20 Startup Business Ideas for English Language Graduates

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Oftentimes, we hear English Language undergraduates anxiously ask: What can I do with an English degree?

Unknowingly to many of them, English Language is the most diverse course just like the way graduates of Fine Arts can explore several startup opportunities.

In fact, many of them are worried about what career opportunities await them after the completion of their studies.


In this article, we list 20 startup business ideas for English Language graduates, BA English Studies, English and Literary Studies, English Language and Literature, and English and International Studies.


The aforementioned fields have some overlap, each of them have their own specific area of expertise.

What does English Language entail?

English language entails the study of grammar, structure, usage, vocabulary, syntax, and pronunciation.

The study of English Language, for countries where it is their official language, is crucial for effective communication and social/economic mobility.

Some of the countries where English is spoken as the official language include Canada, Ghana, Ireland, the United States, New Zealand, Nigeria, Papua New Guinea, Singapore, and South Africa

Advantage of English Majors over other disciplines

The advantage English Majors have over other fields in Arts Faculty is that the study of English Language entails extensive reading thereby providing them with a lot of transferable skills that include:

  • Excellent analytical skill
  • Critical thinking
  • Creative thinking
  • Research skills
  • Problem-solving
  • Writing skills
  • Empathy
  • Communication skills (Verbal and nonverbal)

The aforementioned skills help them succeed and fit into a wide range of roles after the completion of their studies.

What are the business opportunities for English Language graduates?

For English majors who couldn’t get government jobs, here are the 20 startup business ideas for English Language graduates:

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1) Online tutoring:

English language is one of the requirements for students who seek admission for studies in colleges of education, polytechnics, and universities. This makes it the most sought-after for those who write exams in high institutions.

Setting up an online tutoring class for those who want to write English Language-related subjects is a lucrative business for BA English Language and graduates of other English-related degrees.

2) Writing workshops:

This is a business idea for someone who is trained in the act of writing compelling prose.

The best way to convert this skill into a money-making venture is to offer writing workshops to aspiring writers online or in person.

3) Online book review platform:

There are English book writers around the world who need experts who can give honest opinions and compelling analyses of a book.

To turn this skill into a venture, you can set up an online book review platform where readers can discover and review books in various genres.

Again, the best way to monetize this is through advertising and affiliate marketing, you will be amazed by the number of book writers who would like their works to feature on your platform.

4) Speechwriting:

The services of English Language graduates are most in high demand when it comes to writing speeches for governors, lawmakers, presidents, celebrities, and other public figures.

The majority of English majors don’t just write a speech, but they write in simple words yet a powerful combination of words that address the subject matter.

Today, company CEOs, and politicians need the help of those who can craft speeches for them.

The beauty of being a speechwriter is that you don’t need to wait for an invite from politicians, you can begin to craft speeches for different events on LinkedIn and other platforms that will expose you to those who will need your service.

5) Social media management:

Social media management is about communication and helping individuals manage their social media handles to reach their audience.

In today’s world, most government agencies, politicians, and celebs need social media managers. Social media management is a great business idea for degree holders in the English Language.

6) Publishing consultancy:

Publishing involves writing. As we earlier stated that writing is one of the transferable skills for those who study the English Language, it is easy to deploy this skill to set up a publishing consultancy.

You could offer consultancy services to aspiring writers who need proper guidance on writing and publishing.

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Although, publishing is gradually moving away from where it used to be five decades ago, publishing, offering services to Amazon Kindle publishers where English Language is the official language is still a way to make money. 

7) Literary magazine:

You can set up a literary magazine, and showcase new and emerging writers. As you grow, you can monetize it through subscription and advertising.

This business idea is most lucrative in countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and other first-tier English-speaking countries.

8) Content writing service:

Have you heard about the popular saying among content writers that, “Content is king?”

Businesses that have online presence know the importance of content, they don’t joke with it. They need experts who can create compelling content that converts for their business and products.

You can find freelance content writing jobs on several platforms such as:

  • LinkedIn Jobs
  • Freelance writers den
  • FlexJobs
  • Behance creative jobs
  • Upwork
  • Where To Pitch
  • JournalismJobs.com
  • Contently
  • Fiverr etc

Set up an account on the aforementioned platforms to find content writing jobs and start earning per word ($.30 or more) or per hour ($15).

9) Writing contests:

Writing contests for aspiring writers is a business idea English language graduates have not fully explored.

10) Copywriting editing service:

An easy job to land for English Language graduates is copywriting editing service for individuals and businesses. Someone who has a degree in French can also offer this service for a living.

11) Proofreading service:

There are website owners and book writers who need the service of proofreaders, you can set up proofreading services for businesses and publishers.

12) Freelance journalism:

If the Ministry of Information in your country isn’t offering you a job, don’t worry, there are platforms where you could pitch story ideas to news organizations or websites.

Some of the places to pitch your story ideas include:

  • 101reporters
  • HackPack
  • Paydesk
  • WorldFixer
  • PitchWhiz etc
  • Solution Journalism Talent Network

13) Translation services:

There are Spanish, Chinese, Polish, Russian, and French speakers who need translators who would help them translate a script from their languages to English.

This is a very huge market for English majors or those who have a BA in English-related courses.

14) Resume writing:

As undergraduates, English majors receive lectures in many communication-related courses, and resume writing is one of them.

They are trained in all forms of communication, they can deploy these skills to offer resume-writing services for job seekers in countries where English is the official language.

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15) Ghostwriting:

Ghostwriting is another startup business idea for English majors. They can offer ghostwriting services to clients that need assistance in writing books, speeches, articles, and other forms of content.

16) Creative writing retreats:

English majors could organize creative writing retreats for aspiring writers who want to finetune their writing skills and charge them. Most of them will be ready to pay for your service if the first sets are impacted and do your marketing well.

17) Communication managers

English majors graduates have the verbal and non-verbal communication skills to be communication managers for organizations and individuals who need the service of someone whose diction will hold listeners or readers spellbound.

You don’t have to submit an application for this kind of job, make sure to utilize LinkedIn and other platforms for your writing to gain visibility.

18) Book club:

You could set up a book club for literature enthusiasts and charge a fee for membership. But this business idea requires patience and it’s best suited for a society that reads books the most.

According to the NOP World Culture score index on Money Control which measures the number of books that are read by citizens of countries around the world, India reads the most, followed by Thailand, China, the Philippines, and Egypt. Others on the list include Hong Kong, Australia, Canada, and the USA.

If you’re starting a book club business, this kind of data will help you to target the right audience. Closely similar to a book club is literary events planning.

19) Podcast production:

With your communication skills, you could offer podcast production services to individuals and businesses looking to start their own podcasts.

20) Blogging:

Just like we highlighted startup ideas for BA Mass Communication holders, blogging is one of the lucrative startup business ideas for English Language graduates.

There is money in blogging for those who are resilient and patient. Revenue comes from blogging through content monetization, advert placements in content, sponsored posts, and through affiliate marketing.


Those who have a degree in English-related courses may not know the transferable skills in their arsenal, English Language is one of the best courses in Arts Faculty one could study.

If you are thinking of what to do with your degree in English studies, the above startup business ideas for English Language graduates is to open your minds to lots of opportunities around you.

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