How To Successfully Answer United States Visa Interview Questions

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Many have dreams of traveling to the United States of America considering its beautiful climate, developed infrastructures, diversity in culture, Hollywood studios, Disney world, and Miami Beach in Florida. Whatever the purpose of your visit we’ll share with you some tips for you to pass United States visa interview questions.

US has different climate that attracts tourist, lots of food and fun, anything you can think of, United States of America has got all.

Getting visa to US is really could be challenging. As such knowing what to do and how to go about it is important when applying for visa.


With this step by step guide to a successful way of answering US visa questions, get relaxed and prepare yourself for a fun filled trip to United States of America.

The United States of America visa application payment is done online or you visit any designated bank to make payment.

Then complete the registration and booking for interview online through the US Department of State.

The process is straight and forward. The decision to give or deny you the visa is made known at the interview, when successful you will be informed of the date you will receive the visa.

Before applying for the visa to United States of America there are certain information you need to acquaint yourself with.

  • Reasons for traveling must be valid.
  • Get to study the US application guide for Nigerians.
  • You don’t need an agent to help with visa application process.
  • Visa application form must be properly completed, no mistakes in anyway.
  • Know all the places you will be visiting on your tour.
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If you have been to US before give information about the travel dates. Previous trips can be confirmed on the official site for traveler’s visiting the United States of America.

Do not make the mistake of including any forged documents.

Prepare Yourself

Applying for a tourist visa is only for one reason – tourism. Your answer to reasons for traveling should be stated tourism only.

Don’t add any reason whatsoever. Even if the consular insist on asking the same question several times, your answer should be tourism only.

When asked about winning a jack pot in a casino or lottery, what would you do?

Answer the question sincerely by showing proof of returning back to Nigeria after your visit. Remember your reason for traveling is tourism, vacation, visiting family member, friends or any allowed reason.

You are not visiting to buy a property and live there.

Have documents ready to support questions asked during the interview. State categorically those reasons that would bring you back to Nigeria, present documents to support it.

Should you have difficulty in understanding the way the consular speaks, you can request for one that speaks a language you understand.

When Attending The U.S Visa Interview Bear In Mind The Following

  • Have all the necessary documents ready.
  • Have a knowledge of your travel itinerary.
  • Be there at the appropriate time – No African time.
  • Dress responsible.
  • Great with smiles.
  • Don’t be nervous.
  • Answer questions smart and direct without mincing words.
  • Speak politely without using a fowl language.
  • Have proof of a business, being employed, family member and dependents to come back to in Nigeria.
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What You Shouldn’t Do At US Visa Interview Section

  • Don’t be too bold in appearance, body language can ruin your chances.
  • Answer the exact questions you are being asked without adding what was never asked. Too many answers to a particular question is detrimental.
  • Avoid false answers as all the questions are from the application letter. The answers shouldn’t be different with the submitted ones on the application.
  • Don’t avoid questions when asked.

Here Are Some Frequently Asked Questions during United States Visa Interview

  • What would you do if you are offered partnership in business by someone?
  • What would you do if you win a jack pot in a Las Vegas casino?
  • What if a beautiful woman/man proposes marriage?
  • What if someone offered you a high paid job?

Before answering these questions think and answer wisely without mincing words. Be sincere and look up while answering any type of questions. Give evidence of enough financial capabilities to fund your tour.

Should Your Visa Be Successful

Carefully study the visa received, the spellings must be corrected if there’s any mistake. Check the passport number, date of birth etc. Should there be any error on it, you will be denied entry.

You could be granted two years open visa. Which makes it possible for you to visit for some months.

Don’t exceed your visa duration, the visa is not a license to work while on vacation in US. Avoid any illegal activities while on tour, in other words stay out of trouble.


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