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Borno State Postal Codes by LGA and Urban Location

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Just like every other state in Nigeria, Borno State has postal codes allocated to it by the NIPOST for easy identification of where a specific parcel goes to.

Borno State postal codes help receivers and senders of letters or parcels to get their message delivered to the right location.

Note: Borno State ZIP codes mean the same thing as the postal codes. The only difference is that ZIP codes are commonly used in the USA while postal codes are used in Nigeria and other countries across the World.


So let’s see all the postal codes attributed to each district and city in Borno State, North East, Nigeria.

Maiduguri Postal codes

  • College of agric: 600223
  • Gwange: 600235
  • Coca Cola Factory: 600273
  • Government House: 600231
  • Bolori: 600281
  • Bulabulin: 600221
  • Stadium: 600271
  • NIPOST Head Quarters: 600243
  • Molai G. R. A: 600243
  • Maiduguri flour mills: 600214
  • Elkanemi islamic Theology: 600253
  • Gamboru: 600222
  • Police College: 600251
  • New G.R.A: 600233
  • Pompamari Housing Estate: 600282
  • NNPC Depot: 600252
  • Post Office: 600211
  • London ciki: 600230
  • G.R.A Police Station: 600230
  • State low cost: 600215
  • Nursing Home: 600241
  • Lamisula / mafoni: 600213

Biu Postal Codes

See below the list of zip codes in Biu Local government:

  • Biu Town: 603101
  • Biu Central: 603101
  • Biu east: 603108
  • Dadinkowa: 603109
  • Miringa: 603102

Chibok Postal Codes

Chibok LAG zip code is 601102 and all the areas located within Chibok use the same code

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Dikwa LGA

  • Dikwa Town: 611101
  • Gumsu: 611106

Postal Codes for Bama LGA, Borno State

  • Amachaka: 610110
  • Kasugula: 610211
  • Tandari: 610212
  • Bulabulin: 610213
  • Kangeleri: 610221
  • Makintari: 610222
  • Kidari: 610223
  • Yerimari: 610231
  • Ajari: 610241
  • Zannari: 610242
  • Other locations in Bama: 610101
  • Dar-Eljamal: 610107
  • Gulumba: 610102
  • Soye: 610108
  • Woloji: 610103
  • Ya biri: 610109

Damboa LGA

  • Ajigin: 601106
  • Damboa Town: 601101


  • Askira: 601103
  • Lassa: 601107

Hawul LGA 

  • Kwajjafa: 603106
  • Kwaya bura: 603112
  • Sakwa: 603105

Konduga LGA 

  • Auno: 610111
  • Konduga Town: 610104

Ngala LGA

  • Ngala town: 611102
  • Ranna: 611107

Shani LGA

  • Kubo: 603110
  • Lakundum: 603111
  • Shani Town: 603107

There are some Local Government Areas in Borno State which has a unified zip code in their districts and towns, see them below:

  • Abadam: 612103. All the areas located within Abadam LGA use the same code
  • Bayo LGA postal code: 603104. All the areas located within Bayo Local Government Area use the same code.
  • Nganzai LGA: 612103. The same code applies to all the areas located within Nganzai council area.
  • Mobbar LGA Zip code: 602101. All the areas located within Mobbar use the same code.
  • Monguno LGA: 12101. This code applies to all the areas located within Monguno council area.
  • Marte Postal Code: 611105. Note that all the areas located within Marte LGA use the same code.
  • Magumeri LGA Postal code: 602104. All the areas located within Magumeri use the same code.
  • Kwaya Kusar LGA: 603103 is the postal code for Kwaya Kusar Council Area, Borno State. The same code is used by all the areas located within Kwaya Kusar Council area.
  • Jere LGA postal code: 600104
  • Note: All the streets, towns and villages located within Jere Local Government Area (LGA) use the postal code: 600104.
  • Kaga LGA Postal code is 600105. The same code is used in all the areas located within the council area.
  • Postal code for Kala Balge LGA, Borno State: 611103 is allocated to Kala Balge LGA and all the areas located within Kala Balge Local Government Area (LGA) of Borno State, Nigeria.
  • Kukawa LGA: 612102 is the postal code for Kakawa Local Government Area. The same code is used by all the areas located within the council area.
  • Postal Code for Mafa LGA: 611104. All the areas located within Mafa use the same zip code.
  • Gubio LGA: 602102. The same code is used in areas located within Gubio Local Government Area.
  • Guzamala LGA: 612104. All the areas located within Guzamala use the same code
  • Gwoza LGA: 610106. Note that all the areas located within Gwoza Local Government Area (LGA) use the same postal code.
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When you come across a space for postal code or zip code in an online form, you can refer to this list of Borno State Postal codes.

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