Best Fish farming methods to use in Nigeria

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Fish farming involves the raising of fish commercially in tanks, concrete, and on land, known as earthen, or in an enclosure, usually for food.

The tank methods is the principal form of aquaculture, while the concrete and earthen, falls under the mariculture.

It is a facility which releases the juveniles or fingerlings into a wild marine life for recreational fishing or for supplementation.


The hatchery methods: at present, more than 500 Artemia producing areas are China, Iran and Russia.

In addition, marine fish larvae are cultured on Artemia for a long period of time,(20-40 days).

The fish species:

This includes the carp, tilapia, salmon, and catfish. The demands for fish and fish protein is increasing daily, this has resulted to the wide spread over fishing in wild fisheries.

In 2016, more than 50% of sea food was produced by aquacultures.

In Nigeria, lot’s of people have been involved in catfish farming, using concrete ponds or plastic tanks. The two methods have their strength and weaknesses. So it is advisable for intended catfish farmer to explore these ideas before making decisions on which to adopt.

Length or periods:

It takes an average of 5months for juveniles and 4months for fingerlings to reach a table size of 1kg, which is the average weight.

The variable factors:

These includes:

  • the quality of the fish
  • the quality and nutrients of the feed or meal
  • the pond location
  • the water management
  • the absent of infection, the stocking density, (i.e, the total number of fishes stocked in the pond)
  • the length of the fish.
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Fish farming: Market price

Before venturing into fish farming, it is very important to take note of the factors for success.

Rearing catfish is not just about buying juveniles or fingerlings, “dumping” them in a pond, and feeding them. From the beginning, the farmer should consider the following: the quality of the fish, the pond site, feeding time, water management, and the markets for harvested fish.

The market for catfish is not lacking, irrespective of the location. However, the market price for catfish is usually weighed per kg of fish. And these prices vary depending on the location in Nigeria.

The average catfish price is sold for #500 per kg.

Feeding catfish:

Catfish can be fed once or twice a day. The excessive feeding of fish increases the cost of rearing catfish, can result to wastage and also the marginal growth of the fish. Therefore, farmers must control the feeding level, feeds are also sources of pollution which can affect the fish growth.

Why go into fish farming?

  1. Fish farming is the easiest, cheapest and fastest agricultural business.
  2. Fishery products are very cheap and affordable.
  3. It is very profitable and has transformed many poor people to wealthy people.
  4. It is more nutritious than meat.
  5. It sells more than every other agricultural products in the market, and it is very popular.
  6. Fish grows faster, and there are practices that can be used to increase fish growth.

The Aim:

The aim of every fish farmer is to breed a fish to 1kg body size or more in the shortest period of time, usually between 4-5 months if properly been giving attention.

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The profit is more when you sell at the market outlet, overlooking shylock’s.

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