11 Attributes of Appenzell Goat That Makes It A Unique Breed

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Appenzell Goat is pure white in colour and has mid-length hair. It has a dominant, pleasantly built body. The appendages are strong and positioned well. 

Attributes of Appenzell Goat
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It has a broad body than that of the Saanen breed thus it is slightly smaller. This goat is also hornless.



This goat can be found in both cantons Appenzell and St. Gallen (Toggenburg). In canton Zurich, only the Zurich Goat is bred (presently, only very little!). It is a crossbreed of the Appenzell and Saanen.

It is common knowledge that the level of care given to the goats influences milk production. The number of herd book animals is around 800; the stock is slowly increasing again.

This breed was severely affected by the CAE-Virus, hence all-encompassing renewal had to be carried out. Now this breed is basically CAE-free.

Breeding Book: The Appenzell goat breed is formally acknowledged. The breeding books are usually reserved by breeding associations while the herd book is kept by the Small Animal Center.

Characteristics Appenzell Goat 

1) Appenzell goats are pure white in colour

2) They have mid-length hair

3) They have a powerfully built body

4) Appenzell Goats are medium-sized

5) They have broader body than Saanen goat, even as they have some striking similarities

6) Males (Bucks) and females (does) are usually hornless.

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7) Average height of male appenzell goats is about 80 cm

8) Females have about 75 cm

9) Their lactation period is about 270 days

10) Average bodyweight of the bucks is about 65 kg

11) Female appenzell goat weighs about 45 kg

Economic uses of Appenzell Goat

  • It is a dairy goat breed.
  • It is raised for milk production (containing about 2.9 per cent fat content, and about 2.7 percent protein)

Final thoughts:

Research has shown that the Appenzell goats are one of the strongest goat breeds you can have.

It is significant to note that the does are excellent milk producers, producing an average of 700-800 kg of milk per lactation isn’t a joke.

Appenzell goat should be one of your choices if your aim is for goat milk production, which is adjudged to be one of the best milk

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