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25 Side Hustle In That Can Generate Extra Income for You

Last updated on September 16th, 2022 at 07:52 pm


A side hustle is simply an additional route of making money. Looking for a side hustle in Nigeria means you’re already engaged, but finding a way to complement your existing revenue.

It is understandable, particularly in a place like Nigeria where low salaries, inflation, and job insecurities are the order of the day.

It is better not to put all eggs in one basket, but to be always eager to grow one’s financial life. We will explore profitable ventures you can indulge by the side even if you are fully employed. You don’t even have to quit your current job before engaging them.


Let’s explore the side hustle you can do to generate extra income

Barbing Salon

There are ways you can go about this. You can decide to open a barbing salon and employ someone to manage it for you, or you simply run the salon only in the evenings or weekends (or any other day you won’t be going to work). Just ensure you establish the salon in a busy area where you will have a competitive advantage over your competitors.

Website Designing/Development

If you know how to design and manage websites, this is a side hustle that can even fetch you more money than your current salary. 

In fact, you can attend to clients’ gigs during your free time at work. Many companies and individuals out there are in need of a functional website for one reason or another, and they can’t do it themselves. They will therefore be glad to pay you for it, and it’s something that can be done in any part of the world.


This is tilted towards the busy female in need of a side hustle in Nigeria that can fetch them more money. You can decide to be mobile, as such you may not nee open a shop.

After the close of your regular job, you can go to the homes of your clients to make their hair, and get paid for it. You can even get paid by making the hair of your co-workers in your regular job. You will easily thrive on referrals if you can make unique hairstyles.

Affiliate Marketing

You can become an affiliate marketer without having to quit your daily job. This is something flexible, and you can create a system that fetches money even while you sleep. 

There are well-known and reliable programs for affiliate marketers, both local and foreign ones. Simply sign up for them, and start promoting products – and you will earn a commission for every successful sale.

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Selling Secondhand Clothes

This can be stressful for a beginner. But it can be really fruitful when mastered. While there are several people running this business on a full-time basis, you can operate yours as a side hustle and still make a lot of money, selling in your spare time.

In fact, depending on where you work, you can even take some of the clothes to your regular place of work and sell them to your co-workers. 

Blogging For Money

It is necessary to say “blogging for money”, because there are people who run a blog for other reasons. You can start a blog and run it on autopilot, without having to give too much of your time to it. 

If you create a proper autopilot system, your blog can be fetching you good money each day while you are occupied with other things. Of course, this can only be a reality if you take your time to first learn the ropes.

Evening Tutorials

This will be easier for those in the educational sector, particularly teachers. If you are a teacher that teaches in a primary or secondary school from morning till evening, you can earn additional money as you take evening lessons for students, particularly in their own homes. This is a side hustle in Nigeria and around the world that can fetch you good money in the subject of speciality.


There are some side hustle that have the potential to earn more than your regular job. One of such is becoming a Youtuber. If your channel becomes popular and successful, you will end up earning in dollars each month, and it becomes huge when converted to our own local currency here in Nigeria.


If you have a car, why leave it idle all the time when it can be utilized to fetch additional income? Some people don’t even go to work with their cars – they only use the car on a few weekends. 

If you are in this category, and you are looking for a side hustle in Nigeria, you can register as a driver on Uber. 

When you close at work, you can carry people going your direction, and earn some money. Additionally, during weekends or holidays, you can dedicate more time to it, and you will be surprised at how much money you will earn.

Content Writing 

Writing requires effort, and you can even spend hours curating great content. Its flexibility makes it something that can be recommended to persons seeking side hustles in Nigeria. 

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If you are good at writing, you can make good money each week writing for clients, particularly online. 

Advertise your writing services online and you will be surprised at the number of media platforms interested in what you offer.

Renting Wedding Gowns

Wedding means a lot to women, and they usually want to put on a superb gown on their special day. There are women who will prefer renting their wedding gowns to making one. This is because, while the groom can still put on his suit subsequently for other things, the woman can’t do that with her wedding gown. 

Hence, you can start a side hustle where you simply rent wedding gowns to intending brides, and they pay for it. 

Amazon Kindle Publishing

This is beneficial to those who love writing. You can make additional money by writing and publishing your books. Gone are the days when you have to wait for traditional publishers before you become a published author and start earning with your talent. 

Today, you can take advantage of platforms like Amazon Kindle Publishing and sell your book in different places in the world, earning good royalties in the process.

Organizing Seminars And Resourceful Events

You should have come across individuals whose major occupation is to organize seminars and productive events, and they are doing well in it. You can replicate the same as a side hustle. Learn the ropes of how this is done and start from somewhere.

Social Media Manager

You can actually be working full-time somewhere, and still be earning money by managing the social media platforms of organizations and individuals in need of such services. 

There are several tools today to make the job very easy, including tools to schedule posts.

Property Manager

There are property owners who don’t want to (or don’t have time to) manage their properties themselves (some of such are not even in the country). You can start a side business that offers such services and flourish.

Cryptocurrency Trading

Cryptocurrency trading simply entails buying cryptocurrencies at a low price and selling at a high price for profit. This can be done without affecting your dedication in your regular place of work, as far as you understood the technicalities behind the operations of cryptocurrencies. 

There are even crypto platforms that use bot for trading or sign up on platforms where you can receive trading signals.


Virtual currencies are risky. You can make x3 of your investment within seconds, you can also lose your entire investment within a blink of an eye. Trade with caution. 

Running A Laundry Shop

You can decide to employ someone in your shop to run your laundry business for you while you are busy with your regular job, or choose to open for business in the evening or at weekends. However, if you are going for the latter route, it will be easier for you to build a relationship with clients and be the one going to their homes to pick their stuff (as well as returning them when you are done).

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Mobile Provision Store

To do this, after closing at work, you simply move your truck to a bubbling place. Ensure your wares are visible, and you will be amazed at how profitable this could be.

Making Soups

This can be lucrative if you can properly position yourself, and you don’t even have to quit your current job to flourish. It is easier for those who enjoy cooking (and are really good with it).

You simply need to let people know you can make soups for them, and they will pay you for it.

Graphic Designer

Actually, it can take time to create superb designs. Still, you can combine being a graphic designer with your other regular job. If you are good with the skill, you should be faster. Also, there are tools out there today that can help you in terms of efficiency.

Creating Mobile Apps

You can learn how to make mobile applications take as a side hustle. You simply place your apps on the Google Play store and monetize with AdMob. If your apps are a success with plenty of downloads, it will generate revenue for you.

Teaching Foreign Languages

If you are good with popular foreign languages like German, French, Japanese etc you can earn money teaching others interested in learning new languages. The teaching time can be structured to be when you have closed from work or weekends.

Selling Physical Products Online

If you have products people can buy, you can take advantage of the internet to advertise them. You just snap with your phone and upload online. When orders are made, you send them to the customer. This can be effectively done as a side hustle.

Online Courses On Udemy

Udemy is a platform you can take advantage of to earn money in Nigeria simply by selling video courses. Learn how the platform works, and you could end up earning more than your current job

In conclusion, you can combine any of the explored side hustle in Nigeria with whatever it is you are currently doing, and increase your streams of income.

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