4 Locations to Enrol for NIN in Germany

NIN enrolment centres in Germany are located in Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, and Kassel.


1) Knowledge Square Nigeria office,

Fontanestraße 45, 13158 Wilhelmsruh, Pankow, Berlin

Telephone: +49 1577 8785995


2) Dantata Universal Services Limited office (VFS Global Services),

Mail Boxes Etc. – Center MBE 2526,

Bismarckstraße 85, 10627 Berlin

Telephone: +4917661607555


NIN centres near Frankfurt

1) Dantata Universal Services Limited office (VFS Global Services),

Ferdinand-Happ-Strasse 53, 60314, Frankfurt, Am Main

Telephone: +4915215998884


2) Eh-Led Global Resources Limited office,

Münchner Straße 56, 60329, Frankfurt

Telephone: +4915781064356



1) Biosec Solutions Limited,

Hamburger Strasse 208, 22083, Hamburg

Telephone: +49 15211 977092


2) Biosec Solutions Limited,

Dehnhaide 6, 22081 Hamburg

Telephone: +49 15210 105000


NIN office in Kassel

Biosec Solutions Limited,

Hedwigstraße 10-12, 34117, Kassel

Telephone: +49 1621 522508



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