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2 Simple Ways To Link NIN To Your Airtel Line

Last Updated on April 7, 2022 by InfomediaNG

Following the order of the Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) that all phone numbers must be linked to a unique 11-digit of National Identity Number (NIN), Airtel released a guide on how their customers can get it done without visiting any of their branch offices.


In this post, we’ll share how to link your NIN to your Airtel line in the comfort of your home. No stress!

The initial deadline for the exercise was December 30, 2020, but it was shifted to March 31, 2022. That privilege has elapsed and SIM cards that are not linked to NIN may be blocked very soon.

This means you have more time for yourself, but you don’t have to wait for rush hour, do it now.

If you misplaced your NIN slip, simply dial *346# to get your 11-digit unique number. If you don’t, check out the guide on how to register for NIN in Nigeria and check the nearest NIMC enrolment centres to you.

How to Link your National Identity Number To Your Airtel Phone Number

You can link your AIRTEL phone number to your NIN through two methods:

  1. USSD Code
  2. Via Airtel-NIN dedicated portal

Using Airtel USSD Code

  • Dial *121# and follow prompt message.
  • Enter your 11-digit NIN and press enter.
  • Or dial *121*1# and send

Using AIRTE-NIN Portal:

  • Use
  • Enter your Airtel number
  • Enter OTP
  • And click submit

NIN has been submitted successfully.

Valued customer, this submission is solely for NIN collection as the validation of the submitted NIN will be done by NIMC.

In the event that your information cannot be validated, You may be required to visit our showroom for a verification exercise. Thank You

That’s all, you would be updated if your NIN has been linked to your line successfully. Also, you can link up to 7 SIM cards to one National Identity Number by using the NIMC Mobile App

Check other guides on how to link NIN to GLO and the processes of linking your MTN to your NIN in a few seconds.

Do you have two or up to seven SIM cards to add to your NIN?

The video below should be your guide.


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