how to buy mtn share on primary offer app by NGX

How To Buy MTN Share Using PrimaryOffer App in 14 Easy Steps

Last updated on December 29th, 2022 at 06:20 am


On December 1, 2021, MTN Nigeria made a public statement that it would be selling part of its shares to Nigerians who were interested in buying stocks, the question some Nigerians have been asking since the digital sale began are: 1) how can buy MTN Share? 2) Do I need to go to my bank to purchase the much anticipated public offer?

To address all these and other inquiries you might have, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide on how to purchase MTN Nigeria share right on your smartphone.

In less than 24 hours, if there is no delay from your stockbroker, you should be one of the shareholders in MTN Nigeria in the comfort of your home.


We’ll get on that and other issues, but first…

What’s the value of MTN Shares offer for 2021?

The latest MTN public offer is 575 million shares which began on December 2, 2021, at exactly by 8:00 am
Closing date: Application for MTN Share (Nigeria) will close on December 14, 2021, at exactly 5:00 pm
Minimum units: 20
Price per unit: NGN169

In a statement made available to NGX Exchange by MTN Nigeria secretary, Uto Ukpanah, the offer includes a bonus share of one share for every 20 shares bought by a retail investor subject to maximum bonus shares of 250 per investor.

To qualify for the free share, a retail investor must buy and hold the shares for at least 12 months after the allotment date.

Equally, MTN Group President and Chief Executive Officer, Ralph Mupita, said the Offer is part of MTN Group’s strategic move to prioritize the creation of shared value.

Objectives of the MTN Public share:

There are two major objectives MTN Nigeria is offering a public offer, they are:

  1. To reduce MTN Nigeria’s shareholding from 78.8% to 65% over time.
  2. To provide Nigerian retail investors with an opportunity to own shares in MTN Nigeria.

The good part…

The share price is NGN169 while the current market price is NGN170. This means if you bought 5,000 shares, you automatically gain NGN5,000 instantly

The minimum order is 20 units, which means you can invest in MTN Nigeria with just NGN3,380


To appropriately calculate the number of units you have a budget for, divide the purchase price by your budget e.g

I have budgeted NGN100,000 to buy MTN Share, all I need to do is 100,000/169=591.7

As such, you can simply buy 590 units of MTN share which is NGN99,710

In the course of your application, you’re going to need to setup CSCS Account (the primary offer app has even made it easy for investors to get CSCS number) and CHN so, if you’re wondering what CSCS or CHN means, we’ve got you covered.

Meaning of CSCS and CHN

CSCS means Central Securities Clearing System while CHN stands for Clearing House Number. You need CSCS number as an investor which is your unique identifier to purchase and/or sell securities.

So, let’s get started…

  • Create a PrimaryOffer account on the app
  • Second, setup CSCS account
  • Buy share

How to Create an Account on PrimaryOffer Account

Follow the guide below using PrimaryOffer App (digital product of NGX) to join MTN shareholders in Nigeria.

1) Download the PrimaryOffer App from Google Playstore store or Apple Store

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2) Click create account

3) You need your Bank Verification Number (BVN) and Date of Birth on the account creation page

4) Click proceed to continue


Ensure that your date of birth corresponds with what you have with your bank

5) The next page automatically fill the data you have on your BVN

6) While filling other spaces, note that your mother’s maiden name is her surname before marriage

7) Mark the terms and conditions to submit your MTN share online application.

8) A 6-digit security code would be sent to your email address, check your inbox or spam folder and enter it on the app

9) Click validate button to complete your application

10) A congratulatory message will pop up if your code is rightly filled.

How To Buy MTN Public Offer on Primary Offer App

Now that you’ve set up an account to purchase MTN Share Primary Offer, you need to access your account using the same app as thus:

This photo shows the process of buying MTN Nigeria shares. When you enter the number of units, the amount to pay will be calculated automatically. Photo credit: PrimaryOffer App by NGX Exchange

1) Login by using your email address and the password you set during account setup

2) Now you need to click MTN Nigeria Offer on the home page to proceed

3) Agree to the T&C again to proceed to the next page

4) Enter the number of MTN Share units you want to buy (the minimum is 20)

5) When you enter your details on the purchase page, you will be prompted to create a CSCS Account

How To Get CSCS Number

We already have a guide on how to open a CSCS Account, don’t worry if you don’t have a CSCS account, the MTN Share PrimaryOffer App has even made it easier and you don’t even need to pass through the hassle of getting one. It’s easier on the app

You will be prompted to create a CSCS account on Primary Offer App and details would be sent to your mail.

