Cost of Party Nomination Forms in Nigeria for Elective Positions

Cost of Party Nomination Forms in Nigeria for Elective Positions

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For aspirants to clinch the ticket of a political party in Nigeria, they would have to spend a lot of money to buy Expression of Interest (EoI) and nomination forms.

Millions of Nigerians have criticised the price tag on several elective positions among the two major political parties in Nigeria: the All Progress Congress and the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP).

APC, which rode to power on the promise to eradicate poverty and ‘kill corruption before it kills Nigeria’, made its nominations forms exclusively for rich people.


The recent cost of political party tickets for elective positions for the 2023 general elections has shown that the APC nomination forms are more expensive than the PDP.

NotTooYoung Campaigners calling on President Muhammadu Buhari to ‘allow’ the younger generation to contest for elective positions in 2018. Buhari signed the bill into law on May 31, 2018. Photo credit: Sahara Reporters

Nomination forms for 2023 Elections

Below is the latest cost of party nomination forms by the two parties in Nigeria for the 2023 presidential election

Political PositionsAPCPDP
Presidential NGN100 millionNGN40 million
GovernorshipNGN50 millionNGN21 million
SenateNGN20 millionNGN3.5 million
House Of RepresentativesNGN10 millionNGN2.5 million
State House Of AssemblyNGN2 millionNGN600,000


When the PDP nomination forms for the 2023 elections went on sale after the end of the party’s 95th National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting in Abuja, it said interested party members could obtain the form on March 17, 2022.

The communique which contained the details of the breakdown was signed by the PDP National Spokesperson Debo Ologunagba.


  • Expression of Interest (EoI) form: NGN5,000,000
  • Nomination form: NGN35,000,000
  • Total: NGN40,000,000


  • EoI: NGN1,000,000
  • Nomination form: NGN20,000,000
  • Total: NGN21,000,000
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  • EoI: NGN500,000
  • Nomination form: NGN3,000,000
  • Total: NGN3,500,000

The communique which contained the details of the breakdown was signed by the PDP National Spokesperson Debo Ologunagba.


  • Expression of Interest (EoI) form: NGN5,000,000
  • Nomination form: NGN35,000,000
  • Total: NGN40,000,000


  • EoI: NGN1,000,000
  • Nomination form: NGN20,000,000
  • Total: NGN21,000,000


  • EoI: NGN500,000

House of Representatives:

  • EoI: NGN500,000
  • Nomination form: NGN2,000,000
  • Total: NGN2,500,000

House of Assembly:

  • Expression of interest: NGN100,000
  • Nomination form: NGN500,000
  • Total: NGN600K

Special consideration for PDP aspirants:

For PDP youths who are between 25 to 30 years and willing to purchase nomination forms, there is a 50 per cent discount for them across all the elective positions.


Similarly, the All Progressives Congress (APC) on Wednesday, April 20, 2022, announced the sales of its nomination forms for various political offices.

This was made public by the party’s national publicity secretary, Felix Morka, shortly after the 11th National Executive Meeting in Abuja

Presidential aspirant:

  • Expression of Interest (EoI) form: NGN30,000,000
  • Nomination form: NGN70,000,000
  • Total: NGN100,000,000


  • EoI: NGN10,000,000
  • Nomination form: NGN40,000,000
  • Total: NGN50,000,000


  • EoI: NGN3,000,000
  • Nomination form: NGN17,000,000
  • Total: NGN20,000,000

House of Representatives:

  • EoI: NGN1,000,000
  • Nomination form: NGN9,000,000
  • Total: NGN10,000,000

House of Assembly:

  • Expression of interest: NGN500,000
  • Nomination form: NGN1,500,000
  • Total: NGN2,000,000

Special consideration for APC aspirants:

For APC female aspirants and Persons with Disabilities (PWD), they are to only purchase the Expression of Interest form while nomination forms are free for them.

For the youths under the party who are 35-year-old and below, they are to buy EoI while they would enjoy 40% discount on the nomination forms.

2019 Elections:

A presidential aspirant for the 2019 election paid NGN45 million under APC while PDP reduced the cost of its form to NGN12 million.

For the 2019 governorship form, APC charged more by collecting NGN22.5 million for aspirants that wanted to hold the party’s broom.

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But PDP reduced it from NGN11M to NGN6,000,000

During the 2019 sales of forms, APC enticed women and the physically challenged with a 50% discount for forms for all positions.

PDP, which was struggling at the time to reclaim rulership of Aso Rock Villa made the forms available for female aspirants for free.

Nomination forms in the 2015 elections:

Nomination forms for an aspiring president in 2015 were a bit cheaper compared to what the country experienced in 2019 and 2023 elective posts.

Form for presidential aspirants was sold for NGN22,000,000 by the PDP while the same form went for NGN27.5 million in APC.

For APC governorship aspirants, they bought the form for NGN10,000,000 to vie for elective positions in the 2015 election.

For PDP, the same governorship form was NGN11,000,000

What’s the cost of nomination forms in APGA?

The All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA), has also joined the list of exorbitant party nomination forms as aspiring contestants for various political offices in the 2023 general elections, would have to pay through their nose.

Office of the President

  • Expression of Interest form: NGN5 million
  • Nomination form: NGN20 million
  • Total: NGN25, 000,000

A governorship aspirant would have to buy form for NGN15 million; Senate goes for NGN10 million; House of Reps cost NGN7 million while House of Assembly aspirant would have to cough out the sum of NGN2.5 million to show their seriousness to serve their people.

Any Chance For Younger Generation?

The above price tag for the two “juicy” offices doesn’t include the cost of the campaign and mobilisation which even cost more.

Elective positions, no doubt, under the two dominant political parties (PDP) is for the rich.

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It isn’t about those who have the idea, but those who have bullion-van-filled money to spend.

Although, President Muhammadu Buhari signed into law, the “Not Too Young To Run” Bill on May 31, 2018, two days after promising to make it law. The Not Too Young To Run Bill was aimed to allow the youth to vie for elective positions.

One of the critics of the APC-led government and a U.S.-based Professor of Journalism, Farooq Kperogi, berated the ruling government for making jest of the Not Too Young To Run Law through it presidential nomination form.

How do you simultaneously tell young ppl that they CAN & CAN’T run for the highest office in the land? Pass a law that says they can (“Not Too Young To Run”) but then raise the fee for the nomination form to N100m. Maybe we need another legislation called “Not Too Poor to Run”


But with the current price tag across the board, aspirants who do not have financial supporters or personal wealth might find it challenging to obtain the nomination form of their political parties.


YearPolitical PositionsPDPAPC
2015Presidential form
NGN22 million
NGN11 million
NGN27.5 million
NGN10 million
2019Presidential form
NGN12 million
NGN6 million
NGN45 million
NGN22.5 million
2023Presidential form
House of Reps
House Assembly
NGN40 million
NGN21 million
NGN3.5 million
NGN2.5 million
NGN100 million
NGN50 million
NGN20 million
NGN10 million
NGN2 million
Political party nomination forms in nigeria

Money is defining Nigeria’s political system rather than competence. The more poverty increases, the more Nigeria’s insecurity becomes worst, the more nomination fees continue to rise.



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