Find Your Shareholder Account Number in Nigeria

2 Ways To Find Your Shareholder Account Number in Nigeria

Last updated on February 6th, 2024 at 02:39 pm


A shareholder account number serves as a unique identifier for your shareholding and can be located on either your share certificate or on the non-mandated portal of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Knowing your shareholder account number is essential if you intend to trace a long-abandoned dividend in Nigeria.

The major importance of shareholder account numbers is to identify an investor and how many shares they bought as you can in the photo below.


In some jurisdictions, the shareholder account number consists of a 9-digit character number situated at the top right-hand corner of the shareholder’s statement.

However, in Nigeria, this number can be found on the left side of the share certificate, with the digit length varying depending on the institution.

For example, it’s a 7-digit number for Ecobank Transnational Incorporated, while it’s a 6-digit number for Oceanic Bank Plc (which was later acquired by ETI).

The days of sending share certificates via NIPOST are gone, here are the two major ways to trace your shareholder account number in Nigeria:

  1. Via U-eDiv Search (non-mandated portal)
  2. On Share Certificate

sample of shareholder account number in nigeria

1) Via U-eDiv Search

The non-mandated portal is a database of for unclaimed dividends, so you can use it to get the account number for your share.

  • Head straight to
  • Enter your first and last name and hit the search button and on the first column, you will find your account number
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With your share account number, you can proceed to claim your dividends, which we already explained in our guide.

2) Via Your Share Certificate

If you still have your share certificate, you can find the number of the certificate. This is a manual process.

  • Check the top or middle left side of the certificate to find your number.
  • Get the e-Mandate form, fill it and send it to your stockbroker for processing

sample of shareholder account number

The certificate contains the following information:

  • Number of shares
  • Certificate number
  • Name of the company
  • Full name of the shareholder
  • Account number
  • Date of issue
  • Transfer number
  • Signature of the company’s representative


The share account number is an identifier to track the details of a shareholder and it’s a prerequisite for claiming your dividend.

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14 thoughts on “2 Ways To Find Your Shareholder Account Number in Nigeria”

  1. Good afternoon. Please is LEGACY Access Bank and Access Bank the same?
    I saw I have shares with Legacy Access Bank. But I can’t see any news about them. Thank you for responding

  2. Hello, My dad had shares with NORTHERN NIGERIA FF and the registrar name was ATLAS, I wanted to know if the company still exist and if I can still claim the shares.

  3. Afolabi Shoga

    Good evening, how do I claim my shares and dividend from
    1. First Inland Bank
    2. Oceanic bank
    3. Intercontinental bank
    4. Japaul oil

    1. Actionable Info

      Hello Mr Afolabi,
      Kindly contact their registrars, find them below:

      First Inland Bank:

      In 2012, FinBank merged with First City Monument Bank (FCMB) Cardinal Stone is the registrar of FCMB. You can download, get and electronically fill the e-mandate form from their website at: If you can’t get it, kindly reach out to FCMB to track your shares and claim your unclaimed dividend.

      Oceanic bank:

      Oceanic bank was acquired by Ecobank Transnational Inc, the bank’s shares are managed by Greenwich Registrars. You can find the list of unclaimed dividends on the official website of Greenwich at

      Intercontinental bank:

      Access bank Plc acquired Intercontinental Bank on January 31, 2012. So, you can track your shares and dividends with registrar for Access Bank. United Securities Limited is the registrar for Access Bank. You can send a mail to Access bank via investorrelations (at) accessbankplc dot com

      Japaul oil

      As for Japaul oil, check with Pace Registrars. The e-Dividend mandate form is available at ready for download. Fill it and send to info (at) paceregistrars dot com

      I hope this response answered your questions?

  4. Good day,

    I checked for my shareholders number for my Access Holdings shares and did not find it listed. How do I obtain the number?


    1. Actionable Info

      United Securities Limited is their registrar, kindly send an email to Email: info @ unitedsecuritieslimited com

  5. i search using the Sec site. i found my name but there was no account number by the side. Its universal insurance. How do i go about getting the share number

  6. Hello,my dad willed to me his shares in the following companies Wema bank,P.Z & co, Textile Mills Kaduna,R.T. Briscoe,C.F.A.O, and Thomas Wyatt.I will like to know if these companies still exist and if I can still claim the shares as I have a copy of the probate of his will.

    1. Actionable Info

      Hi Abdulrahman,

      Find below registrars for the companies you mentioned and their contact details

      Weman bank:
      Registrars for Wema bank is Greenwich Registrars. For the names of unclaimed dividend, you can send an email to them or check the full list here

      Locate your Dad’s name and send details to them for the transfer of the shares to claim the accumulated dividend. The company has a responsive support.