This photo shows where you need to enter your CSCS number and CHN before you can buy the MTN public offer. Photo credit: PrimaryOffer App by NGX.

2) Choose from the list of certified brokers from the menu

3) Update your bank details on the next page

4) It would return you to the CSCS page to complete your application

5) After this completion, your stockbroker will send details to you or you can notify your stockbroker to complete your registration to get CSCS Number and CHN

6) When you get your CSCS number and CHN, proceed to buy your shares

That’s all, you just bought MTN share.

Easiest Way: Use Browser Version of Primary Offer to Purchase the MTN Offer

While the guide on MTN Online page says you can easily buy the public offer on the NGX app, we noticed some glitches: the payment page refused to come up without first getting a CSCS number, however, the browser version of NGX app (primary offer) makes it easy. It’d prompt payment and your CSCS number would be initiated and mailed to you.

Follow the steps below:

In a situation whereby the payment option doesn’t come up on the application, your best option is to head straight to the browser version of the Primary Offer App

  • Use to access your account on your preferred browser (chrome, Mozilla work fine) Use the same login details as you would for the app
  • Click on offerings by the left handside
  • Choose MTN Nigeria Offer
  • Enter the number of units
  • Click continue
  • Agree to the three T&Cs
  • And click pay with flutterwave
  • Enter your card details and click pay, you’d be returned to the transaction page
  • Check your inbox for details of your transaction
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That’s all.

You can log in to the App to see your portfolio. It should reflect your transactions. For the failed transactions, you can click the three dots and select “delete” to remove them from your transaction page.


Three important emails would be sent to you:

  1. CSCS Account Creation
  2. CSCS Account creation initiated
  3. Transaction notification

Thank you for using Primary Offer 

Your request to create a Central Securities Clearing System (CSCS) account is being processed, and you will receive a notification as soon as it’s created.

Kindly note your CSCS number is your unique identifier to purchase and/or sell securities.

First Primary Offer email

The second message is titled, “CSCS Account Creation Initiated” which means once your CSCS account creation is completed, you’d be notified as the unique identified would be sent to you.

This is what you’d see if you made a purchase on the browser. And don’t forget to update your profile and next of kin details, very important.

The transaction notification contains your name, transaction amount, units purchased, and description. You would be notified of your allotment when the process is completed

Wait for your CSCS number. But you already bought your share.

Still, have some questions to ask?

Here are a few answers to the questions are most likely going to ask:

Do I need to visit a bank to buy MTN Share?

You don’t need to because everything can be done online right on your mobile phone. Follow the steps we have above to proceed.

What is a CSCS Number?

The CSCS Number (Central Securities Clearing System) and CHN (Clearing House Number) are investors’ unique identifiers to purchase and sell securities.

I don’t have a CSCS, how can I apply?

Follow the account creation stated above. Details will be sent to you

What are the requirements to create CSCS account with stockbrokers?

Your chosen stockbroker may request the following details from you in case you want to first setup CSCS account with a stockbroker

A recent passport-sized photograph.

Means of Identification e.g valid international passport, valid driver’s licence, permanent voters card, or national id card or slip

Proof of Address e.g valid utility bill in your name within the past 3 months, recent bank statement bearing current and properly captured residential address, tenancy agreement with valid rental receipt, valid driver’s license, permanent voters card (PVC), National Identification number (NIN) Slip

Signature specimen – image or document

Note: Any document you want to send should not be more than 2MB

How can I make a payment?

To make payment for your share purchase, there are two options: 1) Paystack 2) Flutterwave via Electronic transfer Pay

I’m unable to buy the share after setting up an account, what can I do?

As earlier stated, you need CSCS Number and Clearing House Number to buy the share, as such, after submitting your CSCS account application wait for your Stockbroker to send you details of how to complete the account creation and details of CSCS number and CHN. After this, you can buy the share.

What is MTN share contact details?

If you have any complaints regarding your MTN Share application process, you can reach out to support using any of the below phone numbers or email address:


0806 866 3337
We noticed that issues are promptly attended to. But before contacting support, ensure that you follow the instructions above. It is very simple.

Is PrimaryOffer Application safe?

