20 Business Ideas in Gombe State for Investors

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Gombe state isn’t just called the “Jewel of Savannah”, it is a Northern state that is endowed with more than 10 different solid minerals which can be used for various purposes.

This article explores various investment opportunities in Gombe that can be explored by investors within and outside Nigeria.

Concrete Product Manufacturing Business

The first thing that comes to mind of people who are familiar with the geography of Gombe when solid minerals are mentioned is limestone.


Gombe has an excess limestone which is one of the crucial materials for the production of cement and other concrete products.

So, no wonder Ashaka Cement tapped into the abundant deposit of limestone in the state to site its cement manufacturing hub in Gombe.

Ready to take the bull by the horn? Gombe is a fantastic place to site your cement factory. You don’t have to worry about the competition, the market is large for one manufacturing company to saturate the market needs of house builders within and neighbouring states.

Cement Major Distribution

The fact that Ashaka Cement PLC is located in the state opened market opportunities for those who have the capital to become cement wholesalers.

When you become a wholesaler, there are a lot of privileges you will enjoy from the manufacturer.

To become Ashaka cement distributor, visit the marketing unit of the company, you’d be directed on how to go about it.

Note: This requires millions of naira to become a cement major distributor because you’ll be getting supplies directly from the company at a favourable price.

Mechanized Farming

Agric produce like maize, sorghum, rice, wheat, cowpeas, groundnuts, soya beans, lemon, mango, pawpaw and orange among others do well in Gombe and the farmers in the state are doing fantastically well in these crops. However, most of them use primitive tools.

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As an investor with enough capital to pump on machinery and management, a lot of money awaits you from your investment.

Conduct research about the location to be sure that the place isn’t notorious for herder/farmer clash.

Veterinary Centre

Despite the sales of livestock on an everyday basis in the state, the number of cattle, sheep, goats, and other animals in the state is huge.

Like their owners, animals fall sick and they need veterinary doctors to take care of the animals.

You can establish yourself in the state to offer consultancy services to owners of farms and treat sick livestock.

Provision Store

For small business owners who have thought of other ventures to invest in, provision store is another business idea in Gombe and other towns in the state.

In Gombe, like in several other places in the north, it is very common to see different kiosks scattered around, where folks sell different products in bits for consumers.

Chemist Shop

This business majorly revolves around selling drugs to those that need them. So, instead of spending more money in hospitals, for instance, they simply go to the chemist’s shop for their drugs. 

Note: Self-medication is dangerous. Only buy drugs on prescription by a medical expert.

Furniture Making Business

In the state capital, there are wealthy people who are ready to cough out a lot of money to acquire beautiful-looking furniture works for their apartments.

If you have the skill, you can kick-start this business and expand as your customer base grows.

Transportation Business

Northerners are the most nomadic people in Nigeria. They move from state to state in search of greener pastures or to expand their businesses.

Venturing into the transportation business will be worth it. Employ the right people, use vehicle tracking devices and motivate your employees to get the best service from them.

Purchase standard buses for your business so that you don’t leave passengers stranded in the middle of the road.

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You will make a lot of money from this investment if you abide by some of our suggestions. But it’s capital intensive.

If you don’t have a whole lot of cash, you can decide to get just one vehicle and start by driving it yourself just to know how the industry works, then, you can keep reinvesting your profits, and grow the business by getting more vehicles that you employ other drivers to drive.

Construction Business

If you are a professional in the building industry (perhaps a trained architect, civil engineer, structural engineer, or a building engineer), and you have been searching for a nice business you can engage in Gombe state, then you should consider starting your own construction company.

Note: You need political influence and connection to get government contracts. But you don’t have to wait for government contracts to get started. There are hundreds of people out there who have succeeded as build engineers without connection with the government.

Auto Repair Workshop

There are several people in the state with their own vehicles. It is a known fact that a vehicle can develop a fault at any time.

When this happens, one has to seek the services of an expert – a trained mechanic. Therefore, the market is always there, since not everyone can work on cars.

Site your workshop at a strategic location to get recurrent patronage.

Car Wash Business

There are several vehicle owners in Gombe state, particularly in the state capital. Also, not everyone enjoys washing their car all by themselves.

Some people don’t just have such a time. Therefore, they find it easy to drive into a car wash around where they pay to have their vehicles properly washed.

Cattle Business

The cattle business is very lucrative in the northern part of Nigeria. The market is pretty broad as far as meat is concerned. You can always sell to the southern part of the country for even more money.

Barbing Salon

You don’t need a huge capital to set up a barbing salon. You only need your skills to be prominent, if you are starting on a small scale.

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If you have more money, you don’t even need to have barbing skills. You can simply establish a salon in a good part of the city of Gombe, and employ those who will work for you. 

Social Media Manager

Now, it’s possible that you reading this article is a very young internet inclined young chap who is wondering if he can run something legitimately online from Gombe state. As far as yo

If you have good internet, you can become a social media manager, and social media influencer if you have huge following on Twitter and other social media and work for clients from different places in the world.

Local Restaurant

If you’ve ever being to Gombe, you’ll know how rich the state is in local foods. Some of the delicacies in Gombe, according to Local Guide Connects, include sinasir, masa, shinkafa da miya, taliya, semo, farfesu (popularly known as pepper soup), and shinkafa jollof among others.

Setting up a local restaurant to make provision for people who can’t or do not have the luxury to prepare their own food is a business idea you should consider if you the procedures of preparing the aforementioned food items.

Visitors love to taste the local delicacies of their host. Think about this and see how your business will be embraced who love what you cook.

Livestock Farming

Gombe is one of the few states in Nigeria where the state government has shown unparalleled commitment to livestock farming. And livestock farming is one of the most profitable farming business ideas.

The state was among the state to embrace grazing reserves, creating a more conducive environment for livestock farmers and ensuring that herder/farmer clash is reduced to the minimum.

The commitment is an indication that livestock investment can thrive well in the state. You can also invest in goat farming on large scale.

Other business ideas for low-income earners include:

  • Photography
  • Block Making
  • Sales of Raw Food
  • Recharge Card Business

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