List of Stockbrokers in Nigeria Approved by SEC

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Some years back buying stocks was done through a paper application which meant that anyone who wanted to buy shares had to locate a physical address of stockbrokers in Nigeria to purchase a public offer.

Today, buying shares and other securities are digital, the application is done online. The recent announcement about the sales of MTN Shares in Nigeria is one of the ways technology has redefined the way anyone can invest on the go hassle-free.

To buy shares in Nigeria, you need a Nigerian stockbroker that’s approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Nigeria’s regulatory authority in the capital market.

Apart from being approved by SEC Nigeria, such stockbrokers must also have a certificate of incorporation from CAC and must also be a member of the Nigerian Stock Exchange now known as Nigerian Exchange Limited (NGX Exchange), the developer of PrimaryOffer App


Who is a stockbroker?

A stockbroker is a certified person or a registered company whose job is to buy and sell shares and stocks to people who want to invest. Most time, a stockbroker charges a fee known as a commission for a job done.

In Nigeria, the activities of stockbrokers are regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). SEC Nigeria has the statutory powers to withdraw the certificate of any stock brokerage company that indulged in any dubious act or manipulation.

Approved stockbrokers in Nigeria

Below is a list of top stock brokers in Nigeria, most of them have their operational headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial capital

In this list, we’ve also included the official website and email addresses of the stock brokerage companies.

Stockbrokers in Nigeria Year of Incorporation Official website/email address
Supra Commercial Trust Company Limited February 7, 1990

The Bridge Securities Limited September 2006

Tiddo Securities Limited October 15, 1990


Tomil Trust Limited May 1996

Absa Securities Nigeria Limited December 14, 2017

Edgefield Capital Management Limited June 21, 2005

Century Securities Limited October 5, 1989


Calyx Securities Limited September 16, 1990

Belfry Investment & Securities Limited April 26, 1976
Anchoria Investment & Securities Limited 1994

Afrinvest Securities Limited August 1, 2004

Bauchi Investment Corporation Securities Limited November 27, 2007

Camry Securities Limited August 2, 1994

Citi Investment Capital Limited July 3, 2006 Not available
Bestworth Assets & Trust Limited February 11, 1996

Capital Assets Limited December 27, 1995

Forthright Securities & Investments Limited December 13, 1995

Cordros Securities Limited May 4, 2015

Stanbic IBTC Stockbrokers Limited June 26, 1986

Fortress Capital Limited March 13, 1996

Chapel Hill Denham Securities Limited June 20, 2005
Foresight Securities & Investment Limited October 24, 1995

Chartwell Securities Limited March 29, 2007

City Code Trust & Invest Company Limited May 8, 1990 Not available
Compass Investments & Securities Limited May 19, 2005
FIS Securities Limited 1989

Cowry Securities Limited July 25, 2010
APT Securities & Funds Limited June 9, 1991

Coronation Securities Limited August 9, 2011

DLM Securities Limited January 14, 2003

Arthur Stevens Asset Management Limited September 6, 2000

Crossworld Securities Limited August 12, 1984

Associated Asset Managers Limited November 18, 2004

De-Lords Securities Limited 1996


Centre Point Investment Limited December 5, 1979


DSU Brokerage Services Limited July 8, 2009

Dunbell Securities Limited December 10, 2008

Ava Securities Limited April 29, 2009

Core Securities Limited June 5, 2002

Dominion Trust Limited Not available

Dynamic Portfolio Limited June 7, 1993

Crown Capital Limited May 8, 2002

CSL Stockbrokers Limited September 27, 1977

Apel Asset Limited August 30, 2004


Atlass Portfolio Limited July 26, 2002

ARM Securities Limited 2004


This list is to make it easier for Nigerians who want to buy shares through a stockbroker. They can help investors facilitate the setting up of a CSCS account.

Most of the stock brokerage firms in this compilation embrace technology, as such, they make it possible for an investor to set up their account online. If you called them online stockbrokers, you’re definitely not wrong

Stockbrokers in Nigeria Year of establishment URL/Email address
Standard Union Securities Limited July 6, 1997