Primary Offer is a digital product of NGX Exchange formally known as the Nigerian Stock Exchange. Note that NSE now NGX has been in existence as far back as 15 September 1960.

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As such, your information on Primary Offer is secured. However, ensure to take personal security seriously. Don’t share your login details online on a public forum.

MTN Share is the first public offer the telecom giant will be selling after several years. You can buy as low as 20 units of share which is just NGN3,380. You can do this through these simplified ways:

  1. Download and signup on NGX PrimaryOffer app or use the browser
  2. Use your BVN and date of birth and email address
  3. Using OTP sent to your email to activate your account
  4. Login to fill in your personal details
  5. After completing your profile on the app, log out
  6. Login to on your browser
  7. Click offerings
  8. Choose NTM Nigeria
  9. Enter the units you want to buy
  10. Click Flutterwave
  11. Enter debit card details
  12. Click pay
  13. Check your transaction page if it’s successful or not. “Pay” is for Successful “Pending” is for failed transaction
  14. Check your inbox for details


How can resolve the issue of a pending transaction in MTN share?

One of the questions we’ve received is: “I made a payment this morning for MTN share, the bank has already debited my account but the share status is still showing pending instead of paid, what can I do?

If you encountered an error on the payment gateway due to a technical glitch, your payment may be pending. You need to exercise patience for some minutes, then check your bank account balance, if you’ve been debited, you’d see the units of share in your primary offer app within hours.

Alternatively, refresh if you are using a browser. Or log out and login to the app again and check your transactions. This time, it should show the following details:

Asset (which is MTN PO)
Share price
Units allotted (it shows zero because this will be announced by MTN Nigeria at a later date)
Total cost
Status (it should show “paid”)

Will the amount I paid reflect on my dashboard even without the CSCS number?

Delay in your CSCS number and CHN does not hinder your payment of shares. CSCS number isn’t immediate.

It would be processed by the stockbroker that is going to manage your account.
As such, the amount you paid will reflect on your dashboard even without CSCS number, IF your payment was successful.

Please can I use another account that doesn’t bear my name to make payment on MTN share?

Do you have the consent of the account holder? Do you have access to his phone number where you can receive OTP? If YES, then you’re fine to go ahead.

Besides, there are parents who bought shares for their kids who do not have enough credit to purchase the offer.

I can’t verify my account, what is the problem?

Make sure you enter the correct 11-digit BVN number and ensure that the date of date is exactly the same in your BVN details.

Do you have any other challenges? Don’t hesitate to drop your question.

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93 thoughts on “How To Buy MTN Share Using PrimaryOffer App in 14 Easy Steps”

  1. It’s been 2 months, I made a purchase for MTN shares. at first, it said the payment was successful. I got an email confirming this but for the wrong amount.

    Later on, when I checked the app, I saw payment pending. The amount was successfully debited from my account. I reached out to your team and I was informed that my transaction was not successful that I should reach out to my bank.

    I did that and my bank says it was successful and they have provided me with a session ID (which shows valid successful transaction).
    It’s been well over 2 months and my 85k is hanging.

    I paid through my internet banking and the money was deposited via a Flutterwave Chapel Hill Denham Limited. The recipient’s name is Mono technologies Nigeria Limited.

    All I need is my money reversed into my account, I am not buying again.

    1. Hello Wunmi,

      The best is to present this evidence to Flutterwave (payment platform) and Chapel Hill Denham (0700 242 735 4455)


    I paid for the MTN shares on the last day around 4:10am I paid with pos which I included my name as the sender and the transaction was successful but in the app my payment still show pending what’s the problem please.

  3. Pls does primary offer charge 5000 for transaction done on their profile or any processing fee?
    Stanbic debited me 5000 for same day transaction

  4. Alabi Titilayo T

    Have made my payment and I was unable to login, I was told the email I entered was incorrect pls assist me because have been debited 2days ago

  5. Somebody help on the download of this primary offer App am getting more confusing options please how do I go about it? Is there a WhatsApp line to help?

    1. Hello Adiele,
      If you’re confused about how to use the app, use the second option on the browser right on your laptop. use this link When you complete your registration and purchase, you can thereafter use your login details to access the app. Very Simple!

      1. Hi Mr. Ope.

        Pls, I still haven’t gotten my CSCS number and those that I guided in registering after I did mine, have gotten theirs.

        What could possibly cause this delay

        1. Hey Xtabel,
          You could have been allocated to a different stockbroker that isn’t fast or has so many applications on its table. You will get your CSCS number and CHN. Be calming down!

