History of Zamfara State: LGAs And Past Governors from 1996 Till Date

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Zamfara is one of the 36 States in Nigeria and is located in the northwestern part of the country. It was created on the 1st of October 1996. Until that time, the area was part of Sokoto State. Zamfara was nicknamed “Farming is Our Pride”

  • Date of creation: October 1, 1996 by the regime of late Gen. Sani Abacha
  • State capital: Gusau.
  • Slogan: Farming is our pride.
  • Geopolitical zone: North West

The current Governor of Zamfara State is Abdul’aziz Abubakar Yari, a member of the All Progressives Congress (APC), alongside his deputy Ibrahim Wakkala.

Although there are various ethnic groups in the State, the Hausa and Fulani groups are predominant.


Over the years, the people have struggled for autonomy – which they eventually got during the tenure of the Late General Sani Abacha who carved the State from Sokoto State.

Zamfara State is close to the likes of Niger republic (to the North),  Kaduna State (to the South), Katsina State (to the east) and Sokoto with Niger States (to the West).


The place known as Zamfara State today was one of the old Hausa city-states like Kano, Katsina, Gobir, Kabi and Zazzau.

According to history, the earliest inhabitants of the State were hunters and giants. They first settled at Dutsi – the State’s first capital.

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At the wake of British colonialism, the emerging town of Gusau became a vital commercial and administrative center with road and rail networks passing through it.

With the creation of states during the Gowon Administration, Zamfara Kingdom became part of the then North West state and later the Sokoto State.

Local Government Areas in Zamfara State

There are 14 Local Government Areas in Zamfara, and they are:

  1. Anka
  2. Bakura
  3. Birnin Magaji/Kiyaw
  4. Bukkuyum
  5. Bungudu
  6. Tsafe
  7. Gummi
  8. Gusau
  9. Kaura Namoda
  10. Maradun
  11. Maru
  12. Shinkafi
  13. Talata Mafara
  14. Zurmi


The State is majorly populated by Hausa and Fulani people. Other ethnic groups that can be found there are:

  • Gwari
  • Kamuku
  • Kambari
  • Dukawa
  • Bussawa
  • Zabarma

Zamfara is an important commercial center and is home to people from various parts of the country.


Agriculture is the principal occupation of the inhabitants of Zamfara.

Irrigation is required for cereals and legumes in the State, and it’s no a mystery why their nickname is “farming is our pride”.

In 2009, gold mining became a greater source of income in the State as worldwide gold prices skyrocketed.


Islam is the predominant religion in Zamfara and was even the first state in the country to introduce Sharia law. Another popular religion in the State is Christianity.


Just as in other States in the country, English is the official language being spoken in Zamfara.

Other popular languages spoken in the State are Hausa, French, Fulfulde and Arabic.

Past Governors Of Zamfara State from 1996 till date

Here is a list of past governors of Zamfara State (both military and civilian)

  • Jibril Yakubu: Yakubu was the first military Administrator to rule Zamfara State (7 October 1996to May 1999)
  • Ahmad Sani Yarima: He was the First Civilian Executive Governor of the state(29 May 1999 to 29 May 2007)
  • Mahmud Shinkafi: He succeeded Yarimaandbecame the first Deputy Governor to be selected in the history of the country by his mentor to serve after him (29 May 2007 to May 2011)
  • Abdul’aziz Abubakar Yari
  • Bello Mohammad Matawalle: He is the current Governor of the State (PDP)
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