Lambeth Capital Limited March 31, 2004

Kapital Care Trust & Securities Limited May 31, 2005

Kedari Capital Limited July 21, 2008

Kofana Securities & Investment Limited June 20, 2006

Growth & Development Asset Management Limited Not available

Greenwich Securities Limited August 27, 2006

Financial Trust Company Nigeria Limited May 10, 1976

First Integrated Capital Management Limited April 29, 1998

Funds Matrix & Asset Management Limited May 22, 2007

EFG Hermes Nigeria Limited Nov. 15, 1993

Capital Express Securities Limited Nov. 12, 1990

Eurocomm Securities Limited June 29, 2000

Finmal Finance Services Limited Dec 21, 1987

Harmony Investment & Securities Limited 1985

Fidelity Finance Company Limited Oct 1, 1987

Capital Trust Brokers Limited Dec. 14, 1968

Fundvine Capital & Securities Limited Aug. 20, 2015

Global Asset Management (Nig) Limited July 14, 1992

Equity Capital Solutions Limited July 10, 2006

Globalview Capital Limited Sep. 23, 1997

FBNQuest Securities Limited July 22, 1991

Integrated Trust & Investments Limited Sept. 1990


Investors & Trust Company Limited Oct. 17, 1989

Cashcraft Securities Limited Dec. 21, 2003

CardinalStone Securities Limited April 3, 2008

Heritage Capital Markets Limited April 6, 2000

Investment One Stockbrokers Int’l Limited (INVESTMENT ONE Financial Services Limited owned by GTCO) Jan 13, 2008

FSL Securities Limited Oct. 23, 1989

Futureview Securities Limited March 1993


GTI Securities Limited Aug. 15, 2010

FSDH Securities Limited July 24, 1995

FBC Trust & Securities Limited March 13, 1996

Kinley Securities Limited Feb. 26, 1997

ICMG Securities Limited Oct. 2, 1991

Gruene Capital Limited July 14, 2003
Interstate Securities Limited Feb. 20, 1985

Golden Securities Limited Jan 18, 1988

Icon Stockbrokers Limited (formerly ICON NOMINEES LIMITED June 30, 1962) 1973

Capital Bancorp Plc June 12, 1988

Other stock brokerage companies in Nigeria are:

  • Lead Securities & Investment Limited
  • Lighthouse Asset Management Limited
  • Magnartis Finance & Investment Limited
  • Mainstreet Bank Securities Limited
  • Maxifund Investment & Securities Plc
  • MBC Securities Limited
  • Mega Equities Limited
  • Meristem Stockbrokers Limited
  • Midas Stockbrokers Limited
  • Mission Securities Limited
  • Molten Trust Limited
  • Morgan Capital Securities Limited
  • Mountain Investment & Securities Limited
  • Network Capital Limited
  • Networth Securities & Finance Limited
  • Newdevco Investment & Securities Limited
  • Nigerian International Securities Limited
  • Nigerian Stockbrokers Limited
  • Nova Finance & Securities Limited
  • Osborne Capital Markets Limited
  • PAC Securities Limited
  • Peace Capital Markets Limited
  • Pilot Securities Limited
  • Pinefields Investment Services Limited
  • PIPC Securities Limited
  • Pivot Capital Limited
  • Planet Capital Limited
  • Portfolio Advisers Limited
  • Premium Capital and Stockbrokers Limited
  • Primewealth Capital Limited
  • Prominent Securities Limited
  • PSI Securities Limited
  • Pyramid Securities Limited
  • Qualinvest Capital Limited
  • Quantum Zenith Securities & Investments Limited
  • Rainbow Securities Limited
  • Readings Investment Limited
  • Regency Assets Management Limited
  • Rencap Securities (Nig) Limited
  • Resort Securities Limited
  • Reward Investment & Service Limited
  • RMB Nigeria Stockbrokers Limited
  • Tower Securities & Investment Company Limited
  • Trade link Securities Limited
  • Traders Trust & Investment Company Limited
  • Transworld Investment & Securities Limited
  • Zion Stockbrokers & Securities Limited
  • Trustbanc Capital Management Limited
  • Rostrum Investment & Securities Limited
  • Rowet Capital Management Limited
  • Royal Crest Finance Limited
  • Royal Guaranty & Trust Limited
  • Sankore Securities Limited
  • Securities & Capital Management Company Limited
  • Securities Africa Financial Limited
  • Security Swaps Limited
  • Shalom Investment & Securities Limited
  • Sigma Securities Limited
  • Signet Investment & Securities Limited
  • Skyview Capital Limited
  • Smadac Securities Limited
  • Spring Trust & Securities Limited
  • CAC Company Search portal at
  • Official portal/website of stockbrokers
  • Official Facebook page of the stockbrokers
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  1. Bought share in First Inland Bank 2007 , waited for certificate to no avail , checked after some years , name of Bank changed , went to the Bank branch,they said that the agent of the Bank is not around that I should check next time and after so many attempts ,I loosed hope of recovering anything . Now I wish to try once more to recover my money. Help by contacting me on 08051152607.

    • Hello Innocent,
      Follow the guide below to get your FinBank Dividend

      FinBank was acquired by First City Monument Bank (FCMB) in 2012, as such, FCMB will be able to guide you on how to get your dividend provided you have a copy of share certificate.

      For instance, EcoBank which acquired Oceanic in 2011, sent me a copy of the share certificate that bears the name of the name owners (EcoBank), till date I get dividends paid into my account.

      In your own case, it’s advisable to contact First Registrars & Investor Services Ltd (FCMB Share registrar) for details on how to fill the E-divided form.
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