the story from insider point of view. Deceptive business opportunities aren’t allowed on this platform, that’s the only way to enjoy continuous trust of our fans.

If you checked my previous posts, you’ll find out that:

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I have written extensively on the hidden business opportunity of h2i, a Multi Level Marketing (MLM) firm that doesn’t stand on the way of your current job.

I’m going to show you how to join and what you can simply put in place to start getting result within seven days.

Please note: This isn’t a get rick quickly. Very simple, and straight forward.

Until the beginning of 2018, registration fee for helping hands international was $40 (N6,600). That’s has changed. Registration fee is now $50 (N8,250).

NOTE: The new price for Nigerians is N8,250 ($50). You can check the latest h2i registration fee in one of our articles.

The good part is: as the registration fee changed, referral bonus has also improved. Referral bonus now $10 as against $8 we used to have in the past years.

So how will the new h2i compensation plan benefit new members?

This business uses a forced 2 x 2 and 2 x 5 Matrix marketing System. This way, you are required to refer 2 members, however, you can have more sign ups(referrals) it will be in your own advantage.

As you progress, you will earn in 5 different stages, each stage is accomplished with rewards. The breakdown of and analysis of the stages are explained below.

Registration fee is a onetime payment of $60. $1 is N165 in H2i exchange rate.

This means that you will get $10 (automatically paid into your h2i e-wallet) when anyone registered under you. What about 10 people registering under you at once? That is where it becomes very interesting.

Let’s move right away into the compensation plan using the five stages.

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When you join, you become an ASSOCIATE MEMBER. Associate membership is a 2 x 2 matrix which serves as a feeder matrix, feeding stage 2 to stage 5 of the compensation plan.

When the 2 x 2 get filled (I.e. those two people that registered under you also registered two people each under them), you will be automatically promoted to stage 2.

Also, everybody on the board, once their matrix is filled they get promoted to stage 2 which is a 2 x 5 matrix and they are paid as they progress.h2i

Referral bonus for registering two people under you= $20
Referral bonus for registering three people under you=$30
Referral bonus for registering four people under you=$40
Referral bonus for registering five people under you=$50 etc
The master stage is simply known as feeder stage.

Stage 1 MATRIX BONUS =$10

Total bonus paid in stage 1, if you started with two people= $30
Total bonus paid in stage 1, if you started with three people= $40
Hope that’s not confusing , if you have any question please let me know at the end of this guide.
Let’s move to…


This is the first 2 x 5 matrix and everybody here must have passed through the feeder matrix – the ASSOCIATE stage.


-TABLET, GAS COOKER, TELEVISION, FRIDGE, FREEZER, WASHING MACHINE, ANDRIOD PHONE worth $312. (You can also collect a cash equivalent of $312).
-$10 matching bonus to uplink
As you get promoted to stage3. Since matrix bonus paid out when stage2 filled up is $1050, your uplink gets $105 simultaneously.

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This is the second 2 x 5 matrix, as you complete stage 2, stage 3 is formed with you on top starting the 2 x 5 matrix.


1st brand new Hyundai car worth $22,000 or a Cash Equivalent of $17,000.

Empowerment for 2 people on recommendation ($1000).
5% Matching Bonus to uplink —- $150



  • -Executive Car (SUV) – Worth $35,000 Or a Cash Equivallent of $22,000
    -Empowerment for 1 Motherless Home
    -Interest Free Business support fund (up to $12,000) – on request
    -5% Matching Bonus to uplink — $ 300.

Stage 5 – H2i Prime Minister Stage


  • -Housing fund -$40,000.
    -All-Expense paid Int’l Trip
    -Educational Fund ($2,000.)
    -Yearly Infinity Bonus ($5,000).
    -5% Matching Bonus to uplink ($600).
    -Elite Club members Fund (Up to 44,000)

You earn and collect the incentives above over and over and over again as you complete each re-entry. (Reentry fee = $500)

Plus lots more in each of the stages.

Helping hands international isn’t just a Multi Level Marketing Marketing, but an online business opportunity that has changed lives of many Nigerians ,who took action and worked their way to success.

Give away bonus:
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