      First Registrars Nig. Ltd. Email them at to request details.

      Textile Mills Kaduna
      Textile Mills Kaduna shut down operation in 2007. At a time, it reopened. It’s on and off company. So, I’m not sure if shares that were bought several years ago in the company are still active and valid.

      Thomas Wyatt and RT Briscoe
      Meristem Registrars is the registrars for RT Briscoe and Thomas Wyatt.
      You can send inquiry to them at

      As for CFAO Nigeria, I don’t currently have enough information about the company’s shares and their registrars.

      I will like to know if these companies still exist?
      All the companies you mentioned still exist except Textile Mills Kaduna that is near moribund

      Can I still claim the shares as I have a copy of the probate of his will
      You can still claim the shares if you have valid documents including the death certificate of your late Dad. It may involve some paper works.
      Send email the registrars, I’m sure you will be guided on how to claim to do share transfer and claim dividends.

      NOTE: Sometimes, companies change their registrars due to acquisition or change in management or a merger etc

  7. Amabo Elijah Othuko

    I have shares my dad bought on my behalf, but he can’t remember the registrar he used, but the shareholder account details is available, because he wrote them down. So the shares he purchased are FBN, japaul oil, UBA, Eco bank and ibtc equity funds. Is the a way I can access them, I have the account number

    1. Hello Amabo,

      Your shares and dividends are intact at the banks and companies where the shares were bought.

      Here is a guide to track your shares and start receiving your dividends:

      (1) First Bank of Nigeria (FBN):

      For FBN, First Registrars Nigeria Limited is the registrar to FBN. You need to fill the E-Dividend form. It is available at:
      Alternatively, send email to info @ firstregistrarsnigeria dot com for more information and a complete guide on how to track and start getting your dividend electronically.

      2)Japaul oil:

      Peace Registrars manages Japaul oil shares and dividends. Go to Peace registrars website to download their mandate form and fill.

      Alternatively, send a mail to Peace Registrars at:  info @ paceregistrars dot com
      Please check details on their website:

      3) United Bank of Africa (UBA)

      Africa Prudential Registrars Plc is the registrar for UBA. You can donwload the e-dividend mandate form at:

      Send email to: cxc @ africaprudential dot com

      Check them at:

      4) Eco bank

      The shares of ECOBank or Ecobank Transnational Incorporated (ETI) is managed by its registrar Greenwich Registrars.

      You can find Eco Bank E-mandate form at:

      Fill the form and send to: info @ gtlregistrars dot com or customercare @ gtlregistrars dot com

      Kindly find details at:

      5) IBTC equity funds

      We don’t currently have any information about IBTC equity funds. However, you can send an email to MutualFunds @ stanbicibtc dot com for a guide on how to track your investment.

      Let us know if youmore questions

  8. I bought shares from African Petroleum in the year 2009. I had only received dividends once which was in 2009. I do know that the Company’s name had moved from AP to Forte oil and I don’t know the present name.

    However, I could not find name under the non-mandated unclaimed dividend list.

    I have my share certificate which also bears my account number and certificate number.

    Please advise me on what to do.

    1. Hi Augusta,

      African Petroleum (AP) changed its name to Forte Oil on December 2010.

      Again, Forte Oil Plc officially announced the changing of its name to Ardova Plc on Tuesday, February 11, 2020 (after billionaire Femi Otedola sold his 75% shares in Forte Oil).

      Right now, Veritas Registrars Limited manages everything related to Ardova dividends. Your inquiry should be directed to them.

      In this case, you need to contact them, the company outlines the procedure for claiming an unclaimed dividend.

      Contact details:
      The Registrar, Veritas Registrars Limited (formerly Zenith Registrars Limited), Plot 89A Ajose Adeogun Street P.O. Box 75315, Victoria Island Lagos Tel: 01-2708930 Fax: 01-2704085

      If you are applying for an unclaimed dividend, ensure to attach the original dividend warrants or photocopies of the share certificate to facilitate identification and payment

      You can find details of unclaimed dividends on the registrar’s site:

      In case you changed your name as a result of your marriage or your marital status changed, please use the exact name on your share certificate to search for your name on the unclaimed dividend list, the list can be downloaded on veritas site

      And you might need other supporting documents to claim your dividends in case of a name change.

      If you are not in Nigerian anymore, you can send emails to Veritas at:
      enquiry (@)
      customercare (@)

      You can also find these details on veritas site

      If you need more Actionable Info, kindly let us know. We hope this helps.

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