          1. If it closes today, that doesn’t hinder your CSCS number provided you can see “paid” in your status. Can you?

      2. please my email address was wrong, payment made and i can see details on the app, but i need to correct the email address, i have sent series of emails and still no response, please i need to resolve this asap.

  6. Nathan Dzyenom Luka

    Hi Ope, I have received a mail that confirms my CSCS number, but my Primary offer account has still not been credited. If it still doesn’t get credited after 48hours, what should I do?

    1. Hey Luka,
      The offer ends today. You can’t do anything provided you’ve not been debited. The good thing is that you can use your CSCS number and Clearing House Number to buy other stocks

    1. I don’t think you did. One of the accredited stockbrokers or issuing houses will get your CSCS number and Clearing House Number across to you.

      1. Oh! Really?
        Thanks a lot.

        But I didn’t receive any mail regarding CSCS been processed.

        Others have asked got a mail relating to that.

        I really do hope it wouldn’t affect my shares.

        Should I just keep my cool? And hope a broker is working on it for me?

  7. What if you u didn’t choose a stock broker that you want the app to choose for you
    Hope it won’t affect it at all

    1. No. The primaryoffer app is a stocks-buying app and not a saving app. Please read our guide on how stocks and shares work where we extensively explain how to make money from buying shares

  8. The OTP sent to me in creating an account was not accepted and I tried to restart all over but I couldn’t because my BVN is already registered. So I decided to login and it was successful but am afraid of the unverified OTP that was not accepted, I hope it’s all good.

  9. i bought 20 units of mtn shares twice, a total of (40) which means i have two different successful transactions, hope i am allowed to purchase mtn shares more than once on the platform

  10. Chinwe Eucharia Ofoma

    I made payment 2 days ago uptil this moment I have not received any sign that I made payment, the bank only debited me. Is this a scam or what, I don’t understand.

    1. Hello Ofoma, MTN Share isn’t a scam if you followed the guide and used the rightful link to subscribe. Check your status

  11. Ibadin Osamudiamen Jerry

    I made a payment for 250 MTN shares costing 42,250 on the 8th of December 2021 but my primary offer account has still not yet been credited. I made another payment for 5000 units of same MTN shares on the 12th of December and my primary offer account was only credited with just my payment of 5000 units of shares. My account has still not yet been credited with the payment I made on the 8th (42,250)
    Please, why is this happening?

    1. Hello,

      Kindly check with your bank regarding the first transaction. If the payment wasn’t successful, it should be returned to your balance. Alternatively, contact MTN PO support

  12. I do not know if it is a deliberate action, but I have called the help line for more than ten times, they ask me to hold on and after about a minute and 30 seconds, they cut the call and my airtime is gone. The help email is also not responding.

      1. I cannot verify my account. I keep getting an invalid token/user pair error message. I asked to resend the OTP, its same number and same message. I had called the help line, sent messages to the help email but no success yet.

        1. We would have loved to help, unfortunately, It’s against our policy to ask for user’s personal details. Please keep trying. Login on a laptop to correct the error message. By tomorrow, the Public Offer will close.

  13. Sir I found it difficult to create my account
    Sir on the process of creating the account, I reach a stage where KTP were ask but I couldn’t receive it on my email alarm, then I leave to some hours, but I can’t log in and I cannot create a new one. They said my Bvn have been use already, pls help

  14. I want to create CSCS number, but I am required to fill postal code in the form. So, what is a postal code? And how do I know mine?

    1. Hey Sylvester,
      CSCS number isn’t something you can create, you can only submit an application for it and leave the rest for your stockbroker. If you’re trying to get postal code, Googe search the postal code of your town e.g “Postal code for Nnewi”

  15. Hello,pls what do we need to do after we successfully bought the share?.How do we get the benefit after buying the share?thank you.

  16. please I have been debited since noon but nothing yet from the primary offer app. And I tried seeing how to make payment again for trial sake and they are saying I should “generate a new payment link with another transaction reference “. Please I hope my money have not gone into thin air.

    1. Earlier, you said you made payment into Chapel Hill Denham’s wema bank account. If that’s the case, it may take hours for the units you paid for to show on the app if the stockbroker is yet to be credited.

      It’s also better to check with your bank. contact your bank to know what’s going on. If you wish you can send a message to us on WhatsApp

  17. I just registered with my BVN. I also received the opt via text message. When I tried to login with my email, it’s showing email not registered.

