Change Your Career: 10 Practical Steps to a Successful Career Change By Adora Ikwuemesi

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Change Your Career 10 Practical Steps to a Successful Career Change by Adora Ikwuemesi

Hundreds of questions come to mind when you’re about taking a critical step in changing your career, this could happen to anyone in life.

  • Book Title: Change Your Career: 10 Practical Steps to a Successful Career Change
  • Author: Adora Ikwuemesi
  • Publisher: Mexhouse Media
  • ISBN: 978-1-9165037-0-0
  • First Edition: 2018
  • No. of chapters: 10 (Plus a bonus chapter)
  • Price: N3,500 Excluding VAT
  • Style of writing: Simple, powerful and thought-provoking
  • Targets: Job seekers, employers of labour, employees
  • Format: Available in paper and e-book
  • Language: English

In this post, I’d be telling you a few tips I found in a practical-based career book entitled, “Change Your Career10 Practical Steps to a Successful Career Change” written by one of the best Nigeria-based career coaches and human resource experts Adora Ikwuemesi.


“Change Your Career is a self-help book for anyone who seriously wants to change their career quickly and successfully. Whether your desire is to start a new career, switch to a more fulfilling career or increase your earning potential, this book will help you achieve your career goals.”

Published by Maxhouse Media, the book is pure practical one written from the personal experiences of the author.

The book encapsulates the preparations you need to put in place before making a career change.

Style of writing:

I stumbled upon the book on a Facebook Group created by Mrs Adora Ikwuemesi. The FB group is a meeting place for recruiters and job seekers in Nigeria.

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The author talks to her reader(s) like they are both at a counselling class, it makes me, personally, feel like I’m facing someone face-to-face. Simple sentences yet powerful to shape your thoughts about career change.

Straight to the point, yet highlights some of the things you need in your career arsenal as you warm up for the task ahead.

What I like about “Change Your Career”

It isn’t a book exclusively for job seekers, it’s a useful book for those who want to build a career in human resource management and those who want to consolidate on their achievements in their chosen career.

End of every chapter contains a practical task

The chapters dwell on how to define and know where you’re headed. You shouldn’t end everywhere.

The highlight of 50 transferable skills and how to explore networking skills make the book a must-have for everyone.

“This practical guide is an easy read that reveals ten proven strategies to help you take the actions required to start your career change journey on the right footing by beginning with a compelling career vision.”

“Change Your Career” makes the list of 19 Best New Career Change eBooks To Read In 2020

Meanwhile, “Change Your Career” has made the BookAuthority list of 19 best career change eBooks to read in 2020

BookAuthority is an independent world’s leading site for book recommendations by thought leaders, which helps readers to find the best books on various topics to develop their skills.

A delighted Adora while sharing the heart-warming news on Facebook said, “Wow, so honored, was just doing a random search of my name online to see what came up and didn’t even know that my book, “Change Your Career” was named one of the best new Career Change ebooks by BookAuthority!

“Thanks to everyone who has ever bought it or mentioned it, apparently, an online algorithm does a search and ranks books to be recommended. Here’s to more books coming from me,” she said.

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Ratings of books on BookAuthority are calculated purely based on data. And the domain does not accept requests to feature a book, “nor are we doing business with publishers or authors.”

About the author

Adora Ikwuemesi is a speaker and globally certified professional in the field of human resources management. She is the founder of and host of the annual Human Resources camp Conference.

Change Your Career: 10 Practical Steps to a Successful Career Change was the first book in the area of career development I bought and I have no regret doing so.

How to buy Change Your Career

1) You can make a purchase on her official website and the book would be delivered to your doorstep anywhere in Nigeria, find it on Adora official website.

2) It is also available on Amazon

change_your_career_Adora on amazon

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