6 Best CBD Gummies You Need For Better Sleep

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Cannabidiol, or CBD—popularly known— is a chemical compound found in Cannabis sativa plants. Unlike its cousin THC, CBD won’t get you “high.”

Instead, taking it presents you with numerous health benefits such as anxiety and depression relief, pain, and inflammation, or a remedy for insomnia.

Shopping for CBD is tricky since the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) doesn’t regulate CBD-based products.


Some companies may misrepresent or mislabel their products, and this means sometimes, you might not be getting what you’re paying for.

CBD gummies aren’t necessarily addictive and are almost always free of THC. CBD is great if you suffer from sleep-related problems.

If you’re having a hard time catching some shut-eye, here are some of the best legit CBD products (gummies) to help with your conditions

Royal CBD Edibles

If you’re familiar with the CBD market, you’ve probably heard of Royal CBD. It’s a relatively new company, but it’s already set itself apart as one of the most reputable CBD brands available.

Since its inception in 2017, Royal CBD has focused on producing top-quality products such as Its CBD edibles.

This remarkable company only used locally-grown hemp plants and extracted the CBD using the supercritical CO2 extraction method to make its products.

This means they use broad-spectrum CBD extracts in their gummies— and the best part is, it won’t show up on your blood test.

The edibles from Royal CBD are some of the top CBD gummies to try, and they come in 30-piece containers. Their gummies have two different potencies— 10 mg and 25 mg of CBD per gummy.

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Each container has a mix of various fruity flavours, but there are also single flavour gummies such as Sour Drops for people who enjoy a sour taste.

Gold Bee CBD Edibles

Gold Bee CBD is also another company you should consider checking out. It’s got some of the best CBD gummies for sleep.

It has built a reputation focused on quality products and affordable prices. Gold Bee CBD makes several CBD-based products such as oils, capsules, honey sticks, and gummies, but their gummies are their best-sellers.

These gummies are available in a pack of 30 in each container and come in various fruity flavours.

They are also infused with broad-spectrum CBD and come in one potency level of 25 mg per gummy.

Gold Bee CBD is made from 100% vegan ingredients, and the flavours come from natural sugar cane and fruit juice for anyone concerned about the ingredients

CBDfx CBD Edibles

CBDfx is a famous company that offers users a variety of CBD products. CBDfx makes CBD-based products for all CBD users— newbies and more-experienced users alike.

Some of the gummies it produces have a potency level of 5 mg, for beginners, all the way to 40 mg strength gummies for experienced customers.

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CBDfx also makes gummies infused with melatonin to fall asleep much faster and regulate your sleep cycle. These CBD products may be a good option if you’ve got severe sleep deprivation.

The only downside with CBDfx gummies is their sugar content. They seem to have a higher-than-normal sugar amount than other gummies.

These gummies are made from full-spectrum CBD, so the excess fruit concentrates may be there to mask the hemp taste. If you don’t mind the sugar or have a sweet tooth, these gummies will satisfy your needs fully.

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Blessed CBD Edibles

Blessed CBD is a company based in Europe, specifically in the U.K. It makes several CBD products and only uses organically-grown hemp plants they get from Colorado, US. All its gummies come in 30-piece containers like many other brands on this list.

However, unlike other brands listed here, Blessed CBD makes edibles using CBD isolate with 25 mg strength for each gummy.

The gummies from Blessed CBD are 100% vegan and all-natural. They come in four fruit-based flavours: raspberry, lemon-lime, mango, and strawberry. They’re a bit on the pricier side when it comes to CBD gummies, but they get the job done.

Blessed CBD makes some great CBD gummies for sleep issues because they use organic and natural ingredients. So if you’re worried about artificial ingredients which can trigger adverse body reactions, these gummies are safe.

Penguin’s CBD Gummies

Penguin makes its CBD gummies using legally grown and sourced hemp, which is highly purified to ensure users get a standard and effective dose of CBD with each gummy.

Each gummy from Penguin comes packed with 10 mg of all-natural and pure CBD. These CBD gummies, unlike others, don’t contain any psychoactive THC elements.

Each gummy also contains actual fruit juice, specifically white grape juice. It guarantees a delightful bite with each bite, so you’ll keep coming back for more.

Every container of Penguin CBD has 30 gummies of THC-free CBD isolate to ensure you sleep like a baby after taking it.

Sunday Scaries Gummies

Sunday Scaries is a CBD company with a great sense of humour. The brand name itself refers to any anxious feelings you get at the beginning of every week— and is a precursor to how the gummies make you feel— relaxed and chill. These gummies are also great to help you sleep.

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Sunday Scaries CBD gummies are a fantastic take on the original and classic gummy bears. There are fruit-flavoured gummies with 10 mg of CBD in each gummy.

These gummies are also THC-free and make the perfect snack for any time— day or night. Sunday Scaries CBD gummies are available in the standard recipe or the Vegan A.F. recipe.

One of the most incredible things about Sunday Scaries as a brand is their unique gummies representing and celebrating the various communities and the social causes they champion.

A good instance is their Rainbow Jerky which contains 10 mg of CBD and comes in bite-sized rainbow-coloured pieces coated in sweet and sour sugar.


The above gummies have some unique benefits, ranging from high CBD dosage, minerals, and vitamins, alongside other compounds like melatonin.

To find the right CBD gummies, you have to undergo a series of trials and errors with various brands and dosages.

Before using CBD gummies for sleep, ensure to consult with your doctor to know what you should be looking for in the ideal CBD product. Each person is unique, and what may work for you may not necessarily work for another person.

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