31 NIN Enrolment Centres in Canada

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There are 31 NIN registration centres spread across major Canadian cities for Nigerians in the diaspora to enrol for National Identification Number. The centres are located in 15 cities across the country.

These centres can also handle issues that are related to the correction of name, phone number or any other modifications to your NIN data.

For Nigerians who reside in the UK, US, and other countries around the world, we already have the list of global NIN centres in our earliest post.


Analysis of NIN Enrolment Centres in Canada

The number of registration centres found in each of the major cities:

  1. Calgary: 3 centres
  2. Chilliwack: 1
  3. Edmonton: 2 centres
  4. GTA East: 1
  5. Winnipeg: 1
  6. Vancouver: 3 NIN offices
  7. Toronto: 6 registration centres
  8. Surrey: 1
  9. Regina: 1
  10. Ottawa: 4 centres
  11. Halifax: 1
  12. London: 1
  13. Moncton: 1
  14. Montreal: 1
  15. Mississauga: 3 centres

Of all the locations, Toronto has the highest number of NIN enrolment centres in Canada with 6 places. It is followed by Calgary (3),  Ottawa (3), and Vancouver with 3 centres for NIN centres.

Here is the comprehensive list of NIN enrolment locations in Canada with their address and phone numbers:

1) Toronto:

Toronto is the capital of the province of Ontario. It has 6 NIN enrolment centres as follows:

1) File Solutions Limited office, 1183 Finch Avenue, Suite #605, North York, Toronto

Telephone: +14166310435


2) Knowledge Square Nigeria office, 8 Melanie Drive, Ste. 202, Brampton, ON, L6K 4L2

Telephone: +1 (647) 770-2719


3) Knowledge Square Nigeria office, 69 Eastern Avenue, Unit 1 (Ground floor) Brampton, ON L6W 1X9

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Telephone: +1 (647) 770-2719


4) Deacil Professional Services Limited office, 1401-160 Chalkfarm Drive, Toronto, Ontario M3L 2J1

Telephone: +1(647)3386370


5) Ficoven Investments Limited office, 201-718 Wilson Avenue, Toronto, M3K 1E2, Ontario

Telephone: +14169129049


6) Ficoven Investments Limited office, 415 Oakdale Road, Unit 240, North York, M3N 1W7, Toronto

Telephone: +14167320864


2) NIN registration centres in Ottawa

There are four NIN enrolment centres in Canada’s capital, Ottawa, tthey are:

1) Knowledge Square Nigeria office, 272 Flodden Way, Nepean, ON K2G 7C9

Telephone: +1 (343 ) 698 0091


2) Dantata Universal Services Limited office (VFS Global Services), 2211 Riverside

Drive, Unit 401, K1H 7X5, Ottawa, Ontario

Telephone: +12892331850


3) Ficoven Investments Limited office, 604 – 2870 Cedarwood Drive, K1V 8Y5, Ottawa

Telephone: +16139177267


4) Slogani Consults Nigeria Limited office,

186, Burma Road, Ottawa, K1K 4N3, Ontario

Telephone: +14385221920


3) Calgary

There are three NIN centres in Calgary, Alberta’s largest city

1) Eh-Led Global Resources Limited office, Douglasdale

Professional Centre, Suite 319, 11420 – 27 Street SE Calgary, Alberta, Alberta T2Z 3R6

Telephone: +1 4039 186465

Website: ehledglobal.com

2) Knowledge Square Nigeria office, Unit 3, 3700 19th Street NE, Calgary, Alberta T2E 6V2

Telephone: +1 (403) 4017875, +1 (403) 973-0111

Website: iq-online.net/book-canada

3) Dantata Universal Services Limited office (VFS Global Services), Unit 2153509, 17th Avenue SE, Calgary, Alberta

Telephone: +1 587 5826780


4) Vancouver

Vancouver is the most ethnically diverse city in Canada. So, for Nigerians in this city who want to enrol for NIN or modify their data, here are the 3 enrolment centres in Vancouver:

1) Knowledge Square Nigeria office, 5739, 126 Street, Surrey, BC V3X 1J4

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Telephone: +1 (778) 692-9030


