20 Business Ideas in Kwara State for Investors

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Fondly called “The Home of Harmony”, Kwara is one of the states in the North where fertile land can be utilized for agricultural purposes.

Beyond the richness of the land, there are many other business opportunities in Kwara state investors both at home and abroad can tap into.

This article discusses the investment opportunities in the Ilorin, the state capital and other towns and villages in Kwara.


Filling Station

Kwara is a connecting route to many Northern and Western states. It shares boundaries with Osun, Ekiti, Oyo, Kogi and one of the Nigerian states that share boundaries with the Republic of Benin.

This connectivity with many states means that hundreds of vehicles ply the road every day, making a necessity for the drivers to buy engine oil, diesel, and motor spirit (petrol).

Siting filling stations in Kwara will be high-yielding for investors within and outside the state, although it is capital intensive, the return on investment is superb.

Mechanized Farming

Only a few organizations in Nigerian farmers are doing mechanized farming because it’s capital intensive. No wonder, big spenders with the required managerial skills do well in the agric sector.

The likes of Shonga Farms in Kwara State, Obasanjo Farms in Ogun State, Tuns Farms in Osun State, Ajanla Farms in Oyo State are globally known for their capacities in agriculture. They are big spenders and they are reaping the returns.

Are you ready to jump right in?

Welcome to Kwara State where there is a large sparse of ungoverned land suitable for the cultivation of fruits like mangoes, pineapple and cash crops like coffee, kola nuts, cocoa, and beni seed plantation among others.

There are other crops the state is known for so, if you are ready to go fully mechanized, Kwara is one of the places you can get affordable fertile land to start farming.

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Haulage Business

Similar to the sitting of a filling station in the home of harmony is the haulage business. Its boundary with Norther Nigeria makes the haulage business one of the lucrative businesses in Kwara.

Some of the agricultural products at Songa Farms need to be transported to the final consumers across Nigeria.

You can keep getting returns by transporting their manufactured products from the factories in the state to their preferred location. 

Poultry Farm Business

The poultry business is also very profitable and lucrative to run in a place like Kwara state.

If you are starting this business with a moderate amount of capital, then you must be ready to get directly involved in it.

If you are going very big, you can sit back to handle the managerial aspect, while you employ those who will do the hard work.

However, irrespective of how you intend to start, ensure you know how the birds can be well taken care of, so you can maximize your investment.

Printing Press

Investors looking for a good business to engage in Kwara state can consider investing in a standard printing press.

The state capital Ilorin is the most suitable location for the printing press because of the concentration of high institutions within and Ilorin environs.

Apart from printing handouts, and textbooks for institutions of learning, political activities that take place in Ilorin require the printing of banners and posters, this is where the printing press comes in.

Corporate Cleaning Business

It is easy to suggest this particular business idea because there are several corporate organizations in this state already.

For many of them, it is easy to simply give their cleaning needs to a standard cleaning business that has expertise.

Furniture Making Company

If you have the skills, you can start small somewhere around, and seek to grow. At this level, you can even create more income for yourself by teaching interested people this skill.

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However, if you are well-to-do, you can start on a high note, employing those who will work for you.


If you are a medical doctor, you can easily start a business that revolves around your profession. This means that you can run a private hospital in Kwara state where you treat people for a fee.

Corporate Catering Business

You should know already that catering is pretty lucrative. However, operating at this level means working for big organizations that usually delegate their catering to catering companies. 

This business needs the right connection with CEO, MDs of companies and with political heavyweights in the state.

Law Firm

If you are a lawyer, you can simply start a law firm if you have a degree in the legal profession. You can target major towns in the state.

Restaurant Business

A good location is what you need to thrive in setting up a restaurant business in the state.

Recharge Card Printing

Despite the number of people that top up their phone lines through banking apps and USSD codes, hundreds of people still depend on the manual means of purchasing credit cards.

The market for recharge card sales is huge in Ilorin and other towns in the state, so, printing and selling recharge cards in large quantities will be a great deal for an investor.

Hairstylist Shop

This is a skill-based business. But we’ve seen business-minded people who only have peripheral of how salon works and invested hugely and employ hairstylists who work for them.

Hostel Investment

Kwara is home to a number of higher institutions including the University of Ilorin, Kwara State Polytechnic, Kwara State University among others.

As an investor, you can buy plots of land in areas where these high institutions are situated, make it standard, provide amenities, and you’d be amazed that hundreds of students are ready to pay for quality apartments that would give them comfortability.

Events Hall Rental

There are various events usually happening around Kwara every now and then, and the event planners usually make use of event halls (which they pay good money for). 

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IJMB Centers

This is very popular in Kwara state because of an institution like the University of Ilorin. What happens is that, since the school can’t admit everyone, some of those turned away would gladly turn to IJMB to catch up with others.

Employ experts in various subjects to ditch out qualitative teaching. It may be challenging from start, but your quality will market your centres.

Real Estate

Kwara is getting more and more advanced, and investors from within and outside Nigeria are coming into the state. They need quality apartments to buy or rent.

No wonder some real estate firms headquartered in Lagos and Abuja are gradually expanding their businesses to Ilorin, the state capital.

Mobile Phone Shop

The popularity of smartphones in particular keeps increasing in Ilorin and its environs. One of the major and popular gadgets centre is Femtech.

Mining Investment

Kwara is one of the states in Nigeria blessed with abundant mineral resources. For instance, more than 10 years ago, high grade light crude oil was discovered in Ara Orin in Irepodun Local Government Area of Kwara, the state is also blessed with large deposits of gold, limestone, marble, feldspar, clay, and kaolin among others.

Which of the solid minerals do you want to invest in as an investor? The list of resources gives you the privilege to choose the one you have a comparative advantage on in the international market.

The good part is that the state government is aware of the natural resources in Kwara and shows once states that it’s ready to support local and foreign investors.

Other business opportunities in Kwara include:

  • Social media marketing
  • Social media management
  • Blogging training
  • Fruit distribution


Kwara state is a strategic location for business, as an investor – big or small- Ilorin and its environs is a place where great business innovation and management can thrive.

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