NCC Unified Shortcodes for Mobile Networks in Nigeria (FULL LIST)

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On Tuesday, March 14, 2023, the Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) rolled out a list of unified short codes for MTN, GLO, Airtel, and 9mobile.

If you use up to four mobile networks because of fear of the unpredictable nature of networks across Nigeria, here is the full list of the new unified shortcodes to use:

  1. To recharge: 311
  2. Call centre: 300;
  3. To buy data: 312
  4. Code to link NIN to your line: *996#
  5. Borrow services: 303
  6. To check data balance: 323
  7. Check airtime balance: 310
  8. Voicemail deposit: 301
  9. Voice mail retrieval: 302
  10. Stop services: 305
  11. Share services: 321
  12. Do Not Disturb (DND): 2442
  13. Porting Services: 3232

NCC is an agency of Nigeria’s Communications Ministry saddled with the responsibility of issuing licenses to mobile carriers and regulating activities of telecommunication companies in Nigeria.

New Codes for MTN Nigeria
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Benefits of harmonized shortcodes

  • It makes telecommunication services easier for users.
  • It reduces the burden for users who before now had to know all codes for their networks by heart.
  • It helps reshape the telecom experience for users.
  • It makes service through short code easier for telecom providers.
  • For Nigeria, it shows that the country is in line with the global best practices.
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What do harmonized shortcodes mean for users?

This means that instead of memorizing code for checking MTN or GLO separately, users will now be able to use the same codes across all mobile networks.

It means that users of MTN, Airtel, 9mobile, and Glo mobile networks will carry out the services their individual network providers provide with the same shortcodes.

What should mobile network users do to start using the codes?

They don’t have to do anything. Provided they have a mobile line, dial any of the above shortcodes on their line to start using.

Notably, some telecommunication firms started the implementation a few days after NCC announced the new codes.

How to use

Let’s take 312 for an Airtel user who wants to buy data plan, all he does is to dial *312# to access other options such as:

  1. My offer
  2. Data bundles
  3. N5000/22GB/30 days
  4. N3000/11GB/30days
  5. N1500/6GB/7days
  6. N500/2.5GB/2 days
  7. Family plan
  8. Everyday ON
  9. *Next

Then he chooses the option he wants by the number.

To subscribe to 7 days of 6GB which cost N1500, he chooses 5.

This procedure applies to other networks. It is very simple and straightforward.

When will mobile networks start the implementation?

At the time of publication, all the mobile networks in Nigeria – GLO, Airtel, 9mobile, and MTN – have started implementing the new unified shortcodes.

However, Nigeria’s mobile regulatory agency gave May 17, 2023, as the deadline for implementation, according to a statement signed NCC Director of Public Affairs Reuben Mouka.

What will happen to the old shortcodes?

The existing shortcodes will cease to be in use by March 14, 2024.

This means that they have a year to run concurrently for a year when they will be phased out.

Discover MTN’s New Codes

The popular *560# to check balances on MTN has been rested with new code and other new codes to perform activities on MTN.

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To test the availability of the old code on Monday, May 22, 2023, we dialed *560# but received an error message, “Sorry, the service provider is currently not available, please try again later”

What are the new codes for MTN?

Here is all you need to know about the new codes for MTN are:

  • *310# is for checking account balance
  • *311# is for airtime recharge using pins
  • *312# is for subscribing to MTN data plan
  • *323# is for checking data balance
  • *303# if for MTN users who want to borrow either airtime or data
  • *321# is dedicated for sharing data with your loved ones
  • *996# to retrieve your National Identity Number (NIN) on your MTN
  • *305# is for users who want to manage their active value-added service (VAS) subscription and check out new VAS.
  • The latest code to contact or talk to MTN customer support is 300.

What can I do if I can’t memorize all the new codes?

In a situation whereby you can’t memorize all the latest codes for MTN Nigeria, simply dial *301#, this code gives access to other codes that apply to other codes.

Here is a list of option you will get if you dial *301#:

  • Code for data plan
  • Code Airtime recharge
  • Code to borrow airtime or data
  • Code for data balance
  • To see other new codes, enter 99:
  • Code to check account balance
  • Code to share data
  • Code for VAS
  • Code to check your NIN

New MTN code to share airtime

There are two options to transfer or share airtime with loved ones:

  1. SMS
  2. By dialing code

Here are the samples for both methods:


Transfer 08056538938 3500 1940 and send to 321 and finally reply with ‘YES; within 15 minutes to complete the share airtime transfer.

By dialing code:

If you prefer to share airtime by code,

  • dial *321#
  • Selection option 1
  • Select option 1 (for airtime transfer).

There are conditions to airtime share on MTN:

The least you can transfer per transaction is NGN50 while you can’t transfer/share more than NGN5,000 per transaction. You can’t transfer more than NGN50,000 in a day.

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Caution: Double check the recipient’s phone number before confirming the transfer.

Which codes is replacing *131*200#?

It is *131*200#, meaning you can always replace 131 with 312

What is the code for MTN XtraTalk?

For MTN XtraTalk, dial *312*# and select any XtraValue plan of your choice.

MTN Share PIN activation process

If you’re a first-timer on the MTN share service, you need to active your share PIN by following this process:

  • Dial *321#
  • Select option 1 for airtime share
  • Select option 4 for Create PIN
  • Enter the required information such as email address and security question
  • Enter your preferred 4-digit PIN
  • Confirm PIN to complete the process

Codes for call forwarding on MTN

You can dial any of the following codes to activate call diverts or forwarding on your MTN line:

  • **21*phone number# for activating divert on all calls.
  • **61*phone number# to activate divert on no answer
  • **67*phone number# to activate divert on busy
  • **62*phone number# to activate divert on not reachable
  • To cancel all call diverts on MTN, dail ##002#

New code for MTN pulse Night

To enjoy the MTN Pulse Nightlife bundle on your MTN line, text: NT1 to 312 at NGN25 for 250MB. For 500MB, text: NT2 to 312 at NGN50.

After confirming the package, restart your phone to start enjoying the night browsing from 11PM to 6AM.

If you prefer to activate MTN Pulse Night through code, simply dial *406*3# to activate.

I don’t know the new Airtel USSD codes.

Just like other networks, the new shortcodes released by NCC work for Airtel subscribers. E.G dial *323# to check airtel data balance.


You don’t need to trouble yourself searching for, “9mobile new USSD codes” or “Glob new USSD codes” or whatever mobile networks you use, the Unified USSD codes work on all the networks.

All you need to do is add * at the beginning and end with # and dial, that’s all.

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