Marble and other Solid Minerals Resources in Delta State


Do you know that crude oil isn’t the only natural resource that can be found in Delta State? Little is known about other solid mineral resources in “The Big Heart” because the economy of the state largely depends on derivation revenue because it is one of the oil-producing states.

In 2022, Delta State got the highest from the derivation fund according to data from the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), receiving N296.63 billion, representing 31 per cent of the total revenue from the derivation account.


Here is a full list of solid mineral resources found in Delta State:

  • Crude oil
  • Glass-sand,
  • Gypsum,
  • Clay
  • Iron-ore,
  • Lignite,
  • Kaolin
  • Marble

What are these resources used for?

Clay is used for pottery and decorative products

Crude oil is a major source of gas. To fuel cars and to generate electricity. Crude oil is the raw material for a lot of industrial uses.

Glass sand is used for making walkways, and access roads for beautification purposes.

Gypsum is one of the raw materials for cement factories and fertilizer

Iron ore used to make steel

Kaolin is used for making papers

Marble is used for building monuments and beautification of the exotic edifice. Most of the marble are imported into Nigeria despite the large deposits of natural resource in Nigeria

Lignite also known as brown coal, lignite is used for generating electricity. This means Nigeria does not need to rely on Kainji Dam as its main source of power.

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