2) Dantata Universal Services Limited office (VFS Global Services), 580 Hornby Street, Unit 440, V6C2E7 Vancouver, British Columbia

Telephone: +1 2505650199


3) Ficoven Investments Limited office,

Unit 17, 9316 194th Street, Surrey, BC, V4 NE9, Vancouver, British Columbia

Telephone: +17789285479


5) Edmonton

If you’re in the Province of Alberta, you can find two centres in Edmonton to enrol for the National Identification Number. You can find them here you at:

1) Knowledge Square Nigeria office, 10565 97 Street, NW Edmonton, Alberta

Telephone: +1 587 598 2120


2) Dantata Universal Services Limited office (VFS Global Services), Scotia Place, Tower 2, Unit 531, 10060, Jasper Avenue, Edmonton Alberta, T5J 3R8

Telephone: +1 7788143179


6) Mississauga

If you reside in the City of Mississauga, Ontario, you can get your NIN in any of these three centres:

1) Afritech Multi Concept Limited

2550 Argentia Road, (Unit 109),

Mississauga, Ontario

Telephone: +1(416)670 3465


2) Slogani Consults Nigeria Limited

Office: 7490 Bath Road, Mississauga, Ontario L4T 1LS

Telephone: +16478182011, +14167409716


3) File Solutions Limited office, 2 Robert Speck Parkway,

Suite 750, Mississauga, Ontario L4Z 1H8

Telephone: +14165681356


4) GE Solutions & Logistics

Suite 605,

3660 Hurontario Street


GTA, Ontario, Canada

Website: www.nincanada.ca

Email: contact@nincanada.ca

Phone number: 9052766111

7) Moncton

You can only get on NIN enrolment centre in Moncton, the most populous city in the Canadian province of New Brunswick.

Knowledge Square Nigeria

Office: 160A Millennium Blvd, Moncton, NB E1E2G8, New Brunswick

Telephone: 15063435338


8) Montreal

Montreal, the largest city in Canada’s Québec province has one NIN office:

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Eh-Led Global Resources Limited office, 7780 Rue Hardy, LaSalle, QC H8N 2P5

Telephone: +1 5146 774829


9) Regina

Regina, the capital of Saskatchewan, has one NIN office there:

Knowledge Square Nigeria

234 11th Avenue East, Regina, Saskatchewan SK S4N 6G8

Telephone: +1(639)560-0383


10) Surrey

If you reside in British Columbia, you can find NIN centre in Surrey:

Ficoven Investments Limited

Unit 1 – 12988 84 Avenue, Surrey,

BC V3W OK6, British Columbia

Telephone: +16043668280


11) Winnipeg

If you’re in the capital of Manitoba Province, Winnipeg, and its environs, NIN Winnipeg office is at:

Knowledge Square Nigeria office, Unit 104,

200 Pembina Highway, Winnipeg, Manitoba MB R3T 2A7

Telephone: +1(204)914-5645


12) London

In southwestern Ontario, you can find NIN office in London at:

Eh-Led Global Resources Limited office,

FCC London 12955083 Canada Inc.,

34 Covent Garden Market place, Downtown, London, Ontario

Telephone: +1 2269 981467


13) Halifax

In Nova Scotia, NIN office is located in Halifax, here is the address:

Knowledge Square Nigeria office,

Keshen Goodman Public Library,

330 Lacewood Drive, Halifax, NS B3S 0A3, Nova Scotia

Telephone: +1(587)202-1111


14) GTA East

Knowledge Square Nigeria office,

1092 Silk Street, Pickering, Greater Toronto Area (GTA) East, ON L1X 0E8, Ontario

Telephone: +1 (416)931-8776


15) Chilliwack

Also in British Columbia, you can find NIN registration centre in the city of Chilliwack:

Deacil Professional Services Limited office,

2-45608 Bernard Avenue, Chilliwack, BC V2P OJ7

Telephone: +1(613)5011140



The above listed NIN centres in Canada handle the same services NIMC does back home like data modification, correction of phone numbers, date of birth etc.

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