10 Small Business Opportunities in Kansas

Last updated on February 16th, 2023 at 09:12 pm


If you’re an entrepreneur, now may be a terrific moment to take advantage of Kansas’ many business opportunities.

Find out what the greatest kind of business to launch in Kansas is if you’re trying to take advantage of the state’s expanding economy.

Information Technology Services

The reliance on technology is growing in both commercial and domestic settings. The unfortunate reality is that technological systems routinely fail or fall short of expectations.


A regular stream of customers may come your way if you have the skills to troubleshoot and enhance various electronic equipment, systems, networks, programs, etc. Clients that rely on your business for their IT requirements are also likely to do so frequently.

Appliance Repair Services

Most individuals have at least one electrical appliance in their homes or workplaces, and it’s sad that these devices are susceptible to harm from misuse or simple wear and tear.

You may get started in a similar venture in Kansas, helping individuals out with electrical appliance repairs.

Instead of waiting for customers to come to you, you can take your business on the road by establishing a mobile appliance repair service.

Kansas locals would appreciate a mobile appliance repair service because it would save them the trouble of moving bulky broken items.

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Herbal Farm Stand

The demand for herbal products has created a demand for farms that can provide the raw materials for herbal product manufacturers.

In addition to businesses in the manufacturing sector, we also see consumers purchasing herbs for use in alternative medicine.

If you have a passion for farming and gardening, this is a fantastic business opportunity. Your herbal farm can be started on small size and sold to local inhabitants, or it can be started on a large scale as a commercial herbal farm and sold to manufacturers of herbal products.

Massage Therapist

If you’ve ever had a massage from a trained professional, you know the profound effect they can have on your nervous system and overall well-being. People are willing to pay for a high-quality massage service since it helps them unwind and feel better.

If you’re interested in becoming a massage therapist, all you need to do is study the art for a few years and be certified by the appropriate board. Your house is a great place to launch a massage business, or you can choose to travel to clients.

Moving Services

Money can be made by providing moving services for others. Getting a vehicle will solve all of your problems.

You could get started with a used truck or even rent one if you don’t want to spend a lot of money at the outset. You should start by coming up with a memorable name for your company and then promoting it.

If you work really hard, you can earn back the cost of the truck and put some money away in a matter of months.

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One more perk of owning a truck is the variety of other uses you can put it to besides hauling; these include renting it out and even starting a mobile business. A lack of funds is no longer an excuse in Kansas when one has access to a truck.

Cleaning Services

In the state of Kansas, cleaners are in high demand. One way to cash in on this trend is to launch a cleaning company that offers its services to other companies and residences.

Your cleaning service could target a certain niche market by focusing on a specific type of cleaning, or it could offer a wider range of services in an effort to appeal to a wider audience.


This is a field that fascinates me because of its breadth. There are hundreds of established markets for photography-related products and services, and a few new ones as well.

You can work as a stock photographer, taking random photos and selling them to website and blog owners, bloggers, and online magazines that need cool pictures to back up their stories.

You can go into fashion photography or work for a news organization as a press photographer.

Graffiti Removal

The elimination of graffiti is another promising market niche. Getting paid to help clean up graffiti from public spaces is a real possibility.

Moreover, you can get compensated by the government to clean up graffiti if you become a government contractor. Along with graffiti removal, there are many additional options in the cleaning and beautification industry to explore.

Virtual Assistant Services

A full-time receptionist or administrative assistant may not be necessary for some companies. You can provide your virtual assistant services to companies who want to fill administrative positions without hiring full-time employees.

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Business Consulting

These past few years have made Kansas a desirable spot for companies to establish themselves. The influx of new firms has created a demand for the state’s business consultancy services.

Depending on your expertise, you could choose to launch a company that provides services to other companies, such as those that assist them to save money, saving time, enhancing their logistics, or increasing their market presence.


The above small business opportunities in Kansas is just an eye-opener to the array of business ideas that abound in the Sunflower state.

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