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How To Register for Access Money, Change Default PIN

Last updated on August 26th, 2022 at 02:38 pm


Since Access Bank Plc in collaboration with Airtel launched its mobile money service, AccessMoney, intending users have been asking, How can I create AccessMoney account?

What is AccessMoney

AccessMoney is a financial service by Access Bank Plc, Nigeria, which allows you to carry out transactions from mobile device any time without a bank account so as to simplify financial transactions among Nigerians.

Sign Up with AccessMoney: 7 Easy Steps

You can easily sign up with AccessMoney following these steps


1) On your mobile phone, simply dial *903# and send. You get a welcome message, “welcome to access money powered by airtel. Please enter 1) Registration”

2) Type 1 to choose registration.

3) Enter your first name and send

4) Enter your last name and send

5) Fill your date of birth. (ddmmyy e.g 01121954).

6) Enter your sex

7) You get a popup message asking to send 1 to confirm your registration.

7 Benefits of AccessMoney

With access money, you are able to  carry out seven basic financial transactions:

  1. Buy airtime
    2. Send money
    3. Pay bill
    4. Pay merchant
    5. Withdraw money
    6. Bank
    7. My wallet

And that all…you thereafter get a welcome message on your airtel line,

“Dear customer, your account creation is successful with pin …for AccessMoney for normal wallet. Please change your PIN for your security.AccessMoney”

However, Access Bank Plc facebook page admin advises that you should visit any nearest branch of Access Bank branch in your area upon registration, or any mobile agents of the bank to fund your mobile money wallet.

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How to change access money pin

Follow the guide below to change your access money PIN

  • You can change your PIN at any time. Dial *903#
  • Go to My wallet > PIN Change> Input Old PIN(****)> Enter New PIN> Confirm New PIN

For further enquiry, contact:
Call 012802500, or 0127120057-7

Limitations of AccessMoney

Mobile Banking Watch (MBW) tested the mobile money on MTN, but failed consistently, saying “try again…”
But the registration was smooth on Airtel line, MBW believes that since the mobile money is powered by Airtel, it (airtel) owns the exclusive network-provider right.

Security tips for AccessMoney Users

  1. Never give your PIN to a third party.
    2. Since you will be using the service on your mobile phone, it is not advisable to store your accessmoney PIN on your device in case of lost or theft.
    3. Promptly report a lost phone which contains your PIN to the nearest Access Bank branch(the bank isn’t a phone finder) so that the service would be blocked to bar intruder from having access to your wallet.
    4. Never give your financial details to a third party claiming to be the representative of Access Bank, instead contact the customer care desk at any branch of the bank for clarification.

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20 thoughts on “How To Register for Access Money, Change Default PIN”

  1. I won baba ijebu 12000 and i tried paying out but it automatically went into access money which i did not open demanding me to use *903# which i did but due to wrong pin the account was disabled, i have called d customer care line and also went to d bank branch which dey claim they dont know anything about the acount and can do nothing about it, what should i do.

  2. I don’t know how I spend access money account . But I mistakenly transferred funds to it and now I don’t know which pin to use

  3. Shaibu lawal junior

    I lost my access money wallet account number how can I get it true SMS and I can’t access *903#

    1. You can have a live chat with AccessBank on
      Or call Access Bank Customer Service on the following phone numbers:
      +234 1- 2712005-7,
      +234 1-2802500,

      1. husna sadiq Abubakar

        MY name is husna, precisely i cannot have access to MY wallet account for mothen three now pls i need help

  4. Kazeem Suleiman

    I win Baba ijebu 12000 with my Airtel number and access money automatically open access money wallet account for me but I tried to operate the account but no way, instead I’m receiving a and message telling me that my wallet as been disabled due to different pin tried.
    Please what can I do to get my money?

    1. Hello Suleiman,

      Please visit any Access Bank branch closest to you. Or reach them on social media,

      Twitter: @MyAccessBank
      Instagram: @myaccessbank


      Contact Access Bank customer centre for any help on: +234 1- 2712005-7, +234 1-2802500, 07003000000, 01-2273000
      Or send us email at: contactcenter @ accessbankplc dot com

      All the best.

      1. I also have the same issues….Access bank don’t have idea about the Airtel Access money,their customer service manager at ilupeju said he doesn’t know what it means.please help me

        1. Hi Iyiola,

          What issue are you having? Explain your problem to your bank. We don’t handle sensitive details of account owners. However, you can use the contact us page if you have an info you want to share with us.

  5. I tried registering following these steps and its saying,document type,ID number.Pls wat does it mean?

    1. Hello Hauwa it’s possible you are not doing something right or the bank has made some changes regarding accessmoney please contact the bank on any of these numbers:
      +234 1- 2712005-7, +234 1-2802500, 07003000000

      or use the twitter help handle: @accessbank_help

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