  18. When filling the CSCS space, I choosed no stock broker because I didn’t have any or know any. I hope this won’t add to the delay in receiving a CSCS number. Secondly, I didn’t see paid on my status just pending since yesterday and I am banking on your words that it will take 48hrs to receive the number from CSCS since they sent me an email yesterday.

    1. Hello Favour, if your payment reads pending, it means your payment hasn’t been received. Your status changes to “paid” immediately after payment is made. Have you been debited by your bank?

      1. hello, Good afternoon. I just made a transfer to Chapel Hill wema bank and I have been debited by my bank. I am yet to receive a change of status from pending to paid on my primary offer app

  19. I used the bank transfer payment method but the amount is yet to reflect on my primary offer app.
    What should I do and I hope it’s safe?

        1. It will reflect on your account. Chapel Hill Denham is one of the best stockbrokers in Nigeria. All the best. Your CSCS number and CHN would be sent to your email

      1. I couldn’t complete the process before the said time and I have been debited.
        It is telling me to generate another link.
        Please what will I do?

  20. I didn’t get the OTP probably becos I changed the email address linked to my BVN.I tried to start all over but couldn’t.Its saying my BVN has been registered.How do I start afresh.

    1. Hey Salamat,

      That shouldn’t be an issue if your BVN is already linked to your phone. Check your SPAM folder, it may be hiding there. If you can’t find it, use the MTN share contact details on this guide.

  21. Please the postal code is giving me issues. Also, the column for my full name refuse to open for me to fill in my details, I am referring to the cscs.

      1. thank you. I went back to the primary offer app to continue. But now am email have been sent to me saying that my application for CSCS was received and I will receive the number before the offer ends Next Week. Hmmm

          1. Hello Favour,

            You should receive your CSCS number and Clearing House Number 48 business working hours. Kindly keep it when you receive it.

    1. Use the browser version. You don’t need POS for payment. Please payment can be made via flutter wave. Follow this guide.

  22. Olawale Olusesan

    I made a mistake while inputting my email, I entered an old email address which I can’t access. Please how do I change the e-mail. Otp has been sent to the mail.

          1. Please I want to know after 12 months what’s next,,, am I getting the money back? What’s the profit like? Please reply

          2. Hey Onyinyechi,
            The idea behind the 12-month “hold” is that MTN wants to limit sell-offs which is most likely by investors.

            Am I getting the money back after 12months?
            No, unless you decided to sell part or all your shares at the prevailing price to another investor or the company declares profits and pay its shareholders dividend.

            For instance, if by 12 months, MTN share reaches NGN250 per unit, what this means, if you decided to sell, is that you would be making NGN81 (as profit) on a unit in your portfolio.

            I hope this solves your question. We’ll be publishing an explainer of how stocks work.

        1. Ibadin Osamudiamen Jerry

          I made a payment for 250 MTN shares costing 42,250 on the 8th of December 2021 but my primary offer account has still not yet been credited. I made another payment for 5000 units of same MTN shares on the 12th of December and my primary offer account was only credited with just my payment of 5000 units of shares. My account has still not yet been credited with the payment I made on the 8th (42,250)
          Please, why is this happening?

  23. I bought MTN shares on primary offer with no knowledge on how the stock market works. I have discovered the little money I invested can not yield much income and I’m in need of a way on how I can refund my money. Pls kindly be of assistance if you have any idea of how I can withdraw my money from the primary offer app.

    1. Oh! My goodness it’s not given me payment option. It only ticked pat with flutes wave. Somebody please help. I must buy before it’s late

  24. I’m having Issues etting past OTP verification…I’ve doubled checked the OTP sent to my mail to be accurately orrect, digit by digit…however i keep getting an eror message OTP error/token pair…when I input in completely random numbers i get an eror invalid OTP…when i input in the OTP sent to my mail I still get an error invalid token/user pair

    1. Which of the channels are you using? The browser or the app? If it’s the app, clear cache, reboot your phone or switch to the browser. If you’re still having issues, you can reach out to the primaryoffer app support or send us WhatsApp message to guide you. Please don’t disclose your login details with anyone.

      1. I mistakenly choose a wrong broker firm pls how do I change to my broker firm cos now I want to make payment but I am so worried and there’s no place on it to change the broker. Pls how can I go about it

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