Golden Tips on How to Write an Extended Essay

An extended essay tests your academic and intellectual independence. It gives you the freedom to choose the topic within a range of subjects you are studying in class. The essay will also test your understanding of the topics studied throughout the years you have undertaken the course. The freedom to choose a topic and perspective … Read more

NFTs In Healthcare: You Can Now Make Money with Your Health Data

NFTs are just more than jpegs of animated monkeys wearing sunglasses and striped shirts in a digital art gallery. Many businesses, particularly the healthcare industry, are making use of its potential. For those who are still not familiar with the phrase, blockchain technology is used to produce non-fungible tokens or NFTs. As a platform for … Read more

How HR Can Improve Women’s Work Health

Many companies are always looking into how can HR increase productivity in the workplace. One method they always overlook is improving women’s health in their business. This has a massive effect on productivity, so you’ll want to see how you can do this. Women’s health is important in any workplace, as there’s a lot of … Read more

Requirements for Setting up a Home-Based Business in California

Requirements for Setting up a Home-Based Business in the U.S.

Financial freedom is everyone’s dream, and to achieve this, what better way than to start your own business from the ease of your home? With the highest economic growth within California, a better connection in venture capital compared to any elsewhere in the country, and a great business climate, starting a new home-based venture in … Read more

Neuromarketing- Importance, Working Principle, and Examples

Importance of Neuromarketing and Examples

It is indeed no secret that neuromarketing technology has become extremely popular. It is used in various ways by lots of people, businesses, educational organizations, and government agencies. Meaning Despite being used frequently in the marketing industry, the term is not always unambiguous. In essence, the word refers to the use of contemporary brain science … Read more

Vulnerability: How It Works In Business Writing and Storytelling

How Vulnerability Works In Business Writing and Storytelling

It’s a busy morning in the office. However, a business writer isn’t sure what went wrong, as they sat at their desk. They feel that they’ve written a great message that shows off their company’s prowess in serving customers. They read their message: “Need legal advice? Give our law firm a call at 1-800-000-0000!” What … Read more