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5 Safest Exchanges to Buy Crypto in New Zealand

Last updated on September 7th, 2022 at 06:48 am


Hundreds of people in New Zealand who want to buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and other digital assets seamlessly are always on the lookout for the safest crypto exchange to use.

This article focuses on the best platforms you can buy and carry out your cryptocurrency activities securely without issues of security breaches or credit card details hack in New Zealand.

In coming up with this list, we factored in security which is a topmost priority when choosing an exchange. So, let us take you on a drive to discuss each of the best cryptocurrency exchange platforms in NZ.


Swyftx NZ

Swyftx is a top-notch Cryptocurrency Exchange with all the bells and whistles you’d expect in one place.

Over 320 assets are available for trading on Swyftx ranging from Bitcoin and Ethereum to Ripple and Litecoin. DeFi coins such as UniCoin can also be traded.

In addition to low fees and spreads, their trading platform has an unmatched demo mode for practising trades, exceptional customer support, real-time feeds, and two-factor authentication for an extra layer of security. You can chart all of your favorite cryptocurrencies across multiple currencies on TradingView.

Simplifying and speeding up the verification and trading processes, as well as providing excellent customer service has made Swyftx Crypto Exchange one of the most popular crypto exchanges in New Zealand and other places around the world.

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Crypto traders should expect minimal spreads and a high level of service from their global liquidity providers and banking partners.

Swyftx, a progressive cryptocurrency exchange, has low fees for instance buying and selling fees when digital assets on swyftx is 0.6%, and spreads, as well as unique platform features, which is why so many people are using it to trade crypto in NZ.


BitPrime is one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges in NZ. Bitprime has the required license to operate in New Zealand.

Over-the-Counter prices on the site are exceptional, making it appropriate for both novice and experienced traders to trade easily.

It’s well-known that BitPrime’s trading fees include all expenditures, such as currency conversion fees and slippage, as well as bank charges.

Anti-terrorism and anti-money laundering standards are strictly adhered to on the site.

Unlike a custodial platform, BitPrime does not have an in-house wallet to keep customer funds. It operates a non-custodial wallet.
Since BitPrime has no access to the funds, it can be considered one of the most secured cryptocurrency exchanges.

Since the traders manage their own funds, there is no risk of losing crypto coins on the exchange.
Furthermore, the platform is extremely user-friendly, with top-notch crypto and wallet security and top-notch technical assistance.

Binance New Zealand

For individuals looking for a platform with a high volume of trading options, including margin trading and derivatives, look no further than Binance New Zealand.

There are more than 600 coins to choose from and minimal trading fees of 0.1 per cent for high-volume dealers.

The lack of customer service on Binance makes it difficult for newcomers to the cryptocurrency market to get started with the site.

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Over 600 cryptocurrencies are available on Binance New Zealand, which has minimal trading costs (maximum of 0.1 per cent) and an abundance of other features that make it a haven for serious crypto traders from around the world.

These include spot trading, margin trading, a P2P (peer-to-peer) exchange, and futures trading.
With limit orders and stop limits, large-volume traders can take advantage of the market’s liquidity in a time-saving manner.

There’s a lot to like about Binance New Zealand’s size and volume of everyday trading.
You can purchase or sell rapidly because of the high level of liquidity in the stock market.

Another thing that draws people in is the wide range of cryptocurrencies available, numbering in upwards of 600.

For seasoned investors, hearing about a new currency with great potential but being unable to buy it on an exchange that only offers a limited selection of cryptocurrencies is frustrating which is why Binance New Zealand is the best bet.

Independent Reserve

Another safest platform to buy your cryptocurrencies which is developed for Australia and New Zealand is the Independent Reserve.

There are a lot of bitcoin traders using Independent Reserve because it has minimal fees and accepts fiat dollars. In addition to supporting the Australian and New Zealand dollars, Independent Reserve also provides support for the US currency.

Cryptocurrency traders can trade in Ethereum Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin using the Independent Reserve platform. The Independent Reserve also facilitates trading in the Australian dollar, New Zealand dollar, and US currency.

There is a multicurrency order book on the platform that will convert orders into the currency of your choice when they are submitted.

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To summarize, this platform gives you access to the whole pool of orders, allowing you to get the best potential price while trading cryptocurrencies, as you can see all market orders regardless of the fiat currency in which they are made.

Easy Crypto NZ

Easy Crypto is a New Zealand-based cryptocurrency exchange that enables users to purchase and sell digital currencies in a safe and timely manner.

Digital currencies are being supported not only in New Zealand but across the globe, notably in South Africa and Australia. In the digital market, Easy Crypto operates as a broker, allowing traders to purchase and sell cryptocurrency.

In order to buy over 44 different cryptocurrencies using AUD, NZD, and ZAR fiat currencies, the exchange offers a wide selection of deposit options.

In terms of design, the platform is intuitive and easy to use. Direct bank transfers to either the cryptocurrency exchange account, cold storage, or existing crypto wallets are available.


So, if you are a new crypto investor in New Zealand or a pro trader, we have listed the safest and best cryptocurrency exchange platform you can transact with even as you take the basic precautions as a trader.

\ prbasic precautions as a trader.

Our search showed that none of the exchanges here have experienced any form of security breach on exchanges. But keep your login credentials to avoid compromising your crypto wallet.

And note that investing and trading in digital assets comes with risks. Talk to an expert or your financial adviser or check our trading disclaimer.


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